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How often have you wished for a guy who would hold your hands while taking a moonlit walk in the park or comforting you when upset; who would write love poetry and make you Sunday breakfast with equal ease? Most of all, who would welcome heart to heart talks and nurture emotional intimacy. If this is what you are looking for in a partner, here are a few tips on meeting and dating men who are romantic at heart.

Take up the arts

You may find the woman of your dreams at party, wedding, a church, at work or online. If you find it difficult to find a date in spite of the chances offered by such social gatherings, you can always tap your friend!

Dating for shy people can very often be an intimidating experience since romantic relationships – especially new ones – involve reaching out to others. For someone who is an introvert, the whole business of getting out of the comfort zone and making the first move can be quite unnerving, if not downright frightening. So if you are a naturally shy woman but open to dating, here are a few ways to meet the eligible singles.

Despite successfully overcoming many gender hurdles at work and home, women still find it uncomfortable to ask men out on a date. She may be an aggressive go-getter at work or a powerful single mom running an entire home but when it comes to taking the initiative for a date, she may still hesitate. Is this reluctance simply a hangover from earlier times when it was deemed improper for a lady to behave this way? Or are there other issues involved? Here is a list of ten probable reasons why women still don’t ask a guy out.

Even though women are perceived as always wanting a ‘relationship’, there are many free souls who are interested in casual dating. These women are looking for some companionship and maybe at times a little steamy action on the side but are in no mood to settle down in a committed relationship just yet. If you feel the same way about your personal life, here are a few ways you can meet women for casual dating.

While moving to a new city can bring exciting new possibilities, it can also leave you bereft of your old social network. It may take a while to make new friends and discover where the hot guys really hang out. So if you have recently relocated and are looking to kick-start your social life, here are some tips on meeting guys in a new city.

Ask around at work

At the outset, moving to a small town may seem to cramp your social life. However what these places may lack in dating opportunities, they may more than make up with their cleaner, safer environment as well as close-knit community ties. So if you find yourself in a small town, despair not; make use of the following tips and you may be pleasantly surprised at finding so many eligible singles worth dating in these quiet, laidback places.

Be  a good neighbor

Economic independence and greater awareness of the possibilities of life has freed up women from dating only to get married and have a family. Even those women who are looking for a committed relationship may not be all that eager to have kids with their partner. It is quite simple finding such women, even if their pool is relatively smaller than other groups. Here are a few places you can look up in order to meet women who don’t want kids just yet.

Professional gatherings

Getting to meet a famous personality is difficult enough – which makes the possibility of dating them even more remote. But when you consider the personal lives of so many famous people, you will notice how often they choose partners who are the average kind of girl or guy. So while you too can get lucky, still it would not harm to go through certain tips on how to meet and date someone famous.

Being a self-employed professional is often viewed as a challenge to successful dating. The main reason for this is that self-employed individuals are bereft of co-workers and the workplace environment – an important means to get in touch with potential partners. So if you work from home or have your own business, here are a few ways to jazz up your social life and meet more women.

Network with others like you


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