Date Ideas in Stockholm, Sweden


Located on the south-central east coast of Sweden, Stockholm is an important economic, cultural and political center in the whole of Scandinavia. Indeed the city also offers several recreational options to its couples, where they are locals or here on vacation. All these factors imply that Stockholm is one of the best places in the northern part of Europe to go on a date.

A walk in the park

Known for its wide open spaces and many parks, Stockholm offers its citizens many opportunities to enjoy a romantic walk amidst green landscapes; in fact here the health conscious among the affluent may prefer to run along the park instead of working out indoors in a gym. Among the most famous parks and gardens in Stockholm is the Royal National City Park which stretches six miles in an arc through and around the city. Here you can look for wild animals like deer and elk, stroll through the green island of Djugarden, admire the lovely flowers of Bergius Botanic Park including the large water lilies of the famous Victoria House or simply spend some quality time on the shores of the Lake Burnnsviken.  Humlegarden and Hagaparken are other lovely areas brimming with natural beauty that are sure to put you in the mood for courtship.

Outdoor activities

If the weather is good and you are planning a day date, do what most denizens of Stockholm would love to do – get outdoors. Stockholm is famous the world over as being one of the cleanest metropolitan urban centers. This is partly because of the near absence of heavy industries in and around the city as well as due to strict laws governing the environment. Biking through Stockholm’s many green areas is not only an excellent way to some sightseeing but also to get to know your partner well. This is especially a good idea for a first date when you want to do something together but not in an intimate manner. Or you could throw a few things into a picnic basket and head for the park areas around Brunnsviken Lake, which are quite popular for picnics, swimming and recreation. Here there are several boat clubs as well, should you and your date want to venture further into the water.

The Stockholm Archipelago

Consisting of more than 30,000 islands, rocks and skerries, the Stockholm Archipelago makes an excellent date idea if you have a whole day to spare and like being in the midst of nature. The archipelago stretches for Arkhoma in the north to Landsfort in the South. The best way to experience the delights of the archipelago is to take a day cruise which will take you through the islands of Vaxholm, Sandhamn, Uto, Grinda and Finnhamn. here you can explore the pine forests, the small sandy beaches, the rocky headlands or the pastoral lands.

Feel like Royalty

Stockholm has several grand palaces which keep the grandeur and charm of royalty alive. so if you wish to make your date feel like a princess, what better way to do it than by visiting the palaces and castles of Stockholm. the Royal Palace is the official residence of the King and Queen of Sweden and their family; it is open to visitors throughout the year and a tour of the Palace will take you through the banqueting room, the guest apartment, the Hall of State, the Chapel and the Treasury. Then there is the Drottningholm Slott, the private residence of the royal family which is located in the island of Lovon on Lake Malaren. Here you take in attractions like the ornate palace, the sixteenth century theater, the Chinese Pavilions and gardens, all of which have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Blast into the past

Yet another great indoor date idea is to visit any one of numerous museums of Stockholm. You can take your pick from the popular art museum of Prince Eugene’s Waldermasudde to the Museum of Science and Technology where attractions include the hundred most important innovations as chosen by the Swedish people. then there is the Vasa Museum which houses the famous seventeenth century Vasa warship and related exhibits. Nearby is the Skansen, purported to the world’s oldest open-air museum and a huge favorite with the locals here. while deciding where to go for your date, keep your partner’s interests in mind so that you both can have an enjoyable time.

Hit the trendy nightspots

The city of Stockholm is famous for its swanky bars and clubs which keep the entertainment rolling into the wee hours of the morning or even later into summer when the sun never really sets in the sky. Among the coolest – literally – hang-out zones is the Absolut IceBar at the Nordic Sea Hotel. Here the temperature is maintained at minus five degrees Celsius and the interiors and everything in it are all sculpted out of ice. if you want to take your date to one of the hip and happening zones of the city, head for the Blue Moon Bar while Laroy is the place to frequent if you are in the mood for celebrity-spotting. another fancy destination, if you can afford it, is the StureCompagniet which with its three-level dance floors is one of the hottest places to party in the city. 

Traditional dates

If you intend to celebrate a special occasion you cannot go wrong with a traditional dinner date. Treat your partner to a world-class operatic performance at the Kungliga Operan  or the Royal Opera House of Stockholm. Then follow it up by heading for a fine dining destination like Musslan which offers an exquisite choice in sea food as well as accompanying spirits. On the other hand if you want your dinner amidst a spectacular location, you can choose he excellent restaurant Fjäderholmarnas krog located where the archipelago begins and only a 20-minute boat trip from downtown Stockholm. The restaurant is open during the summer season and for the julbord Christmas buffet. The popular Rökeriet restaurant and café is located by the guest harbor and is easier on the pocket too.