Jewish Men and Women Looking for Marriage - Ten Places to Find Jewish Singles


Jewish Men and Women Looking for Marriage – Ten Places to Find Jewish Singles
The Jewish community has traditionally placed great importance on family and the value of a stable, committed relationship that is possible only between a married couple. Even though today’s young Jewish singles are not so quickly drawn to marriage and are devoted to their careers, there are still many available individuals who are looking for marital partners from within the community. Here are ten places where one can find Jewish men and women looking for marriage.

  1. Jewish Religious groups

    For Jews, synagogues are much more than places of worship. They are also centers of religious learning and discourses besides sometimes functioning as the meeting point for the entire Jewish community in a town. So for religious-minded Jews and for even those who like to appear so, frequenting a synagogue for Sabbath services, on Jewish high holy days, religious celebrations or even cultural events organized under the aegis of the synagogue might offer a good opportunity for Jewish singles in an area to come together.
  2. Social gatherings

    An ideal way to meet prospective matches in the community is to attend Jewish communal get togethers organized around festive days like Rosh Hashanah or the Jewish New Year, Purim and Hanukkah. At these times usually the entire Jewish community or at least several families get together for prayers, feasts and other festivities. Even if you or your immediate family are not invited, look to tag along with a friend, cousin or neighbor and attend such a large gathering where you are sure to come across other Jewish singles.

  3. Jewish family occasions

    The family has always been at the center of all celebrations and festivities in the Jewish community. Engagements, weddings, births and initiations are some of the most extensively celebrated occasions where not only the immediate family but extended family members and even the entire clan are invited. So no matter how much you dread these occasions, never turn a wedding or Bar Mitzvah invitation down for you may just end up meeting and falling for your second cousin’s roommate from college. Other than this, keeping your family in the loop for your search of a life partner also works in spreading the word around. After all weddings and family celebrations were one of the most popular ways of traditional match-making, one whose efficacy lives on.
  4. Dining places

    Often select dining or hang-out places in a town have a significant Jewish clientele. This may be due to proximity to a synagogue, a Jewish club or university or its menu of delicious Jewish kosher specialties. Do some research on where such establishments may be located in your town. For this you can look through classifieds or do some searching on the internet. Once you shortlist four to five such establishments, patronize them regularly and you are sure to meet some interesting singles from the Jewish community.
  5. Join a study group

    Take a course or join a study group specializing on aspects of Jewish religion, culture, art and history. Not only you will have a wonderful time knowing about the rich religious and cultural heritage of the community but may be you can also find a like-minded student to discuss the finer points of Sholem Aleichem’s works over a steaming cup of coffee. And from there on who know you may even find the person to be ideal partnership material.
  6. Culture groups

    In cities with significant Jewish population, there may be niche cultural groups built around Jewish themes and artists. Once again bring your search skills into play to zero in on such groups which may be devoted to Jewish theater, music and literature. You will not only be able to brush up your knowledge of Jewish art and culture – which in itself will provide much satisfaction – but also open yourself up to meeting other singles who are equally enthusiastic about Jewish cultural expressions.
  7. College or university

    The Jewish community has traditionally had a high level of educational background and the many anecdotes about Jewish lawyers, bankers and physicians in fact testify to this fact. So most likely colleges and universities in your area would have Jewish student bodies or alumni associations. Try to interact regularly with these groups and attend whatever fundraisers or social and cultural meetings they organize. Alternatively look up your own alumnus and if you are lucky, you may get to meet former college mates or roomies who are now very attractive singles.
  8. Log in

    The internet is perhaps the only place today where every kind of relationship need can be answered. So search for Jewish matchmaking websites or online resources for Jewish singles directed towards committed relationships and these may enable you to come across potential partners in the area of your choice. There are many popular online portals you can consider.
  9. Matchmaking services

    If you are fairly certain of the kind of partner you want, then commercial matchmaking and dating services could be the answer. For a fee, these services will shortlist Jewish singles for you according to your preferences in geographical location, personal characteristics, physical attributes, educational and professional background. Even though some of these matchmaking services can be rather expensive, it be could the ideal choice for busy professionals who do not have the time to weed out incompatible matches. Alternatively you could even hire a traditional the services of a Jewish matchmaker of yenta. This may seem old fashioned but arranged marriages are still part of life in many Jewish communities. Most important of all there is no compulsion to marry the person the matchmaker may have chosen – you can always wait for the right person to come along.
  10. At work

    Finally don’t negate the importance of the workplace in browsing for potential partners. While the office may seem an unlikely place to find a partner of particular religious affiliation, look for married Jewish co-workers who have an active social life. Once you are part of their social circuit, you may find it easier to come across other Jewish singles and who knows even find your beshert from among them.