How to Meet and Date Wine Connoisseurs


Though drinking wine has long existed as a part of daily life, especially in Europe and other Western cultures, in recent times, the practice has now almost acquired the status of a fine art. Drinking, buying and appreciating wine is recognized as a finely-honed skill - a mark of the privileged few. So whether you are a novice and wish to explore the exquisite world of fine wines in the company of an expert or a connoisseur who wishes to find companions with similar interests, here are some ways to meet and date wine connoisseurs.

Take a wine appreciation course

If you are just stepping into the world of wines, it may be a good idea to start off with a wine appreciation course which is sure to bring many more wine lovers like you from different walks of life. And while you can mostly expect novices like you signing up for such a course, who knows you may catch the eye of the handsome guide or an attractive instructor. Even if this is unlikely, keep in mind that while dating a wine connoisseur you need to be able to make intelligent conversation and such a course would then come in handy. it is here that  the secrets of the grapes from Shiraz to Viognier, the growing regions such as Champagne and Germany will be unveiled to you as well as the subtle secrets of each vintage whether it is a Port wine or a powerful Sauvignon or clever Cabernet. So that when you actually meet and begin to date a wine connoisseur you do not end up mixing glasses or names of different wines.

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Join wine appreciation clubs

These days, there are several clubs for wine connoisseurs to meet and share their passion and love for this most exquisite of spirits. Such clubs usually meet once in a month when Members not only explore the nuances of the wine of the month but also feast on the different culinary delicacies complementing the distinctive grape varietal. While joining a wine appreciation club will not be easy on your pocket, by being part of such a group, you are sure to have enough opportunities for meeting other wine lovers, especially who are connoisseurs themselves. Apart from their regular meetings, wine appreciation clubs usually host special events throughout the year, for instance celebrating the holiday season or the launch of a special wine in the market. Use all these events to get to know people and if lucky you may find yourself a date from among so many wine lovers.

Subscribe to a wine magazine

For a more affordable way to network with other wine lovers, you can consider a Wine magazine subscription. Apart from offering you opportunities to get in touch with other wine lovers, a subscription to a wine periodical like the Wine Spectator will also help you stay abreast of the latest trends and products in the wine market. Alternately you can also choose the web option and register with various online wine appreciation blogs and groups which again can help you meet singles among them.

Attend food and wine events

If your resources do not permit a membership to exclusive wine appreciation clubs, there are still other ways that you can meet experts of wine tasting. Look for various food and wine events being hosted in the five star hotels of your city. Most often they have a theme according to a country or region. for instance in an Italian-themed wine event, different varietals from Italy may  be introduced together with a 6-course degustation dinner in which each course is paired with two wines – one from the South and North of Italy respectively, contributing to a truly Italian wine and dine experience.  While these food and wine events may still require a substantial registration fee, it would be certainly more affordable than high-priced annual membership fees to wine appreciation clubs. Then again, usually every city or big town hosts culinary events at different times of the year which again attracts fine dining experts from near around. Thoroughly explore these events and take part in as many events, games and competitions as you can. Even if you do not run into a potential date by the end of the evening, you will at least have had a good time and explored many exciting tastes through the day.

Drop in at wine bars

The bar has long been one of the most popular venues to hook up a date. But if you are specifically looking to meet wine connoisseurs, then any hole-in-the wall place won’t do. Instead search your city classifieds and listings for wine bars or at least upscale cocktail bars which are sure to keep a well-stocked cellar and hence attract a well-informed clientele. Better still drop in on a day which has a certain theme, like Red Night where you can expect to taste the most robust of Cabernet Sauvignons and the softest of Merlots. Once you arrive at the bar, look friendly and approachable – this will send the signal that you are open to a conversation and meeting new people.

Go on a tour

A serious wine lover will love the opportunity of exploring a historic wine country whether on the continent or closer home.  So, if you have the resources, leaving for a wine-tasting tour can be an excellent way to meet wine connoisseurs. For instance you could sign up for a French wine tasting tour which travels through the most famous vineyards of the country. Or how about hopping on the Napa Valley Wine Train which passes through the heart of California’s best vineyards and which offers a wide variety of rail, tour and dining packages. The train offers it guests delicious regional cuisine but the biggest attraction is its collection of exclusive wines – something that you will love exploring in the company of an attractive companion.

Gift stores

Yet another way to meet wine connoisseurs would be to frequent places where they pick up their stuff, so to speak. these not only include bar accessories and wine tags but most importantly wine glasses Wine lovers never tire of saying that using the right wine glass is as important to the experience of drinking wine as using the right club in a game of golf. There is a particular size and style of glass for practically every kind of wine – flutes for champagnes, balloons for rich reds and tulip-shaped white wine glasses, to name only a few. Thus stores housing such glasses and other wine tasting essentials are quite likely to attract the connoisseurs among them. Books about wine are also favorite purchases among wine lovers whether they are connoisseurs adept at naming the wine from a single sniff or amateurs still trying to figure out the reds and whites. There are many aspects about wine that interest people like what foods go with which kinds of wine or the various stages of wine making from the soil of the vineyard to the final swirl of the wine in the glass. all these may be found in books which is why a lazy afternoon spent in a book store in the ‘Wine’, ‘Lifestyle’, ‘Entertaining’ or ‘Hobbies’ sections may prove lucky when hoping to a meet a co-enthusiast.