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With so many internet dating web sites and millions of users, it's hard to get noticed by the hottie you find yourself attracted to. Here're some tips to increase your chances of success manifold, in internet dating. 

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Time was when dating websites were the last resort for nerds and socially awkward singles. Not anymore – now online dating is very much part of mainstream dating culture. And perhaps the most crucial part of the dating profile is the picture since it can make or break your chances of finding the perfect date. However this is also the part which most people get it wrong, prompted by misplaced notions of what would make them appear irresistible. So here are a few tips and tricks on how to take the right picture to go with your dating profile so that you get the kind of responses you want.

Over twenty million Americans visit dating sites each month in an attempt to find love, according to an estimate by Online Dating Magazine. However, while in real life you could depend on a face-to-face chemistry to make that instant connection, when looking for partners online you need to put a great deal of thought into how you want to appear to a potential date. And as every dating portal never tires of reminding you, an effective dating profile begins with a great headline.

Why is it so important?

Online dating has become an inextricable part of the larger dating culture today. Not only does it help in weeding out incompatible contacts but lets you choose from a particular social, ethnic and professional background. However men and women often look for separate things when deciding whether to contact a potential partner online. So if you are a guy, keep in mind these top ten things that women look for in a dating profile.

Finding love online

You might have just reached the age of consent, in your twenties or even past thirty. At whatever stage you are in life, finding a date can be a daunting task unless you’re adept at it. No matter how successful we are in various aspects of our lives, we often look for a relationship that fulfills us and makes us feel complete. But it is often not the easiest thing to get a date! Internet Dating has made the ability to find a date more accessible, added variety and yet if you so desire, anonymity.

Today the internet is much more than a minefield of information – it has brought about immense changes in the way people socialize, date and love. And to a great extent this is the result of social networking sites like the hugely popular Facebook, the earlier Orkut and the new breed of microblogging sites like Twitter. So if you are looking to meet singles through Twitter, here are some things you can try.

A bio that works

Emma found herself getting concerned about her sister, Julie. All she ever seemed to do these days was spend every waking moment on the computer. They hardly ever seemed to talk any more. While they had once shared a close relationship, most of their conversations of late seemed to revolve around when the computer was going to be free for anybody else to use. And it would normally end in an argument, with Julie stalking off and Emma being upset.

While online dating has emerged as part of mainstream dating culture in these times, finding the right partner still takes time and is often a matter of chance. One of the main complaints about dating sites is that they do not have a balanced pool of male and female members. While men complain about greater competition for women on large sites like, women complain about the availability of eligible dates on sites like Here are some dating sites where women outnumber men.

Figures of people looking for love online

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Dating websites have been on the internet for over a decade. Most will ask you to fill out a quick form - asking some information about you and about the partner you're looking for - and then show you a list of members that match the criterion. You then send them mails hoping someone will reply back. Few usually do and a disillusioned user moves on to the next dating site.


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