10 Jobs That Will Help you Meet New People


Having a high-pressure job is hardly good news for your social life – you are stuck from morning till late evening at your desk and whatever is left of the night, you spend making presentations or notes for the next day. And yet some jobs can actually hold enough opportunities to help you go out and meet new people.

  1. Public relations

    Companies and organizations rely upon PR specialists to connect with the public, the media or even other organizations. Keeping your cool and knowing just what to say to consumers and the press, sometimes under difficult conditions, are counted as invaluable skills in this career. So even as you save your company’s reputation, you are in contact with a whole range of people and professionals and inevitably you are always meeting new people.

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  2. Paralegal

    Also called legal assistants, paralegals often function as the eyes and ears of the lawyers who they closely support. Their job responsibilities can range from interviewing witnesses and answering phones to co-coordinating with law enforcement officials and preparing a lawyer's closing statement. While as a paralegal, you can bask in the prestige of the legal profession, on the personal side you can extend your own professional and social network by dealing with members of the legal, law enforcement and press community.
  3. Sales

    It's no secret that outgoing people often thrive in sales. Talking to consumers and institutional clients, convincing them why they should opt for your company and then maintaining the good will achieved, requires a very special kind of people person. And if you are one, you are sure to notice the dividends not only in your rising sales graphs and commission but also in an ever-widening business and social network since this job is sure to throw you in proximity with a wide variety of people and personalities.

  4. Journalism

    Being part of the news industry will put you in direct contact with people from practically all walks of life. As a journalist you could work either for the electronic or print news media but at the end of the day you are reporting on issues and news that is affecting someone somewhere. If on the other hand you focus on the economic or finance sections, your sphere of networking will be more restricted but the contacts more distinguished. The best part about being a journalist is the easy access that you are bound to get to the rich and famous and who knows the next time you go to interview a budding entrepreneur, you might get talking about more than sales and shares.
  5. Non-profit organization

    Working in a non-profit organization involves meeting people from a wide range of professions and convincing them why they should share the fruits of their success with the rest of the community. Fortunately most successful people believe in giving back to the same society that has helped them to achieve so much. So if you are involved with a non-profit group working for your own community or for an international cause, you might be surprised to find patrons in decent numbers and who knows you might even come across an attractive single from among them.
  6. Hospitality

    Where do most people go when they need to entertain? To a restaurant, hotel or a bar, of course - which makes a job at these places one of the easiest to build on your social network. These are all great places to meet new people simply because customers and diners here are in a mood for socializing and would be more than happy to return your welcoming smile with even some pleasant chit-chat thrown in for good measure. Best of all, in this industry there is a wide range of positions you can choose from, ranging from executives and F&B managers to chefs and waitresses.
  7. Fitness trainer

    With so much news in the media of the negative effects of sedentary lifestyle, fitness centers have mushroomed across society. There are not only gyms to suit every pocket but specialized and state-of-the art health clubs which offer a range of workout options, starting from weights and aerobics to alternative disciplines like Pilates, Yoga and Tai-chi. Thus if you are a qualified fitness instructor, you can be assured of meeting many new people joining your class, whether to get their bodies in shape or simply to find an enjoyable means to de-stress.
  8. Hospital administrators

    Though hospitals and clinics do not come to mind first when one thinks of socializing, the truth is that hospital administrators come in contact with a whole lot of people, ranging from doctors and nurses to donors, patients and their families. Because of the seriousness of the context as well as delicate matters like personnel and patient privacy, hospital administrators need to be both sensitive in their approach as well as excellent people skills.  
  9. Human resource executive

    Yet another corporate job which depends on people skills is human resource management. In this position you will not only be working with different kinds of personalities in your company and resolving HR issues but will also be short-listing or interviewing applicants for new positions – all these are sure to bring you in touch with lots of new faces  on a daily basis. To qualify for such a job, you need to have a bachelor's degree in human resources. Majoring in area like business administration could be another good way to gain relevant skills.
  10. Tour operator

    Those in the tourism industry are some of the luckiest in the world – they get to visit some of the most beautiful places on the planet, talk about them, sample local delicacies and cultures and get paid for all this too. Best of all being a tour guide or tour operator will not only ensure that you know the local people well, but regularly expose you to travelers from different parts of the world.