Rent a Friend Services

What started out as a social trend in Japan and some Asian countries now seems to have caught the fancy of rest of the world. Rent-a-friend services seem only a logical extension of today’s materialistic culture where practically every product or service can be had for money. In Russia the trend is a new arrival but is already taking the society by storm.

Japan is one of the first countries to witness the birth of the rent-a-friend business which is now becoming a global phenomenon. Sweeping socio-economic changes combined with a deeply ingrained social customs have led to the rise in this service sector in Japan. The service has its own plus and minus points with psychologists warning against substituting fiction for fact and yet there is no denying that the trend is here to stay.

In a culture where almost everything is on hire, getting people to hang out with in lieu of money does not quite stretch the imagination. The rent-a-friend service which started out in Japan has now caught on in other countries as well. But what are the various aspects of this trend and how comfortably does it sit with the traditional notion of friendship as a selfless relationship?

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