The Best Places to Meet Single Women in Houston, Texas


Nicknamed “Space City”, Houston is a thriving and multicultural city in the state of Texas. It is home to the NASA Space Station and has seen the launch of numerous rockets and satellites into orbit. The majority of the city is Christian, but there are also small populations of Jewish, Buddhist, and Muslim residents. There is a huge immigrant population here, with two-thirds of Houston's immigrants having come from the country of Mexico.

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If you're a true Texan and you're in the mood for something that's laden with Texan pride, you could attend the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo. This venue hosts all kinds of different events, each of them with a distinctive Texas flavor. It is held in NRG Stadium. This rodeo lasts for twenty days each year, from the end of February until mid-March. They host livestock auctions, country music acts, barbeque and fish cook-offs, and horse shows, along with all of the traditional rodeo events that one might think of. You could go as a spectator and interact with the other rodeo-goers in the stands, or you could participate in some of the events. If you have a secret recipe for barbeque sauce, you might just be able to use this to your advantage and catch the interest of an attractive cowgirl who appreciates a man who can cook.

For those looking for a more intellectual or artistic mate, you might take a trip over to the Houston Museum of Fine Arts. This is one of the biggest art museums in the country. They have thousands of pieces of artwork and these come from all over the world. You could spend the day walking through the grand halls and looking over these artworks. Be friendly and open to meeting new people as you go, both men and women.

In that same vein, Houston is also home to the Bayou City Art Festival. This festival is held twice a year, in the spring and the fall, making it a nice transitional event between the seasons. If you make it to the one in the fall, you might find someone to keep you warm over the winter months! At the spring festival, you could mingle with the crowd to find a beach buddy for the coming summer months.  This festival has tons of booths and exhibits from locals artists, and it's a great way to get to know your neighbors, local vendors, and plenty of other people in your community. There are also lots of different foods to try and there are local musicians providing entertainment. You could go to enjoy the festivities, or you could volunteer, or get involved in some other capacity. Volunteering won't allow you to remain shy and off to the sidelines. This is a good option if you're a more introverted individual, as it will force you out of your comfort zone, and it will also give you a tangible excuse to interact with other people. You could meet attractive single women this way.

If you're an appreciator of the theater, then you might spend the evening down at the Houston Theater District. This district takes up a significant amount of space in Houston's downtown area, spanning over a total of seventeen blocks. There are nine different theater organizations that have set up shop here and a number of different theater venues to check out, including Wortham Theater Center and The Hobby Center for the Performing Arts. You could grab tickets to one of the many plays, concerts, or touring Broadway shows, and see if you can make a couple of new friends during intermission.

Living in Houston, it would be a shame not to take advantage of the national treasure that lies within your city. The NASA Space Center is a historic site and has many artifacts and educational programs related to the science of rockets and the history of American space exploration. There is a large museum there to peruse or you could take a tour of the Space Center itself. This is a site frequented by both locals and tourists alike. If you enjoy science or history, or you just like to learn new things, then this might be a good way to put yourself out there.

If you prefer the bar and restaurant scene, there are plenty of these venues to choose from in Houston. Nick's Sports Bar and Grill is a great place for sports enthusiasts and pub lovers alike. They have lots of delicious and greasy pub dishes, as well as cocktails and beers. If you prefer Mexican food, you could head over to Houston's Los Tios Restaurant. This place has cuisine dubbed “Tex-mex”, a blend of traditional Texan and Mexican cuisine, which is pretty fitting considering that Houston is a blend of Texan and Mexican people. They also have a variety of delicious frozen margaritas. You could use one of these chilling cocktails as the perfect icebreaker and send a couple over to a nearby table to be friendly and expand your social circle.

If it's a warm and sunny day outside, you could take a stroll through Buffalo Bayou Park. This is a huge park that is great for walking about and enjoying the day, cycling, or possibly even socializing. Parks are always a great place to meet people because the people around you are likely to be relaxed and in a good mood. Anyone hanging out in a park is unlikely to be in a rush or stressed out. Not that this isn't a possibility at all. Just be sure that you're paying attention to nonverbal cues and body language as you approach women and reach out to those around you. Be respectful if anyone doesn't seem to be in the mood to chat. If you follow those simple rules of conduct, then you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If women don't want to talk, they will usually tell you in a tactful and subtle way. You can't be afraid of being rejected. All this fear really does is prevents you from being accepted!