How to Meet and Date People Who Read a Particular Author


Mutual tastes in music, art and lifestyle are one of the surest indicators of romantic compatibility. So it makes sense if you are looking for singles with similar literary preferences. And even when you are not really thinking in terms of a relationship, simply hanging about with a like-minded companion who appreciates the same authors that you do can turn out to be a really enjoyable date idea. Here is a little bit more on how you can meet and date people who read a particular author.

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Go online

One of the major beneficiaries of online dating sites has been niche dating groups – people who are keen to date singles with specific traits. But if you are looking for partners only among fans of your favorite author, things can get a bit lonely. Apart from the fact that there may not be any dating site devoted to fans of a certain writer, even the contacts may be few and far between or entirely outside your geographical reach. A much better idea is to join online literary forums and networking sites which in turn have smaller groups based on your favorite author. Portals such as and are particularly effective as they have large numbers of members who you can streamline according to your author preferences. As you chat and interact with these fans, you are sure to come upon members who are also single which is when you can translate your online discussions on Jeffrey Archer or Ernest Hemmingway to a real life date.

Attend book launches

One of the most effective ways to meet people who read the same author that you do is to attend book readings or book launches. Authors frequently travel to book stores and libraries to promote their works. Many times they read from their latest book and take questions. Events like these are a not only a great way to find out more about a favorite author, his/her writing process, and hear about any other books in the pipeline but more importantly for dating purposes, to meet other fans of the author, hopefully some of who would be single.

Book readings by famous authors usually take place in the context of book launches. This is also the place to get your books signed. Some authors will only sign the current book they're promoting, while others will allow a specific number of past works. Either way, this type of event is good for meeting other people who read a particular author. Best of all, at such venues, you are bound to have a few things in common right away, like, an appreciation for the author you've come to see as well as a love of reading in general. If the author is a popular one, you'll probably have to wait in line to get your books signed, and that's a good thing. The more time you can hang out with the other booklovers in line, the more opportunities you'll have to make small talk. If you click with one or two people in line see if they want to meet you for coffee after the event where you can exchange geeky details of related books or facts about your favorite author.

Frequent literary events

While book reading sessions and signings are virtually sure-shot ways of meeting singles who are all fans of a particular contemporary poet or novelist, they would hardly serve as socializing platforms for readers of authors who are long gone. So if you find yourself transported by Shakespeare’s soliloquies or admire Robert burns’ homely wisdom, these book signing events will be of little use. On the contrary watch out for celebratory events planned around landmark birth anniversaries or similar important occasions from the life of great poets and writers. Such events are usually enthusiastically celebrated in the author’s hometown or country and may even be a great excuse to take that long-awaited holiday abroad. In any case important birth anniversaries of well-known authors are usually commemorated with a wide range of events like poetry/book readings, writing workshops, music concerts as well as theatrical and/or cinematic adaptations of the writer’s works. Make it a point to attend as many of these as you can since such events are sure to throw you in proximity with other lovers of the particular author.

Join a book club

The drawback of celebrity book launches and author-based events is that they are only occasional in number and do not offer a regular way to meet other singles who might be fans of the same author. One of the steadier ways of meeting other people with similar author preferences is to join a book club based on a particular author or at least a related genre which is sure to bring fans of your favorite writer together. Yet another advantage of this approach is that it serves to bring together fans of past authors and poets just as the same as living ones. Finally unlike a library, a book club is an avowedly social platform. The whole point of joining a book club is not simply to read books – a library membership will allow you to do that just as well – but indeed to meet other members, discuss favorite authors, review new launches and if in the mood shred to pieces offerings by new writers. In fact many men and women join book clubs in order to meet new people and make new friends based on mutual interests like books. How far your book club can reach out to attractive well-read singles and how frequent can it manage invites to celebrity book events is of course a matter of budget and membership fees. But even if a simple book society cannot offer you the glamour of a dating club, the quiet pleasure derived from discussing a favorite poet like Byron or the eccentric character of Sherlock Holmes in like-minded company can be matched by little else and if lucky can even mark the beginning of a long term association.

Take a class

Yet another great way to meet other singles who are love the same writers that you do is to go where you can learn more about them – literature classes in college or community center. Classes like this are typically a few weeks in length, which is perfect for getting to know the other students. Hang around before or after class to see if anyone gathers for some quick small talk, and see if there is someone who would like to get to know a little better. Discussing books or life facts about your favorite author will not only help you break the ice with an attractive single, but help you move quickly to personal areas like love and dating.