Polish Dating in USA - Dating Opportunities for Single Polish Men and Women in USA


The Polish were an integral part of the first ever successful British settlement in America, having ridden alongside Captain John Smith and helping to establish the very beginnings of the United States as we know it today. Things have moved forward somewhat since then, and the modernized era in America is a bit different than that of the pilgrims of old or the traditional inhabitants of Poland, but the present day Untied States can certainly offer dating options for Polish individuals. Polish Americans aren't exactly around every street corner but finding one to date isn't too difficult, though dating them can present some unusual nuances not always present in American culture.

Poland's dating culture is neither massively traditional nor is it particularly modern or western; its lack of easily placeable “genre” is one of the things that makes it such an intriguing country. It falls somewhere between. As such, you'll have to read your date well and play all things by ear, so heed the forthcoming advice intelligently. Men kissing a woman's hand on greeting them is not practiced very much in American culture; if not in some sort of renaissance fair context you'd probably be giggled at. But among the Polish it is a fairly normal means of showing good manners. When kissing a woman's hand you'll want to bend over rather than yanking her arm towards your mouth, hold your opposite hand behind your back or discretely to your side, and kiss the hand followed by saying something sweet. Kissing on both cheeks is also a popular greeting in Poland; it's viewed as quite platonic and casual as opposed to in America where a kiss on the cheek usually has some romantic intent behind it. You might not want to dive right into your date's face from the onset as the cheek kissing greeting is something which in America is seen as very foreign or abnormal, so there's a chance that your date has given the boot to this particular custom courtesy of Americanization.  

As a man dating a Polish woman, always be sure to open doors for your date and offer to pay bills. American women appreciate this kind of thing too, but Polish women may be expecting it and hearing “so I'll pay with my card and you can just pay me cash for your meal?” might come as an unpleasant shock. So follow the gentlemanly guidelines and be the most chivalrous date that you can be. Offering to drive and taking charge when it comes to electronics and maintenance also fall into this category, though obviously every person is a bit different and once you really get to know your partner these sorts of things will have a way of becoming more of a cooperative effort.

Modesty is highly valued in the Polish culture. Everyone loves confidence but over confidence in the form of bragging will not get you very far with a Polish date. In America boasting about one's accomplishments or attributes is pretty standard and, unless it's particularly overboard or clearly exaggerated, won't lower too many peoples' opinions of you in most cases, but among the Polish it is generally considered distasteful and arrogant, so talk yourself up in a subtle way. Saving the fact that you make a triple figure salary or the fact that you can play a mean piano for the fourth or fifth date can have a way of making your partner think that you're just getting better all the time anyway. Make efforts to get to know the good characteristics of your date and show how awesome you are by being able to make any conversation fun, rather than by alluding to things outside of the current situation which make you desirable. Releasing all the information about all your good qualities from the word go can leave you grasping at straws later on.

Polish individuals are not typically as caught up in fashion as most Americans are. This is a generalization of course, as Hollywood can have a way of making anyone want to look glamorous, but when it comes to Polish dating it is something to be noted. The thing about fashion in the eyes of many Polish people is that comfort beats style and what one wears should not affect how one is perceived. Does this mean you should dress “down” to match your date? No, but what it does mean is that you may have to step off of your Americanized high horse and take on the mindset that outward appearance is just not really important. This is not to say that there aren't gorgeous Polish women and stunningly handsome Polish men; play your cards right and you could see your date without clothes anyway, which is the best style there is. Do not talk about your date's style and your opinions on it, as this is a surefire way to create unnecessary awkwardness and it accomplishes nothing. The Polish style of dress is certainly a bit different than the typical style of the United States, but in the bigger picture this is just not something to even think that much about, so don't.

Dating for the Polish in America is a touch different from dating for the Polish in Poland but ultimately if you follow the universally recognized don't-be-an-idiot guidelines then most people everywhere are looking for the same types of qualities in a soulmate. Be respectful, be confident and make yourself the one that catches everyone's eye, and you will find yourself in a good relationship.