10 Places to Meet Attractive Women


Which man doesn’t dream of having a gorgeous woman on his arms as he struts about a nightclub or an a high-school reunion. However most of the times guys find that there just aren’t enough of them going around or whoever they happen to meet is inevitably tagged by a boyfriend. The trick of course lies in looking at the right places. So here are ten spots where you stand a reasonable chance of meeting attractive women who if you are lucky may be single as well.

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  1. Cosmetic counters at stores

    Cosmetic and women’s sections in swanky shopping malls are a great place to spot good looking women. You can take your pick from attractive customers as well as store attendants – anyone who doesn’t seem to have a wedding band on her ring finger. Just pretend to be looking for a scarf or a perfume to gift a sister or a female cousin and then ask if a gorgeous looking lady like her would help you to make a choice.
  2. Spas and salons

    If you have more time on your hands, explore the high-end salons in your city. Not all women are born beautiful and even those who are, require adequate human assistance to keep their looks – this makes spas and salons a must-visit on the schedules of most beautiful looking men.  It is here that they indulge in facials, pedicures, manicures and hair styling in order to polish their looks. Apart from taking care of their skin and hair, such women also know the importance of de-stressing and rejuvenating their selves so that they look radiant from within. This makes the spa yet another important venue where you are highly likely to meet good looking women, a few of who may even be single.
  3. Health clubs

    While salons and spas are ideal for an occasional indulgence, regular work-outs are essential to obtain the perfect figure. This is why most attractive women follow some kind of fitness regime or other. So even if you have scoured your neighborhood gym with no success, enlarge the circle of your search  and look for health clubs which offer various options in working out like aerobics, pilates, yoga apart from the usual ones like cardio and weights.

  4. Fashion shows

    One of the best ways of increasing your chances of meeting beautiful women is to explore places where they are likely to frequent professionally. The fashion industry is one sector which needs attractive faces and bodies to sell fresh ideas in apparel and accessories. So look through your local newspaper to see where the fashion designers are showcasing their creations. Then make a beeline for the venue and look forward to chat up - if not the models themselves – then the attractive guests who are certain to form a sizeable part of the audience on these occasions. If you are a beginner at this, steer clear of the famous supermodels and approach those who are newbies but equally gorgeous.
  5. Television studios

    If you are lucky to live in a city that has a sizeable entertainment industry, then you stand a great chance of meeting good looking women at television channel studios. More often than not, here you can find a bevy of models and actresses filming for reality shows, television series or commercials. And even if you cannot get a celebrity actress or model to give you her phone number, there are many among the ranks of yet-to-be famous beauties who will be happy to oblige.
  6. Airport lobbies

    Air hostesses and flight stewardesses make up another group of professionals where good looks are important. So the next time you need to take a flight, arrive at the airport with some time on your hands which you can use to browse through duty-free shops or have a latte at one of the swanky airport cafes. And even though most of the times, these air hostesses are rushing to and from their flights, occasionally you might catch them taking a break in between flights which might be a good time to strike up a conversation.
  7. Lecture halls

    Stuffy boring lectures are not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about single attractive women. And yet sexy, aware women of today love exploring yoga, Eastern dances, Reiki, psychology clubs, anything having to do with new-age mysticism or self-improvement. This makes lectures, seminars, and classes some of the most popular places to meet attractive women. Here you’ll find the kind of women who are creative and open-minded and interested in new things and new feelings and meeting new people. And best of all, since men generally don’t go to self-improvement classes, you have no competition to speak of, which means you can have your pick of who you want to go out with.
  8. Page three events

    Every wonder about all page 3 events which seem to attract beautiful women like bees to a flower? These are most often showbiz gigs which are regularly hosted to celebrate a premiere, success of a movie or TV series or to promote a newly-launched product. Such parties are great places to meet good looking single women since a significant percentage of them are paid for their presence at these dos. And while the more exclusive ones among them may allow entry by invitation only, there are enough of these parties going on in every major city for you to land up at one or another.
  9. Swanky nightclubs

    Now no one expects attractive single women to sit at home all by themselves on a Friday night, do they? No wonder then that upscale bars and nightclubs have the highest density of young, single, attractive women packed into one area as anywhere else. Women go out at night to show themselves off as much as they gather here to have a drink and generally a good time.
  10. Dating sites

    If you done all the above and still not found who you were looking for, sign with dating site which will cater to your specific needs. The internet has completely revolutionized the way people search for partners now. Dating websites not only allow you to connect to potential matches from the comfort of your bedroom but even make it possible to seek responses from only those who match your preferences including physical characteristics. So as you prepare your online dating profile, specify what you are looking for in a partner and then get ready to be inundated with replies from beauties all over the world.