How to Meet and Date a Medical Student

Medical students make one of the most sought after dating partners; not so much because of an exciting or romantic time they have to offer but rather because of their great professional prospects. So if you are looking to meet and date a student in scrubs, here are a few tips to help you along.

Know where to find them

In order to date a medical student, you will first need to know where to meet them. Most medical students are so bogged down with studies that they hardly get the time to go bar-hopping or hit the hippest nightclubs in town. So your best bet lies with cafes and fast food joints that are located around medical colleges or the bigger teaching hospitals. If you are the adventurous sort, you can even check out the hospital cafeterias and coffee stations where most of the students will be heading for a quick break. However a far better way to meet medical students would be to volunteer at a big hospital or spend some hours there as part of a research project or survey. Just be sure not to disturb any students on duty since not only they will be too busy to have a chat with you but may even get irritated at your repeated advances. Wait for coffee breaks or shift changes when the interns and students would be more relaxed and open to unwind with a cup of latte with you. Then again you could also frequent medical initiatives in your community like a blood donation camp or an immunization drive which are sure to involve medical students. Be a sincere volunteer at these initiatives and offer to help around - you will not only make friends among the students but maybe even impress someone single with your selfless act.

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Expand your horizons

Assuming that you are determined to date a medical student and that you even know foolproof ways of meeting them, consider if you have what the eligible guys and girls in whites are looking for. It is not necessary for a medico to find another super-intelligent partner to be happy in love - quite the contrary really, since a partner with average intelligence is less likely to seem competition and more soothing, really. However you should be prepared to offer your future doctor date some opportunities of interesting conversation or intellectually-engaging interests if you want your relationship to be compatible on all fronts. So if he/she starts discussing lymphoma, don’t look all blank and ask if it is some new nightclub in town. Make an effort to familiarize yourself with some terms and phrases medical students use often like BP for blood pressure and not the gas company, also C and S may sound like a fashion label but for a medico, it would mean performing a Culture and Sensitivity test on an infection.

Take long hours in your stride

While getting into a medical school guarantees a successful career in the end, someone preparing to become a doctor has to study and work for anything from eight to twelve hours a day and sometimes even more than that. This leaves the person with hardly any time for socializing; thus dating a medical student can be extremely challenging if you are fond of going out and having fun at bars and clubs on a regular basis and not less than three times a week. Even on weekends your medico partner may want to catch up on his/her sleep or put in some extra hours of study for an upcoming test. For all these reasons if you are seriously dating a medical student, you will have to accept the fact that he/she may be unavailable for most evenings. Dates will have to be a hurriedly-planned affair; sometimes your intern may even get a call asking him/her to come down quickly to the hospital to help with a medical emergency. Along with being physically absent, your date may often be emotionally unavailable as well. If you are upset over something that happened at work or with your flat-mate your date may not even notice it, caught up as he/she may be with their own worries or studies. More than once you may need to depend on your own mental strength or your own network of friends for emotional support and understanding.

Have a sense of humor

In order to get through these challenges of dating a medical student, it is best if you develop a sense of humor. This will help to get you through those times when your girlfriend has changed plans for the third Friday in a row or when your boyfriend has turned up in an outfit to match his genius. A lighthearted outlook on life is virtually a must for all those dating doctors-to-be. Above all, you have to be mentally strong and independent enough if you wish to have a long and happy dating relationship with a medico.

Scale down your expectations

It is true that doctors are one of the highest-paid professionals but also keep in mind that medical school is one of the most expensive courses of professional education. So if you are thinking of dating a medical student with the expectation that he/she will treat you to the finest restaurants and lavish expensive gifts on you, you may be heading in the wrong way. For all you know your student date may have taken a substantial college loan or he/she may still be depending on parents for additional expenses. So while dating a medical student, it is best to plan simple outings which let you spend quality time with each other and are not a big burden on the pocket.

The best part about dating a medical student is undoubtedly getting to know someone who is smart and dedicated to a noble profession. While he/she may not be able to spend time with you more often or even take you to luxurious dates, you can surely delight in an intelligent conversation and an exciting personality. What’s more if you are in the long haul, you can look forward to a comfortable life and social respect as the partner or spouse of a well-established doctor.