The Best Places to Meet Single Women in Detroit, Michigan


Detroit is one of the largest and most densely-populated cities in Michigan. This Midwestern city was built on the automotive industry. The vast majority of residents are African-American, making up over eighty-percent of Detroit's population. There are also small populations of Caucasian and Asian-American residents. The median age of residents is thirty-five, making this is a fairly young city which has many single men and women in their thirties. Some of the largest religious groups of the area are Roman Catholics, Muslims, and Buddhists. If you live in this historic and hard-working city, there are lots of places that you could visit to try and meet other single women and immerse yourself in the dating scene.

Many people think of bars or clubs when they think about where to meet romantic interests, but this tactic will only expose you to a small segment of the population. Not everyone enjoys that atmosphere. Instead, set out with the strategy to not only meet single women, but to get more involved in your community overall. When you have a large network or friends and acquaintances, you'll gain introductions to more potential love interests and you'll be invited to more events. Plus, being involved in your community is a great way to keep busy and have fun while you're still single.

One way to get out in the Detroit community is to volunteer with the city's 'Adopt a Park' program. When you do this, you'll be working with a group of other volunteers to clean up Detroit parks. If you have a green thumb, you may even be asked to assist with the landscaping or cutting the grass. You'll get lots of socialization out in the community and you'll get fresh air and exercise. You'll want to be toned and look your best when you meet the love of your life. Working outside will keep you fit and put a healthy and attractive glow in your cheeks.

Another way to get fresh air and exercise is to go for a run or a bike ride along Dequindre Cut. This is a popular running and biking path, where you're likely to meet lots of other people who live in your neighborhood. Just be yourself and be friendly!

History buffs could look for love down at the Detroit Historical Museum. This museum has lots of exhibits, both permanent and temporary. They also host lots of different events where you could meet women who share your interests. They have movie nights, lecture series, and special holiday events, such as their annual Thanksgiving Parade. You can view the parade from the top floor of the museum, looking out the windows, or you can stand just in front of the museum, and watch the parade pass by from there.

Another great annual event you might check out is the Detroit Jazz Festival. This is a huge event held every Labor Day Weekend. There are lots of live performances to choose from. To become even more involved in the festival, you could sign up to be a festival volunteer. This will give you lots of chances to make new friends, as you provide information to the other guests in attendance.

For an outdoor activity that is open year-round, you can visit the Eastern Market. Here you can pick up some supplies for cooking and also mingle with others in your community (many of whom are likely to be single and hoping to start dating!) This market doesn't just have food, they also have crafts, home goods, clothing, and more. There is more than enough to hold your attention, as you meander through the bustling crowds.

If you enjoy reading, you could check out the Detroit Public Library. You could spend your afternoon down at this beautiful old building. Find a quiet corner and peruse some books. Just be sure to greet other book lovers nearby including attractive women poring over books or spending an afternoon leisurely reading a book of fiction. This library hosts many events, such as community yoga classes. You could also look through some of their special collections, like their rare books or The National Automotive History Collection.

Then again, you could always give the bar scene a try after all. Bookworms and History buffs like to have a drink and cut loose too. You might just meet someone who is perfectly compatible with you over a round of drinks. If whiskey is your drink of choice, make sure you head downtown and check out The Whiskey Parlor. They have a huge selection of top shelf whiskey. You can try a variety of different brands and flavors. If you head down on a Thursday or Saturday, you could see a live show of jazz or blues music. You're sure to meet all kinds of classy and adventurous women if you frequent this relaxed venue.

For something with a bit more a dive feel, you could spend the evening down at Tom's Tavern. This place isn't much to look at from the outside. It's run down and small, but it's been a fixture in the city of Detroit for years.

Then there's also the sports pub Nemo's. You can grab a beer and watch the game, or you can take a Nemo bus shuttle right to the stadium. They don't want to see their patrons traveling unsafely, so they provide transportation to all of the major games in Detroit. You could make a whole afternoon of it. Go grab some food and a loosen up with some beers, then take a ride over to the game.

Some of the sports teams in the city include The Detroit Tigers and The Detroit Pistons and the Detroit Lions. Whether you enjoy baseball, football, basketball, or hockey, there are plenty of professional and college teams in the area. Sporting events are always great places to socialize, because people are feeling laid back and they're usually in the mood to have some fun. To start up a conversation, you can talk about the game or bring up the stats of your favorite player. At sporting events a lot of women tag along with male friends but have little interest in the sport. You could chat up some such woman when stepping out to buy a hotdog.