Italian Men - What is it Like to Date Italian Men


Italy is the country which gave to the world lovers like Casanova and Romeo. Thus it is little wonder that Italian men are reputed to be among the most passionate of them all – and not just in terms of physical action but oozing with the whole ardor of love and romance. Add to this their hot looks and gorgeous accent, and many women seem to ready to flip over them. However before you begin your search for an Italian hunk, here are some insights on what it is like to date and love them.

The thrill of the chase

Italian men love the thrill of the chase. And so if you have your eyes set on one, ensure you make him work for love. Don’t be under the impression that being straightforward about your attraction will melt them. Rather they will lose interest and move on to the next challenge. However you need to strike the right balance between playing hard to get and appearing as someone who will come around in the end. Be playful and challenge him to find out your likes and dislikes. Don’t reveal all at the first two dates - hold back a few things about yourself and disclose them only in stages. While this will increase your mystique and make you irresistible to the guys, don’t forget to flirt a little since Italian guys also like women with whom they can have a good time.

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Wild drivers

Very often the exhilaration of the chase in Italian men translates into a wild unpredictability when they find themselves behind a steering wheel. Italy is known to have some of the deadliest roads in Europe, not so much because they lack signs or are pot-holed but more because Italian men love driving in a way as though they are challenging death all the while. Their wild driving skills may take you aback if you happen to take a lift from them. So when planning a date with an Italian guy, make sure you turn up with a strong stomach or hire a vehicle to drive yourself.

The touchy-feely kind

While dating Italian guys, keep in mind, that it could involve some amount of body contact. Italy is quite known for its street Romeos who think nothing of getting close to passing women, even if they are evidently foreign tourists. While this is true of only the coarse minority, on the whole Italian culture is quite expressive of emotions. It is not uncommon for people who have only recently become acquainted to shake hands warmly and even kiss on the cheeks. So if you are squeamish about body contact, it might take some amount of getting used to when dating Italian men. However the positive side of this attitude is that Italian men are some of the most romantic lovers on earth – they will write you realms of poetry, bring you bouquets of wild flowers, sing passionate songs for you and court you in the most breathless manner possible.

Incredible gourmands

Sensuality in Italian men is much more than feeling a woman’s bottom or serenading her with a plaintive song outside her balcony at two in the night. The Italian culture is a veritable treasure of great sights, sounds and above all tastes. So encourage your Italian partner to fix a dinner date and you are sure to have one of the loveliest evenings in your life. Italian cuisine is varied, colorful and a feast of fresh vegetables, herbs, spices, fruits, meats and dessert. Dinner is most likely to go on for four or five hours since for Italians, mealtimes are largely social experiences with a lot of animated discussions, enthusiastic singing and delightful flirting. Above all you may be pleasantly surprised to find your date coming up with certain valuable insights into Italian culture, making all of it an even richer experience.

Get mama to like you

All those jokes about the brawny Italian guy still attached to his mama’s apron strings might have some grain of truth after all. Fact is Italians have a strong family structure and it is often the mama who holds the center in an Italian household. So if you are eager to impress your Italian boyfriend, you would do well to get in his mama’s good books first. In fact it is a good sign if your boyfriend takes you home to meet his family – it shows that he thinks you are special but then remember the onus of creating the good impression  is also on you. One of the most effective ways of doing this by describing at length how much you are fond of your own family and above all how close you are to your own mother. And never ever leave without heaping praise on all that dear mama’s has cooked for the occasion. She has probably slaved away for hours in order to prepare that meal for the entire family and in every way, deserves your praise too. But noticing and appreciating her domestic accomplishments implies that you are tuned to this important aspect of Italian life wherein the family remains the main object of everyday living and larger social happiness.

Streaks of chauvinism

Italian culture still remains sexist in some ways. Despite the all-powerful figure of the mama, your date may still secretly think that the proper place of a woman is in the house and more specifically in the kitchen. And while attitudes are changing all the time to a more egalitarian model, stoking an Italian man’s ego is still one of the best ways to get him to do what he wants.

Be responsive

Italian men like to have sex soon and have it quite frequently. But before you think that your date is interested only in getting you to bed, also remember that he will probably make more effort than men of other nationalities in ensuring that you a good time as well. So after you have made him sweat a little and woo you with ardor, be responsive and caring in your love. Making fantastic love is more important than anything else for Italian men and they like to think that their partners will always remember them for this. So while you cannot stop their roving eye and would be lucky to agree to a long term commitment, there is a good chance that your Italian lover would give you the best time of your life.