The Best Places to Meet Single Women in Anchorage, Alaska


Anchorage is the most populated city in Alaska. Anchorage is a cold city that gets a lot of snowfall, but that doesn't mean that the social scene isn't plenty hot. Anchorage is a fairly young city, with the median age of residents being thirty-two years old. If you live in this diverse and bustling northern city, there are lots of places to choose from if you're looking to get out and meet people. Think about all of the city's activities that interest you, and don't just stick to the same one or two hangouts. When you put yourself out there and get out of your comfort zone, you'll find that the pool of people that you might meet, and interact with, starts to widen considerably.

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There are lots of museums to explore in the city of Anchorage. There is the Alaska Native Heritage Center, where you can learn all about the history and culture of the indigenous people of Alaska. You can spend the day learning all about the Native Alaskan's way of life, and you can see replicas of the houses they built. You will get to spend the day learning more about the history of your home, and maybe even meet some interesting and like-minded people along the way.

The Anchorage Museum is another option. This comprehensive museum truly has exhibits devoted to art, science, history, archeology, and more. What all of the exhibits have in common is that they all focus on Alaska. Anyone who loves in Alaska might enjoy this museum. As you stroll through the exhibits, try to greet some of your fellow museum-goers. Try to search out women who look like they're enjoying the same exhibits as you. If the conversation goes well, you might suggest that the two of you explore the rest of the museum together.

If you're a sportier and more active sort of person, than you might want to hit the slopes in search of potential partners. Anchorage is home to the Arctic Valley Ski Area. It boasts lots of ski slopes, and places to snowboard or go tubing. You could meet someone whizzing down the side of a mountain, or curled up in the lodge with a cup of hot cocoa.

Another activity that you might try, if you enjoy outdoor snow-themed activities, is the Iditarod  Trail Dog Sled Race. This historic race starts on the first Saturday of every March, and every other year the race kicks off in the city in Anchorage (opposite years it ends in Anchorage). This event is a huge part of Anchorage history and culture. That's reason enough to go out to the starting ceremonies, but you also have the opportunity to meet lots of other women residing in Anchorage.

One of the greatest benefits to living in Anchorage is the incredible scenery and wealth of nature surrounding this metropolis. Anchorage is surrounded by mountains, rivers, and breathtaking glaciers. You could go out for a walk, run, or bike ride, and take in all of the beautiful sights around you, and be friendly to neighbors and members of your community as you do. You should try to stop and chat with lots of different people, even if you don't see anyone that you think you'd be interested in. Forming a network of connections with the people who live near you is a great way to gain invitations to future events, and possibly even be introduced to single women from Alaska.

As long as you're enjoying the outdoors, you could stop at one of Anchorage's many waterways and engage in some fishing. This is an especially good tip for the males! Many women find self-reliance and an affinity for the outdoors very attractive in a man. You might catch more than your dinner with some skillful line casting. Because fishing is an activity that often involves a lot of standing and waiting, you'll find it easy to start conversations with any fellow fishers nearby, both men and women.

If you're a sports fan, there are lots of college games to watch at the University of Alaska at Anchorage. They host The Great Alaska Shootout, a large college basketball tournament, with players coming from all over the state. You could attend a game, show some Anchorage pride, and possibly catch the eye of an attractive stranger, as you cheer your team to victory. Some of the other sporting events held are gymnastics meets, cross-country races, and hockey games.

If you consider yourself a movie buff, you might want to try making connections at the Anchorage International Film Festival. This annual event has viewings of films from all over the world, but there is also a large number of films made by residents of Anchorage. This event is a wonderful way to widen your horizons, and you'll get the chance to talk to many of the other people in your community.

If you enjoy movies, you might also enjoy live theater. The Alaska Center for the Performing Arts hosts a variety of different types of performances. There you can see Broadway plays and musicals. You can attend a showing of the Anchorage Symphony Orchestra. They also have showings of the ballet and several other types of concerts. If you attend a show that you really love, you might find yourself meeting eyes with a woman who loves ballet, across the aisle.

Like any major city, Anchorage has plenty of bars, restaurants, and night-life venues, for those hoping to meet new people in a more relaxed and fun environment. The Double Musky Inn is a fun bar  and restaurant that serves steak and fresh caught Alaskan seafood, with a Cajun Twist. This restaurant has been around for years, and it's very popular with Anchorage locals. You could head down there for a meal or a drink, and try to strike up a conversation with some of the other patrons. Some of the other popular restaurants in the area include the Spenard Roadhouse, Pioneer Bar, or the Bear Tooth Grill which also has live music.