The Best Places to Meet Single Women in Fairfax, California


The town of Fairfax, an incorporated town in Marin County, California, is an environmentally conscious community that enjoys affluence above the average. Considered the most progressive of Marin’s eleven incorporated cities, the cosy town of Fairfax was incorporated in 1931. The town is located 3.25 miles northwest of the city of San Rafael, and it is the only town in America that holds a Green Party majority in the town council. This is an accurate reflection of the values Fairfax displays, as the Green Party is known for its promotion and representation of environmentalism, social justice, participatory grassroots democracy, nonviolence, gender equality, and anti-war ideals.

With a history rooted in democratic ideology (dating all the way back to 1839) Fairfax is home to some of the most open-minded, friendly, and educated individuals (only 3.5% of the town’s population is unemployed; and a large majority of the population has some form of higher-education). Besides that, Fairfax is the perfect place for small-towners to find that special someone,  and it should be memorable, no matter where you find them, as Fairfax is well known for its idyllic scenery and natural beauty. It truly is a city primed for budding romance.

Cascade Canyon is one of many examples. It is a true gem tucked into the rolling hills above Fairfax. Incorporating more than five-hundred acres of some of the most pristine habitats in the Corte Madera Creek, it’s no wonder this location is as popular. Cascade Falls is a true vision, especially during winter when water flows are at their peak. This is good news for the outdoors-type and nature-lover alike! The permanent water in the upper reaches of San Anselmo, Carey Camp, and Cascade Creek act as a wildlife magnet and provides some of the best Steelhead spawning habitat in the county.

If you happen to stumble upon an attractive woman jogging (which is bound to happen, due to the popularity of the location) ask if you can join her.  If she accepts your advances and you both hit things off, ask them out for a coffee or lunch afterwards. You’ll both definitely need it to recharge.

If you’re not so much into exercise as you are taking pictures, you’ll likely meet a fellow photographer or two as you mill about the area. Smile, ask “So, you got any good pics?”, and watch conversation unfold. Share your own photos, ask for help with some shots, or simply enjoy their company in an area lush with birds, fauna, and wildflowers. The coffee after-treatment applies here too!

Speaking of, a prime place for coffee-enthusiasts to visit, located on 4 Bolinas Road, is the Fairfax Coffee Roastery. Well-known throughout the town for their strong, flavourful coffee and snug, intimate atmosphere, the Roastery also has a regular line-up of musical performers. If you’re a musician yourself - and especially if you’re into Jazz or Country music - why not ask if you can play a set or two? No doubt you’ll receive more than a couple compliments from patrons and employees alike (that is, if your fingers know their stuff). Even if you’re not musically inclined, the Fairfax Coffee Roastery is a hub where young and old alike gather, and is the perfect place to mingle.

Still on the topic of great food, the town of Fairfax also has a weekly produce market. It is open every Wednesday, on 124 Bolinas Avenue. The Fairfax Community Farmers' Market is an impressive, bustling market, filled with fresh produce, crafts, and a whole lot of fun. Live music, a forest of redwood trees, and a setting that couldn’t be more idyllic, make up this special local market. A must when visiting: Be engaging! Haggle with some of the merchants, ask the vendors about their craft, or ask someone in the crowd about their favourite stalls.

There is no shortage of unique vendor stalls. Some examples would be the Artopia stall, which features some awesome fine art pieces from local artists, and the Empanadas de Mendoza stall, which sells baked empanadas, churros, and an absolutely delicious homemade dulce de leche; this is a caramel-like confection prepared by heating sweetened milk. What better way to make an impression than by offering one of these as a thank you to someone for showing you around?

If you’re interested in some peculiarities, especially the kind only found in a history museum, a trip to the Marin Museum of Bicycling is a must. Located on 1966 Sir Francis Drake Boulevard, the museum displays some key examples from the 19th century Golden Age of Cycling, as well as a thoroughly detailed Mountain Bike Hall of Fame collection; showing the birth and evolution of the mountain bike. They feature many more bicycles besides: road, track racing, touring, and everyday transportation.

If you’re a cyclist yourself (or you just have a passion for the past) it’s interesting to note that Fairfax sits at the foot of Mount Tamalpais, a place widely regarded as the birthplace of mountain biking. It is still one of the most popular bicycling regions in the United States. The town of Fairfax is the jumping-off point for road and mountain bike rides. Thousands of bicycle tourists, from around the world stream, through Fairfax, as the town is on the official Pacific Coast bike route. What this means for you, is you’re more than likely to stumble into someone who shares your interest. Just be sure to only approach other riders, once they have safely pulled off to the side of the path. Distracting people while they are in motion can cause a safety hazard. Ask them about their favorite routes, preferred bike, track-time, or anything else you can think of.

Whether you’re interested in meeting women from a cozy little town, you enjoy wildlife and the outdoors, or spending the day haggling with street-merchants, Fairfax offers all of the above! No doubt you’ll meet some like-minded (and friendly!) women along the way.