How to Meet Girls Looking for Casual Relationships


Despite love being the be-all and end-all in popular culture, casual dating is fast catching on. Spiraling divorce rates and to some extent tightened purse-strings brought on by the recession have made singles wary of committing themselves to long-term relationships where the cost of a breakup can be immense, both emotionally and financially. So if you are a guy and looking for a no-strings-attached thing, here are a few ways to meet girls who are game for a casual relationship.

Popular hangouts

Bars and nightclubs have always been popular haunts for men and women interested in nothing more than a casual hookup. The advantage with this option is that most of the singles thronging the bar during happy hour or swinging on the dance floor are here with the same intention as you and don’t mind if they never get to hear from you after a date. Watch out for younger women like students since this group is more likely to look for casual relationships without rushing to get married. Above all such places not only make it easier to chat up girls and sound them out for a nightcap but more importantly keep any expectations of a meaningful relationship to a minimum.

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The workplace

However popular hangouts are not the only place to look for girls interested in momentary pleasures. Unlikely though it may seem, your workplace can equally prove to be a hunting-ground for casual partners. This is especially true in case of your female co-workers who are high achievers and getting tied down to a committed relationship is the last thing on their minds. Just be careful since your company policy may have rules against having sex with co-workers; also you don’t want a situation where a casual sexual encounter today can be used against you tomorrow in the context of sexual harassment laws.

Fitness clubs

The gym is yet another common recourse of singles when looking to meet someone new and interested in a date.  The plus point of this option is that it provides easy opportunities to chat up but the downside is that not everyone here is looking for a sexual fling. This means you will have to play your cards right and glean those who look alright for a casual affair and no more. So the next time you walk into the gym, leave the  weights to other men while you go and check out the aerobics or yoga classes where you can be sure to find several single women working out to keep themselves fit. And if you are not yet a member of a fitness club, join one without delay. It will not only help you to burn out all the job-related stress but also offer a chance to chat up the cute girl doing the nearby treadmill.

Social networking sites

Social networking sites are a great way to meet new people  and even though the stated emphasis is on increasing your social circle, such sites can be equally useful for coming up with casual dates. Girls of all ages and types spend hours every day on Facebook and many of them are quite open to sexual flings. However in order to reach out to this particular group you should be careful of the message you send about yourself.  For instance consider how your Facebook profile and your pictures look. Avoid appearing a nice guy and instead play up your physicality – this will attract the kind of girls who are primarily interested in you as a sexual partner. You can also do some Facebook searches – maybe search words like “model” – and join groups commonly associated with attractive girls like. Fitness groups, certain types of music – and then start adding some girls as friends like maybe 2-3 per day. All this will increase your appeal as a sexually attractive guy and send out the right signals to female ‘friends’ who may then want to hook up with you.

Dating websites

However if you prefer to be more upfront about your intentions, the easiest option is to sign with a dating site. There are various dating websites where people all over the globe offer themselves up for all sorts of things, like finding a casual sex partner. Here you can either sign up with a large site and then specify that you are interested in a no-strings-attached relationship or zero on to dating sites that specifically cater to men and women looking for casual affairs. Each has its own pros and cons – the first for instance will get you a larger data base of potential partners but it may be a while before you find partners who are looking for the same thing as you. In case of adult dating sites while you can be assured of finding partners who want no more than a fling, the number of matches in your locality may be restricted. In case of both, you will have to start off by signing yourself up on the website. You will then need to fill out your profile and some questionnaires and/or quizzes to help other members to find out if you are interesting to them or not.

Places of mutual interest

And yet a casual relationship need not be only about sex. This is essentially a relationship where the sexual context is important but which also may include spending pleasurable but non-intimate time with each other. Thus whether you know such partners as friends-with-benefits or fuck-buddies, a mutually enjoyable companionship can also be part of the relationship. If you believe so, you can also look for casual partners in hobby clubs or special interest groups. An attractive girl you meet at your dramatics club may enjoy a sexual dalliance with you but have no more thoughts of a relationship than you have of taking up theatre fulltime. Equally you can go hiking or biking with a co-enthusiast from your adventure group and then end a fantastic day with a roll in the hay. The cardinal rule of a no-strings-attached relationship though is not to start spending long periods in a girl’s company or getting emotionally close. If you can keep your sexual and emotional needs separate, there are ample opportunities of picking up girls interested in a casual relationship.