How Traveling Can Help you Meet Singles


Traveling has always been known to broaden one’s mind and make for new experiences. Indeed in many cultures, travel to another continent – usually Europe – is seen as a coming of age experience, a necessary rite of passage in the road to adulthood. But if you wish to widen your social network as much as your mental horizons, travelling is a great option. Here are only some of the few ways how going on travels can help you meet singles.

Go where you would love to

Pick a location you would be thrilled to visit, so you know you’ll have a good time even if you don’t run into the love of your life. Think of meeting that special someone as more or less an extra added bonus. If you’re busy sightseeing and having fun, you won’t be so worried about running into the love of your life... And who knows that may turn out to be just the time that you do!

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Join a singles travel group

Singles travel groups are designed to create opportunities for people to meet each other. They usually have parties, games and other activities to help guests make new friends and who knows, some among them may even turn out to last a lifetime. Traveling with people of similar interests and age range, dinning together, and participating in other singles activities definitely gives you a great opportunity to meet a variety of other singles.

Some Singles travel providers even have pre-trip parties where you can meet your travel companions before the trip - and after you get back, hold post-trip get-togethers where you can exchange photos and stories with your new found friends. However before you hand over that hefty check, talk to your travel provider and ask what the ratio of men to women is. Also check the age range of the group - trips usually fall into the "under 35" and "over 35" age range. Make sure the size and age range of the group is right for you.

Head for singles resorts

If you wish to have greater control over your travel plans, then instead of joining a singles travel group, head to a singles resort. With these ranging from beach resorts to golf resorts for singles to those based on adult or same-sex theme, you are sure to be spoilt for choice when choosing one for your preferences. There is also an increasingly demand for alternative lifestyle resorts, which could range from clothing optional and hedonistic resorts to Others which focus on particular activities, such as hiking and sports, or  perhaps spotlight certain age groups like baby boomers. Only ensure that you are acquainted with all the costs beforehand as well as the guest profile since you want to shell out big bucks only to find that you have landed in a resort with the wrong demography of singles.

Follow your passion

One great way to meet singles while traveling is to go on trips which cater to your interests. for instance if you are hooked to adventure, consider choosing trips which will take you on a wild animal safari or white-water rafting trip with other singles. Besides this, you can also join special-interest groups in your area that are centered on a foreign country, a special hobby or general travel. It could be a wine-appreciation club which might have plans to visit the world famous Bordeaux vineyards in France or the Napa Valley in California for an option that is closer home. Again if you are a member of a nature photography club, you'll be more likely to meet singles who travel.

Go on a cruise

If on the other hand, you wish to meet singles at a more relaxed pace, perhaps you can register with a singles' cruise. In addition to traveling to a variety of locales, singles' cruises also specialize in certain interests. For example, there are singles' cruises for Christians, those over 30 years old and adventure lovers. Look for internet resources which will give you an exhaustive listing of singles' cruises.

Make it worth the wait

No matter what kind of travel you choose – in a group or on your own – you are sure to spend quite some time hanging around airport, bus or rail terminals. A large of traveling involves waiting for transport and since you cannot avoid this, you may as well get to know singles around you. Look for any solo traveler in your group and get chatting with them about who they are and where they are coming from. Since you already have a common ground – your travel group – making conversation should not pose a difficulty. If you do not find unattached travelers in your group, or you are traveling alone, head for a cup of coffee at the airport café and get friendly with anybody who might be biding time like you. Since travelers at airport lounges and rail terminals are at a loose end, they are more likely to be friendly and make small talk. And who knows, you may be even be lucky enough to meet an attractive single who is heading the same way you are.

Consider couch surfing

One of the most popular concepts in budget travel today was introduced by -- a social site to help budget travelers meet hosts in different countries. Now the  term "couch surfing" loosely refers simply to staying with hosts while you travel - you get in touch with people at your vacation destination who will act as your hosts and give you a place to crash for the night. In this way couch surfing can help you meet new people – not only your hosts, but their friends and social network as well. However it is best to keep in mind that couch-surfing is primarily  a travel resource – it is not a dating site and getting involved romantically should only be a by-product of your travel and not the main aim.

Explore local cultures

Above all, take pleasure in the real reason why you have set off on a travel – whether it is to look upon breathtaking sights, indulge in new tastes or discover different ways of life, explore the people and the culture of the place. Visit local fairs, farmers’ markets and food streets to a get feel of the living pulse of the place – also browse through public parks and city squares where people tend to gather after a working day or over the weekends, just to be out and meet each other. Best of all such venues are free and you need not shell out a lot of money to meet people this way. For a more focused approach, find out where the local hangouts and nightspots are and then drop in the evening for some fun. Volunteering at local schools, hospitals, churches and other community places can also be a great way to get know locals and perhaps even meet someone nice.

Go online

These days, the internet is one of the best networking resources, no matter you’re your interests are. So if you are keen to meet singles while travelling create your very own blog and regularly post your experiences and adventures along the way. Who knows, someone who is in the same vacation spot as you or nearby may read your blog and decide to get in touch. Alternately create a profile on a dating website and specify that you are interested in traveling and would like to meet singles on your travels. This will pave the way for singles in the vicinity of your travel to meet you in person. Also on social networking sites, put word about your plans for travel or get in touch with other contacts who may be headed your way.

The key to meeting singles while traveling is to be flexible and have an open mind. The more you expose yourself to new cultures and people as well as get involved in your favorite experiences and adventures, the higher your chances are of attracting people toward you, including perhaps that special someone too.