How to Meet and Date Men in Latvia


Located on the Baltic Sea, Latvia is a small and beautiful country. However despite being blessed by treasures of nature and culture, Latvia has struggled economically – first under the Soviet rule and more recently due to the global recession of 2008. Difficult economic conditions in Latvia have led to one of the lowest employment rates in Europe, the consequences of which have affected its social and demographic patterns as well. A report on the BBC website1 mentions how it is extremely difficult for successful, educated women in Latvia to find partners. However there are still some options you can explore and with luck on your side, you can make use of the following tips to meet and date men in Latvia.

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Meet the players

Latvia, according to the earlier mentioned BBC report has one of the highest gender imbalances in Europe with The country having 8% more women than men. But there curiously enough the male to female ratio is healthier in the younger age group of under-30s as compared to the age group of 30-40. While in the latter age group, there are 3000 more women than men, below the thirties group includes 9000 more men than women. One of the consequences of this demographic trend is that you get to see more men in the sports field. So if you are keen to meet men for dating, a good idea would be to head outdoors. Join sports clubs or pick up hobbies which entail playing some kind of game. While ice hockey and basketball are the most popular sports in Latvia, other sports which also have a healthy fan following are cycling, tennis, rally, rugby and association football. For those who are interested in the new and quirky, there is orienteering and amateur radio direction finding which can offer you ways to bond with fans and players of these specific sports. Even if you are not a keen player of any sports, attend the important matches in the country which will offer you ample opportunities to meet young men. A good idea would to be to head to the Arena Riga, Skonto Arena or any other popular stadium in the country where you can cheer for your favorite teams or players in the company of equally passionate sports enthusiasts.

Get to know the entrepreneurs

One of the major causes of the gender imbalance in the 30-40 age group in Latvia is the high rate of male suicides in the country. The BBC report mentions that presently more than 80% of the total suicides in the country are committed by men. Experts believe that one of the major causes of the unfortunate trend is the transition to capitalism which has affected men more negatively than women. Add to this the economic crisis of 2008 which pushed up unemployment levels by 20%, thus triggering as much as a 16% spike in male suicide rates, which were already one of the highest in Europe. So if employed professionals have borne the brunt of the economic recession, it makes more sense to look for men who are self-employed or entrepreneurs. While these professions are not recession-proof, at least they offer greater flexibility and more opportunities for surviving in uncertain times. In particular look for single men involved in trade of wood, wood products and textiles since these make up the most important exports of Latvia.

Bars and nightclubs

Men in Latvia traditionally subscribe to a macho culture which is why a great many of them can be found in bars and nightclubs when not at their workplace. Almost all major Latvian cities like Riga, Daugavpils and Rezegne there are several nightspots which attract men eager to have a good time. As the capital city of Latvia, Riga has the most vibrant nightlife in the country. The old town is awash with bars - everything from lounge style hangouts with DJs, comfy couches and funky visuals, right through to spit and sawdust drinking dens. One such bar is Dickens which is a favorite haunt of expats and locals wanting to meet English speakers. Jaunais Rigas Balzams is another address which caters mainly to a younger and hipper crowd. Then there’s a place called Nobody Writes to the Colonel, an industrial MTV-style bar with frequent live music and club nights, which is popular with the local party set. If you want to do the rounds of clubs, check out La Rocca which claims to be the biggest club in the Baltic region and it certainly is huge both in terms of size and popularity. Though with room to host 2,000 revelers, it also gets very crowded. Depo is an underground hangout while Amber Night Located at the Reval Hotel Latvija, caters to an older suit-sporting crowd. One of the best watering holes to meet men in Latvia are the sports bars, not only because men here are avid sports fans but also because sports bars are among the few places where men gather in greater numbers as compared to  women in the above thirties age group.

Get to know the men in uniform

Yet another place you can meet eligible men for dating in Latvia is in the country’s armed forces. While there were many garrison towns established during the Soviet occupation of Latvia, today such places like Skrunda 1 are ghost towns and visited for their curiosity value. Instead get to know the men stationed at Riga which serve as the headquarters of Latvian armed forces or Lielvarde which has a large military base. The National Armed Forces of Latvia consists of Land Forces, Naval Forces, Air Force besides which there are voluntary national guardsmen in the Latvian National Guard and if you are really lucky you could even meet and get to date the NATO fighters who are periodically assigned to assist the Latvian armed forces.


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