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Hamburg is a large city in northern Germany. This is an ancient city that has been around since at least the ninth century, although there may have been people living in the area even earlier than that. The city saw much of its growth during the Middle Ages, when it became a major port for trading and industry. Today, the city is an even greater hub of industry, as well as being a center of culture. If you're hoping to get out in this historic city and meet single attractive women, there are plenty of places that you could go and activities that you could take part in.

Cologne is a large and ancient city built along the Rhine River. It is the fourth largest city in Germany and it is over two-thousand years old. The city still has a lot of buildings and infrastructure from the Middle Ages. The majority of residents are native to Germany, or of European ancestry, although there are also residents who have immigrated from Africa and Asia. The largest religious group is Roman Catholics. There are also many Muslim and Jewish residents. Cologne is a college city, meaning that there are plenty of young singles who live here.

Guten Tag.” It’s as easy as that, isn’t it? Well, in the largest city in Germany, and second most populous city proper in the European Union, you’d be able to greet approximately 3.7 million people with these two words.

Berlin, more often referred to as Die Hauptstadt,  is the Capital of Germany; and seen by many as a busy hive of festivals, night-life, and contemporary arts. In other words, this city, with an extraordinarily large number of singles, is the perfect place to meet women!

Munich is one of the major cities in Germany, located in Southeast Germany in the state of Bavaria. Munich is ideal for anyone who loves art, history, or traditional German culture. Munich’s population is mostly German, with a sizable population of people with Turkish or Eastern European heritage. Christianity is the largest religion, with Catholicism being the largest denomination, and Islam is the cities second largest religious affiliation. One of the most unique events to meet people at in Munich is the world famous annual Oktoberfest celebrations.

Frankfurt is a thriving city in Central Germany built along the banks of the River Main. It is a very ancient city, tracing its history back thousands of years. It was once a prominent city in the Roman Empire. Immigration has been a vital part of the city's growth. Frankfurt has taken in huge amounts of people from all over Europe and other parts of the world. This goes back all the way to the days of the bubonic plague in the middle ages, when refugees fleeing from the death and destruction in other parts of Europe came to the city in droves.

Berlin is both the capital and largest city of Germany. As one of the most important centers of culture, politics, media and science in Europe, Berlin is widely accepted as a world class city whose residents have wide ranging opportunities to live and love avidly.

Munich is the third largest city of Germany besides being the capital of its Bavarian region. Residents of Munich vow that the city offers one of the best opportunities for an active social life in Europe, a fact that seems to be underscored by the motto of “Munchun Mag Dich” or ‘Munich Likes You’.

Germany has one of the highest numbers of public statutory holidays among the European countries. The holidays are a mix of Christian holy days, relics of pagan festivals and national events. Besides, there are some which are celebrated only in certain, mainly Catholic, provinces. No matter what time of year you visit the country, there is certain to be a celebration going on. Here are some of the holidays and festivals that are widely popular in Germany.

New Years Day

The German people are known all over the world for order, professionalism and strive for perfection. The stereotype of German national often presents them as unnaturally strict, militaristic and rather unimaginative. In reality though, Germans have many appealing qualities which make them wonderful people to know which is why here are a few tips on making new friends in Germany.

Reserved in nature

The German people are known all over the world for order, professionalism and strive for perfection. The stereotype of German women often presents them as unnaturally strict or even masculine. However if you go weak in your knees over the likes of Claudia Schiffer, you will know that not all popular perceptions are based in reality. Here are a few pointers on what German women are really like and what they expect in their men.


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