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Famous for its silk textiles, temples, Sangam Literature and the classical dance Bharatnatyam, Tamil Nadu in the south of India is a land of rich cultural treasures. One of the ways in which this heritage finds expression is through its marriage practices which despite religious and regional variations continue to be influenced by long-held customs and holy rituals.

The Internet boom has changed the way people live and love. The opening up of the world, literally, at the flick of one’s fingertips means that one can reach out to people across the globe in ways unimaginable even a few decades back. One of the most interesting effects of this kind of communication has been in the sphere of personal relationships with people looking for partners on the web.

Broadly used, the term ‘Punjabi’ refers to the ethnic group of South Asians who speak the language Punjabi. They may be followers of various religions like Hinduism, Sikhism or Islam. Originally the term covered all the people who lived in the Punjab region of the Indian sub-continent but the Partition of India and Pakistan in 1947 saw the land being divided into two separate countries.

Known as the Queen of the Deccan, Pune is the most important city in the Deccan region as well as the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. Its thriving culture, booming economy and wide ranging educational opportunities make it one of the best places in India to live and love.

Chennai is the largest metropolitan city in southern India and the capital of the state of Tamil Nadu. Formerly known as Madras, the city is home to a thriving economy as well as cultural scene, both of which contribute to the high quality of life, including socializing opportunities, its citizens enjoy.

London, as the capital city of United Kingdom, has long been a destination of choice for people willing to migrate out of India. Today Indians make up the largest non-white ethnic minority group in London and comprise 6.4% of the city’s entire population. Indians in London have largely been successful in evolving their socio-cultural practices according to the exigencies of a new host country and one of the areas where this negotiation is most visible is in the community’s matchmaking and matrimonial practices.

The island nation of Mauritius has seen people of Indian origin at the helm of its national affairs ever since it achieved political independence. Today Indo-Mauritians not only occupy some of the most influential posts in the country but constitute the majority of the population. This large scale presence means that the Indian origin community has evolved its own cultural practices – reflected in dating and matchmaking trends – which are the product of both its Indian roots and adaptation to a different environment.

The Indian community in Spain is rather small when compared to its size in other countries like USA, UK, Canada, South Africa and Australia. However in the relatively short time they have been here, Indians have established themselves as a hardworking and law-abiding people. One of the ways in which this largely successful integration finds reflection is in the dating and matchmaking practices of Indians in Spain.

Loosely used, the term Middle East denotes the countries of southwestern Asia, including those around the Persian Gulf and Egypt. Indians in this region make up an important part of the economy because of their numbers in both the skilled as well as unskilled workforce. A significant aspect of adjusting to life in the Middle East is continuation with their own cultural practices and one of the ways in which this is reflected is in the dating and matchmaking practices of the Indian community in the Middle East.

Marriage between citizens of India and people of Indian origin in foreign countries, loosely known as NRIs or Non-Resident Indians, has long been an issue fraught with social, legal and economic complexities. NRI marriages, especially where one of the partners is living in an industrialized country of  North-America, Europe country or Southern Hemisphere is often used for unlawful purposes. This not only leads to a victimization of one of the partners, most often the woman, but creates social problems with widespread consequences.


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