How to Meet and Date Someone Who Loves Pets?


One of the good things about dating someone with common interests is that it offers a great way to break the ice. While other couples may be groping for things to talk about, you can chat away with your partner about your mutual hobby. More importantly though, sincerely sharing common interests can be a great way to keep the bonding alive even after the initial chemistry has waned. If you are an avid pet lover, here are a few ways you can meet and date someone with your passion.

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Go for walks in the park

Most household pets like dogs, cats and even some from the rodent family like being taken to the outdoors from time to time. While cats and birds may not go gamboling in the mud like a lively spaniel, usually all animals enjoy fresh air and a plethora of outdoor scents. So make a habit of taking your pet to the neighborhood park every now and then. If you are a dog owner, walking out pet once a day is in fact absolutely essential. Instead of leaving to a dog walker to do the needful, get the leash yourself and whistle to Pongo to follow. The park is the place where you are bound to be meet other pet owners walking their dogs or taking out their pets. And when you happen to spot a German shepherd whose owner is even more handsome, don’t hesitate to smile at them; stop briefly and compliment the owner on the shiny coat of the dog and playfully ask if he can share some tips on dog grooming with you. If you are lucky you may find a pet owner without a wedding ring and perfectly willing to share his tips over a cup of hot coffee. If he is not single, don’t worry and keep trying. Only remember that the more regular you are at the park, the greater your chances are of running into single and attractive pet owners. And best of all, other than reviving your social life, your walks are going to keep you healthy and increase the bonding with your pet.

Hang out at pet stores

Gone are the days when pet owners would only need to buy a doggy dish and maybe a sack or two of pet food from the neighborhood general store. These days there are stores specifically made to retail pet food, clothing and a whole variety of pet accessories. Other than that there are spas and salons all ready to indulge your Pomeranian or Persian cat with a whole range of grooming services. All these places could prove effective meeting points with other pet owners. And even you do not see a single and attractive pet lover in the store aisles, don’t hesitate to strike up conversation with someone else. Who knows while networking, you may get to meet friends of friends who are single and pet lovers or you may pick up a useful tip on a store which offers heavy discount on pet food. Essentially, the wider your circle of friends and acquaintances, the greater the possibility of their introducing to someone who is single and shares your interest.

Attend specific events

One of the best ways to meet single pet owners is to attend pet shows and other events centered on similar interests. These are usually day-long events with games, competitions and prizes for the best performing animal in a variety of categories. Scour the local newspaper and radio stations to find out what animal-based events are being held in or around your city. Sometimes pet food companies organize promotional events which has its share of fun and games for both pets and their owners. Even general festivals and holidays held during the summer attract a healthy share of pet owners who find it a good time to hang out with their furry companions. Attend as many of them as you can and if lucky, you can meet prospective partners who share your passion for pooches or felines.

Frequent libraries

Most pet owners need a regular resource of information on how to take care of their pets; if they are first-timers, they need to know the diet and habits of the animals while the long experienced ones may still need guidance on how to breed them or prepare them for pet shows. Thus public libraries and bookshops often attract a healthy share of pet lovers. However you should know where to look – instead of roaming about aimlessly, head for sections like ‘animals’, ‘hobbies’ or ‘pet care’ or better still, ask the librarian where you can find resources on pets. Once you have found the section, keep a lookout for other people browsing through the shelves who look single and may be open to chit-chatting about their pets. Once you have found someone, take your new-found acquaintance outside since you won’t be allowed an animated conversation inside the library.

Go online

The internet is an incredible resource, not only for information and business, but increasingly for socializing. Sign up with a dating site which caters specifically to the relationship needs of animal lovers or pet lovers. Even a general dating site will do where you can mention your love of pets and clearly state that you are looking for someone with similar interests. However be specific about the geographical area since a pet enthusiast from the other end of the country or another continent would hardly be of use if you are looking for partners to date in real life. Similarly social networking sites can also bring you in touch with singles who share your love for animals and pets.

While there are several ways you can meet prospective dating partners who share your interest, you also need to explore mutual compatibility in your lifestyles. Owning pets often influences how long you can stay outdoors and when you have to be back home. You may not be able to go out for long vacations or even weekend trips on a regular basis. Also different kinds of pets may not get along together which can put a strain on the owners’ budding relationship. Thus ensure that all these niggling issues are out of the way so that you can look forward to an enjoyable and fulfilling relationship.