Dating Indian Guys and Girls in Georgia


Located in Southeastern part of the country, Georgia had one of the fastest growing Asian population growth in the U.S. from 1990 to 2000, more than doubling in size during the ten-year period. And to a great extent, this growth was fuelled by migrants from India. So if you are keen to date guys and girls of Indian origin, a good place to get socializing would be in the Empire State of the South.

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Get to know the professionals

Georgia has traditionally had a land-based economy. Now however the state’s economy is increasingly diversifying to include finance, communications, energy and tourism. The hub of economic activities is the state capital Atlanta is only behind New York City, Houston and Dallas in the largest number of 500 Fortune companies headquartered within city limits. Several major national and multinational companies have their headquarters in Atlanta or its nearest suburbs. Indian Americans make up a significant portion of work force in professional and finance sectors which are the mainstay of the economy of the city. So in case you want to hook up with a fast-rising Indian guy or girl in Atlanta, you may want to begin your search with the movers and shakers of the corporate world. The Downtown business districts, the CNN Center and suburbs like Sandy Springs are the places to frequent if you want to come across Indian American singles of the business and corporate world in Atlanta.

Check out Indian Neighborhoods

Scottdale in Georgia has one of the highest concentrations of Indian Americans living in the entire country. According to 2010 US Census, around 12.7% of the population in Scottsdale is of Indian origin. Norcross, Gwinnet County, Duluth and Alpharetta are other places in Georgia which have several Indian families and businesses. while there is no typical Indian street or Little India in Atlanta, northeast of the Dekatur – the area around Church St., Scott Blvd./Lawrenceville Hwy. and DeKalb Industrial Blvd - is a thriving Indian community with restaurants and retail outlets. All these are places you can check out on a sunny Sunday afternoon which could bring you in proximity to Indian guys and girls living here. Browse through stores stocking Indian spices, colorful apparel, Bollywood DVDs or drop in at a café to sip on some fragrant cardamom tea and who knows, you may just chance upon the man or woman of your dreams.

Sample popular hangouts

An even more enjoyable way to meet Indian origin singles would be to start with their favorite dining places. Most Indians even those who have been living in the US for several generations love ethnic food and regularly drop in at Indian restaurants to pamper their taste buds. At Scottdale, you would find Planet Bombay bustling and filled with people since the restaurant is a popular choice with Americans who like Indian food. Again Chat Patti in the same city may be low on sophistication, but high on flavor and friendliness as well as a favorite places for veggie Indian fare. Café Bombay, Panahar and Zyka are some of the hottest places for Indian cuisine in Atlanta where you can just as well find an attractive guest to discuss the finer points of chai tea or saffron pulao.

At the same time though, don’t discount the popular hangouts of your city which may be equally successful in drawing hip Indian guys and girls out for a night of fun and dance. Most of the upper end pubs, bars and nightclubs in Atlanta are located in the Buckhead, Virginia Highlands or the Midtown areas. Buckhead in fact is estimated to have around three hundred nightclubs fully operational at any one time of which the Blue Room, Gold Room, Moon dogs, the Tongue and Groove are popular with the jet-setting crowd. Coffee shops and restaurants in the Midtown and Downtown like the Dining Room at Ritz Carlton’s Buckhead, Café Dupri, Buckhead Diner and Seeger’s are other places where the successful Indian executives and professionals from the city’s business districts may be open to chatting over coffee with you.

Log in

If however you do not have the time or resources to browse through hangouts all over the city, a better idea would be to go online and join a meetup group of Indian origin or South Asians in any of the cities. the most common ones are organized in and around Atlanta; these meet-up groups are organized to help Indians, South Asians and any others interested in Indian culture to get in touch with one another, expanding their circle of friends and engage in fun activities in and around GA. Events usually include Hikes, Movies, Indian/American Festivals, Sports, Music Jams, Conversation Nights, Languages, book readings and so on. You need not even worry about coming alone at any of these events – the meetups usually assign an assistant organizers to a new guest who personally introduces the latter to the rest of the members.

Take a course

The United States has long attracted the best minds from India for higher education and research. Georgia has almost 70 public colleges, universities, and technical colleges in addition to over 45 private institutes of higher learning. Among Georgia's public universities is the flagship research university, University of Georgia, the oldest public university in the United States while other popular choices with Indian students and researchers are Georgia State University and Georgia University of Technology at Atlanta. India Club is the biggest cultural organization at Georgia Tech which even has its own classical dance club, named Aarohi. Then again Emory University at Atlanta and Georgia State University each has its own student associations. These students clubs are a great way of networking with Indian students on the campus besides gaining an exposure to the culture and traditions of the community.