Casual Dating - Finding and Meeting Women Who Don't Want to Get Married Soon


Even though women are perceived as always wanting a ‘relationship’, there are many free souls who are interested in casual dating. These women are looking for some companionship and maybe at times a little steamy action on the side but are in no mood to settle down in a committed relationship just yet. If you feel the same way about your personal life, here are a few ways you can meet women for casual dating.

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Frequent popular hangouts

If you want to meet women interested in casual dating, the classic bar/nightclub is a good option for you. Head to a really stylish hangout in your city and bide your time at the bar; sooner or later you will be joined by a woman who is looking forward to an enjoyable evening herself. If no one shows up, then it may be better to take the first step yourself. Look around you to take in all the attractive women who seem to be by themselves or not particularly interested in their dates. If you can manage to be suave, open the conversation with a compliment or a witty comment. Alternately you can offer to buy a lady a drink and see how she responds. Weekends would probably be a better time to look for casual dates since everyone is free and open to having a good time. If you are not having much luck, befriend the bartender or take the club hostess into confidence and you will surely be rewarded with effective hints on how to make most of your evening.

Network as much as possible

One of the best resources for casual dating partners could be your own social circle. Let friends and cousins know that you are raring to go and if they know of any girl who would like to have a good time. Attend all parties and get-togethers you are invited to, since you never know where you might meet a girl you can hit off with. Also make an effort to be a host yourself and throw parties where each guest is required to bring along someone who is not known to the gang from before. Yet another way to meet new people would be to tag along a sibling, parent or a neighbor to any party where they have been invited. That way you will be able to widen your circle of acquaintances and increase your chances of meeting someone interesting. However make it amply clear to your friends that you are interested in casual dating and not looking for serious commitment; this way they will be able to pair you up with girls with the right expectations and attitude.

The workplace

The workplace may not seem an obvious resource for casual dating partners and yet the presence of so many unrelated people at one place could prove to be a goldmine. Keep an open mind and make casual conversation with everyone from your manager to the guy who fixes the photocopy machine – you never know how you might stumble upon a likely contact or prospective partner. Make that extra effort to be social and you will find that the network you are building now will stand you in good stead eventually. Don’t fret or shut yourself out even if your co-workers don’t seem to be the kind of people you like hanging out with. So try to eat lunch at the cafeteria instead of gulping down your sandwiches at your desk or in your cubicle; that way you will be more visible and consequently people will notice you more and perhaps even ask you out. When someone asks you to join them for a coffee during an office break or at the ‘happy hour’ after work, by all means do so, even if they may not seem “your type”. You never know - they may have friends you would be interested in getting to know better. Again at your workplace, there may be many people you never get to meet except for special occasions like office parties or the fund raising dinner. A wonderful way to expand your circle of contacts is to volunteer to be part of planning committees which organize such dos. Apart from bringing you in touch with new guys, such initiatives will also earn you brownie points with your boss.

Show initiative

Casual dating does not simply mean hooking up for sex. It could simply indicate that you are looking for the company of interesting women but not an exclusive relationship. Thus even your community can be a useful resource for prospective partners. Offer to organize kids’ picnics or fetes from your neighborhood or locality. Or make it a point to attend the neighbor’s barbecue and poolside partners. All this will help you to get in touch with relatives, cousins and acquaintances of people you are already familiar with and you may just meet someone at the gathering who happens to feel the same way about dating as you do.

Online dating sites

If you are looking for casual dating which can lead to no-strings-attached-sex, there are a plethora of dating websites you can choose from. Some people feel that this is a better option as compared to traditional ways since here you are clear from the very beginning about what kind of dating you are interested in. Best of all, you can narrow down prospective partners in terms of physical characteristics, interests and geographical area. However be careful when meeting contacts from websites in the real world as there are a lot of women who are actually hookers and use the online option to trap unsuspecting men.

In all, casual dating is a convenient model of relationship for easy-going and social people who live full life and are reluctant to take on the responsibilities that come with committed relationships. This way you can meet new people and experience new emotions without having anything to explain to anyone. Casual dating may or may not lead to casual sex but if it does, it is important to be responsible for your own health as well as that of your partner.