Reasons for men to be nice to girls who are not single


The most confident and attractive men may sometimes find it difficult to get a date or even approach a girl. There are some who get it all wrong when it comes to enticing a girl. Either they use a wrong pick up line or adopt an ineffective strategy, thereby spoiling it all for themselves. In order to get girls to like you, you need to improve the real you and learn the tricks of the trade.

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But how do men go about achieving this? One approach can be that they can talk to their male friends or learn to be nice to girls who are not single. No, we are not encouraging you to have an extramarital affair! Girls who are married or have a steady boyfriend/lover, may introduce you to their single friends and can offer valuable tips on dating. A married female colleague at office whom you had unintentionally overlooked, should become your object of camaraderie.

Yes, it is rather selfish to be nice to a girl while harbouring an ulterior motive of getting closer to her single friends, but you can wipe out this guilt from your mind once you reveal your intentions to her. Remember, honesty and frankness are two traits which most women appreciate in a man. Before we digress, let us list the reasons why men tend to be nice to girls who are not single.

Mingle with their single friends. Look around you, you are either surrounded by male friends or girls who are your friend’s girlfriends or those who already have a steady boyfriend.

Where does that leave you? Single and waiting for the right girl, as always. Be nice to the girls around you: yes they are neither single nor ready to mingle, but one cannot rule out the fact that they may have a wide circle of female friends who are single and more than willing to mingle. To gain entry into their social circle, start being nice to girls who are not single. Strike a friendship with them and soon you may either have your diary full of phone numbers of their ‘female’ friends or may well be on your way to a date with a girl.

Wrong ‘choice’ in the past

Not such a right choice of girls made in the past, has placed you several times in a tricky situation. You may often feel emotionally drained or messed up after ending a relationship with a girl. You have realized that being nice to a girl who is not single may help you in sorting out the relationship hassles in your life.

After building a friendship with a girl who is not single, discuss with her about your past relationships and seek her help in finding a girl who may suit your personality and nature. Girls who are not single will have a better perspective about their unattached female friends. They could possibly help in choosing the ‘perfect’ girl for you.

Learning from the experienced

If you are a naive at dating or considered an amateur when it comes to attracting a girl, then it's time you change all that by being nice to a girl who is not single. Try to get some valuable tips on dating and learn the trick of ‘How to make a girl fancy you’ from them. Girls who are not single may have loads of experience when it comes to maintaining a relationship or dating. They may provide some interesting anecdotes and give lessons on the dos and don’ts of dating and having a steady relationship with a girl.