How to Meet and Date a Hipster


Though the term hipster has connotations that go back to the Beatniks of 1960s and early ‘70s, the modern hipster is a composite of individuals with a certain bohemian life situation and lifestyle. He or she rejects "mainstream" culture and embraces and contributes to independent culture, and prides him/herself on this. If you are looking to meet someone from the hipster subculture, here are a few things to keep in mind.

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Get arty

Hipsters embrace art in all forms. They go to galleries and are regulars at concerts. Apart from these, art workshops, exhibitions, music festivals and performances also attract their fair share of hipsters. Look for indie rock concerts playing in your city or hang out at bars and clubs which play elitist music like nu-rave, minimalist techno, independent rap, garage rock, and punk rock in addition to all manners of independent rock. Browse through the streets, bars and cafes in the arts district if your city has one like Wicker Park in Chicago, Greenwich Village in Manhattan, or Williamsburg in Brooklyn. Frequenting such places would put you in touch with the hipster crowd where you can easily meet singles. In fact, if you are an artist yourself, you will have even greater chances of impressing a hipster, with your creations or performances. If lucky, someone may come up and compliment you which then can lead on to a conversation.

Take a class

Yet another place where you can meet hipster men and women is the campus. Despite misconceptions based on their aesthetic tastes, hipsters tend to be well educated and are often students of liberal arts, humanities and gender studies. Some of them may even be pursuing degrees in math and sciences where original thinking and research demands a certain level of creativity apart from analytical thinking abilities. So consider signing up for a refresher course or an evening class in a nearby college which can help you brush up your knowledge of the arts, gender and culture. Also try and join a cine club that watches independent and foreign films and reads independent books, magazines, and periodicals. It is a myth that most hipsters are unemployed and live off of their parent's trust funds since once they emerge with degrees from the campus, many of them tend to have jobs in the music, art, and fashion industries.

Eschew the conventional

It is part of the hipster central dogma not to be influenced by mainstream advertising and media, which they believed promotes ethnocentric ideals of beauty. The concepts of androgyny and feminism have influenced hipster culture, where hipster men and women wear the same kind of tight jeans, are similarly skinny and sport salon-created edgy hairstyles. The muscular and athletic all-American male ideal is not seen as attractive by confident and culturally-empowered hipster women who instead view them as symbols of male oppression, sexism, and misogyny. Likewise, sorority-type girls with fake blond hair, overly tanned skin, and teetering on six inch heels  are not seen as attractive by cultured hipster males who instead see them as symbols of female insecurity, low self-esteem, and lacking cultural intelligence and independent thinking. Thus if you are eager to date a hipster, avoid succumbing to popular notions of beauty, especially as promoted in mainstream media.

Understand the look

The distinct life views of hipsters are clearly reflected in their personal style. They tend to wear a mixture of thrift clothing and items bought at stores like American Apparel and Urban Outfitters. The extremely tight jeans worn by both sexes are usually pairing these with either a band or b-movie T sporting ironic or sarcastic slogans. Despite this consciously budget look, hipsters in some way s are actually pioneers  of the latest cultural trends and ideals. For example, the trend of distressed jeans that have become a staple at stores such as The Gap, American Eagle, Abercrombie and Fitch, and Hollister, were originally paraded by hipsters who shopped in thrift stores years before such clothing items were mass produced and sold to the mainstream consumer. The irony here is that many of the detractors of hipster culture in fact unknowingly follow a path that hipsters carved out years before them. This phenomenon applies to music as well, as many bands became known to mainstream audiences only after hipsters first found and listened to them as early-adopters of new culture. However once certain concepts of fashion and music reach mainstream audiences, hipsters move on to something new and improved. So while you may be intrigued to experiment with the hipster choices in clothing and lifestyle, avoid the clichés, and find something that looks good on you. In fact a sure-shot way to turn off a potential hipster partner would be to ape their dresses and mannerisms. Hipsters are all about thinking and being original and this is seen in their distinct personal style.

Be original

Above all, you need to reflect your individualism in your personality. While having an edgy dress sense and freaking out over The Libertines is all very well, a potential hipster partner would be aghast if you didn’t have any original opinions to express. Being a hipster is about being yourself. You can express your opinions through talking about movies, books, food, just about anything. But make sure you have something original and compelling to say. Hipsters look for people who can think on their own, and genuine wit will get you far with a potential partner.

Finally keep in mind that societal conventions with regard to dating preferences and traditional "rules" of physical attraction hardly apply to hipsters. So even if you have found someone you would like to go out with, don’t succumb to the conventional formula of a date like turning up with flowers and chocolates or planning a dinner and a movie. Also don’t expect your hipster boyfriend to sweep you off the dance floor. Hipsters pride on staying away from dating clichés though enjoying a concert together or taking a bike ride through country roads can be nice date ideas. Another great thing about dating Hipsters is they are usually racially open-minded, and most interracial couples in any urban environment are typically found within the hipster subculture. In the end, though hipsters may look practically look alike to you, bear in mind that everyone has her own personality. Try and connect with the person beneath the get-up and you are sure to find yourself an intelligent, cultured and aware partner.