10 Places to Find Good Looking Single Men


Finding a man to date seems easy enough what with everyone from your aunt Julia to dating websites to promising to get you together with a guy you will surely like. Only when begin to look for really good looking and single men to date, then you realize how difficult it is to meet them in the first place. However here are ten places you can explore if you like to have a hunk about you.

  1. The gym

    Your neighborhood gym is the first place you can check out in your search for good looking single men. This is because most of the guys who shell out money to become members here are bound to possess at least some concern about their health if not looks. Here you are quite unlikely to come across beer-bellied men or those lounging about with a week’s stubble on their faces – if for no other reason than that it means bad publicity for the gym. And if you have already scoured your local health club and found no one worth giving a second glance, cast your net wider. Make use of free trial memberships at gyms around your workplace or a little further away from home and for all you know you might spot a hunk working hard on his pecs and abs.

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  2. A sports match

    If you are attracted to the rough and ready kind of looks, you could take your pick from guys who play some kind of physically demanding sports like maybe football, soccer or hockey. The very nature of the sports makes it imperative for the players to have lean, muscular bodies and a physical confidence which is hugely attractive. And though most maybe a little rough around the edges, an injury mark here or there would only seem to add to their individual charm. So the next time you attend a football or soccer match, book tickets next to the players’ box; if lucky you might make the acquaintance of a famous player himself or at least a guy who plays as an amateur but has the looks to match a pro.

  3. Film studios

    If you live in a city where showbiz is a big thing, one of the best chances you have of meeting a hunk are at the film studios. And before you start worrying about how to get past the security guards of Robert Pattinson, remember that there are studios of all kinds. While access to a movie studio might be difficult, those where television series and commercials are being filmed might offer easier entry. And if you cannot get near a celebrity or an actor, chat up the guys who often play the smaller roles in TV series and appear in the minor commercials. In show business, anyone who faces the camera is bound to be good-looking and if they are not yet famous enough to throw tantrums, you might land yourself a date.
  4. Outdoor locations

    A variation of the above point, outdoor locations of TV and commercial shoots offer far easier access as compared to studios. The catch is that they are likely to be infrequent in number and will require you to keep track of when and where a series or ad is being shot. If you live in a place with attractive beaches, swanky malls, lovely riverfront views or iconic landmarks you stand a greater chance of being able to catch a shoot where there are likely to be more than a few studs hunkering about the sets.
  5. Agents’ offices

    Cities with a thriving entertainment industry usually have a large number of agents whose job it is to find and coordinate work for models and actors. Offices of such agents usually make great gathering places for good-looking professionals related to the show-business. The only problem is that since such offices are not really public places, you might have to know somebody in there to gain entry. However even if you cannot manage that, hang about a café or bar near the agents’ offices and sometime or other, a good looking guy is sure to walk in, tired and thirsty after some hard bargaining with his agent.
  6. Promotional events

    When companies associated with cosmetic and personal care products host promotional events, they usually ensure that lots of good looking guys and girls are around to advertise their stuff. Thus luxury hotels and resorts where such events take place make an ideal hunting ground for looking up good looking men to date. And the best part is that since it is their job here to be pleasant to everyone, you can get a smile and a hello even from the best-looking stud in the area.
  7. Airport hang-outs

    Flight stewards and attendants make up another group of professionals where good looks are important. So the next time you are taking a flight, check in with some time to kill and keep a look out for handsome attendants of various airlines. Though most of them are usually preparing to board a flight or have just got down from one, at times they will chill out at a coffee shop or browse through an airport store in between their flights and these can offer the perfect opportunity to strike up a conversation.
  8. Military shows

    If you are attracted to the steely, clean-shaven look of military guys, then explore various venues where they come in contact with the civilian population. A good idea is to attend military events open for the public like parades and air shows and visit naval museums and memorials on important occasions.
  9. Base parties

    If on the other hand, you want to witness the full glamour of the uniform, make it a point to attend parties and social dos on a military base. The full regalia of the uniform is further accentuated by the grand ceremonies often observed on important formal occasions. And even though getting an invitation to these parties might be tricky, you can be assured of the attentions of more than a few officers and gentlemen enough to make you feel giddy.
  10. Dating websites

    For those among you who like to go the way of minimum effort, the Internet is the mother-of-all solutions. Open an account at a reliable dating website and specify that you are only interested in dating good-looking single men. That should be enough to flood your inbox with mails and photos but be careful to check the authenticity of the response.