How to Apply for 'The Bachelor' - A Guide for Girls

Reality shows have become hugely popular in recent times since they hold out the tantalizing possibility of viewers becoming participants in the glamorous or adventurous life being played out on-screen. One such show, ‘The Bachelor’ offer young women a chance to find the partner of their dreams amidst exotic surroundings and beautiful people. So if you want to try your luck as well, here is how you need to go about it.

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Getting Started

‘The Bachelor’ is a show on ABC and to find out about how to apply for it, the easiest way is to visit the ABC homepage. Once there, go to the bottom of the page and look for the heading ‘Company Information’, below which you will find the link ‘Casting’. Clicking on the link will take you to a list of all ABC shows from which you can select ‘The Bachelor’ and open the relevant pages on information and application.

Eligibility Requirements

However before you start filling out the application form for ‘The Bachelor’, it would be a good idea to go through the Eligibility Requirements to see whether you fulfill all the casting conditions. Reading up ahead will save you the heartache of a subsequent rejection in case you fail to meet any of the eligibility criteria. According to the casting conditions, all female applicants for ‘The Bachelor’ must:

Be at least 21 years of age

Be a US citizen or a legal resident of the country

Have a valid passport

Have never been convicted of a felony

Be single which implies that she should be not be married or in a committed intimate relationship while applying for the show

Be aware of the risks involved during the filming of the show. This is because the show needs its contestants to participate in potentially risky activities like parasailing, bungee-jumping and water-skiing.

Finally, all applicants must understand the full implications of the public nature of the show. This involves, among other things, being videotaped round the clock, all seven days a week. There may be cameras hidden throughout the sets and applicants may be taped even without their knowledge. Apart from this, the show reserves the right to compile and release to any related third party, all personal information regarding the physical, mental and sexual history of the participants. It is important to go through all the eligibility requirements and other conditions of the show before applying so that you know what you have a pretty good idea of what you are getting yourself into.

Various ways you can apply

ABC allows aspiring participants on ‘The Bachelor’ several different ways to apply for the show. The first involves filling out a fairly short application form which requires you to just submit basic details about your height, weight, age, occupation and the reason why you want to figure on the show. Photos however are compulsory if you want your application to reach the next level.

For those women who don’t mind filling out a more elaborate form, there is a lengthier application process. For this you need to download and answer a detailed questionnaire relating not only to your physical characteristics as in the shorter version but also to your occupation, lifestyle and former relationships. There may be questions about hobbies and interests that you pursue or the salary you earn at your workplace. Also be prepared to answer enquiries related to previous marriages or any children you may have had as well as other details like bankruptcy, restraining orders or a criminal history, if applicable. You can accompany this application form with as many as fifteen photos ranging from close-ups to full length body shots.

Apart from inviting applications online, the show also holds casting calls. To know more about this option, click on the link, “casting calls” on the application page and follow the given instructions.

Jazz it up

To increase the chances of your application making to the next level of selection, consider sending it along with a DVD which will not only give the show’s producers a fair idea of your looks but also a glimpse of your attractive personality. Among the points you could keep in mind while filming the DVD are:

choosing a well-lit room but refraining from having a white wall for a background

dressing up well but avoiding colors like black, white and loud prints

avoiding props that obscure your looks like a hat or sunglasses

keeping from chewing gum or any such habit which make you come off uninterested or way too casual.

Several relevant instructions on what to include in the DVD are given on the site’s application page. The show requires you to answer at least seven questions during the filming which among other things cover your dating history, ultimate fantasy date, where you would like to travel and your idea of the perfect hometown date. The questions need to be put to you by another person so that you are not seen reading them out from a piece of paper. The site also informs you about the format and mailing address of the application DVD.

Finally if you don’t want to apply yourself, you can ask a trusted friend or someone you know well to nominate you as one of the participants for ‘The Bachelor’. For this he or she would have to download the nomination form and fill out details about the nominee’s physical and lifestyle details.

The final stage

If you are lucky enough to see your application go up to the semi-final, you will be called by the show’s producers to Los Angeles. Here you need to go through various kinds of evaluation procedures - including physical and psychological - to assess whether you are indeed suitable to be part of the show. Finally if selected, you should be ready to give up your job as well as your regular life for a particular period of time.

‘The Bachelor’ holds the promise of a dream partner for every single woman. However you need be physically prepared to look your best and psychologically ready to edge out other participants to be successful and finally win the hand of The Bachelor.