The Best Places to Meet Women in Madison, Wisconsin


Madison is the capital of Wisconsin. It played a large role in the Civil War, serving as a base for the Union army. Today, Madison is a lively college town, filled with bodies of water. It is sometimes called 'The City of Four Lakes', being home to Lake Kegonsa, Lake Waubesa, Lake Monana, and Lake Mendota. Madison is a diverse city, with all kinds of different people living here. The population is a mix of Caucasian, African-American, Native American, and Hispanic residents, among other groups. The largest religious denominations of the city are Roman Catholics and Christian Protestants, but there are also significant populations of Buddhist, Hindu, and Muslim residents.

One way to get started meeting other local singles is to get out and enjoy one of the four lakes that this city is known for. In the spring and summer months, you could go for a swim, or talk a walk around the waters, enjoying the scenery and interacting with women you happen upon. During the winter months you could take part in one of the outdoor winter activities popular in this city, such as ice skating or ice fishing. The latter is an especially great way to talk to women, as fishing often involves long stretches of time sitting and waiting. This will give you plenty of opportunity to stir up conversation with any of the other people fishing the same section of ice including women. If you’re good at fishing you can help them catch a good trout and maybe go back home and cook it together!

Then again, you might want to meet new people in an indoor setting. If you enjoy history or learning, you could spend some time at The Wisconsin Historical Museum. Here, you can learn all about the early history and settlement of Wisconsin. They have exhibits on the fur trade, immigration, the evolution of Wisconsin politics, the settlement of the Wisconsin frontier, and much more. You could learn about the history of your home state, feel some Wisconsin pride, and hopefully start a Wisconsin courtship at the same time. If you really enjoy this museum, and want to give yourself even more opportunities to meet new, interesting women, you could sign up to become a museum volunteer.

Anyone who loves music should be sure to attend a concert of The Wisconsin Chamber Orchestra. You could attend one of their performances of classical music, or they also play many special events, such as a holiday concert series in December. During the summer months, you can catch one of their performances for free. They have a six concert series called Concerts on the Square. You can sit out of the lawn of the town square and listen to some beautiful instrumental music. These events always bring large crowds, so there will be lots of women around you that you might strike up a flirtation with.

Another busy community event is the Dane County Farmers Market. It takes place from April to November on Saturday mornings at the city's Capital Square. During the winter months, the market is moved to an indoor venue. This is one of the largest farmers markets in the country, and there are hundreds of vendors, selling all kinds of wares. Walking through the crowds and seeing all of the different booths and goods for sale is sure to be an enjoyable way to spend a Saturday morning. If you play your cards right, you may even be able to secure a date with an enchanting single woman for the evening hours.

Foodies will surely want to grab tickets to the annual Isthmus Food Cart Festival, usually held in the month of May. Here, you can buy a pint or two of craft beer and grab some grub from a wide variety of local vendors. Everyone likes to eat, so there is sure to be all kinds of women, with all sorts of interests, in attendance.

Another annual event, where you might meet new people is the Isthmus Beer and Cheese Festival, usually held in the month of January. This event is very similar to the former mentioned. There is beer, munchies, and, very likely, lots of local single women to talk to.

For another vibrant and laid-back setting, you could set out to forge new connections at one of Madison's many bars. Dexter's Pub is one busy sports bar you could check out. Here, you can hang out for a while, watch the game on of their television sets, and buy a drink for an attractive woman who has caught your eye. Another popular venue is Lucky's Brew Pub. This is a large bar, with an open and inviting interior. They serve craft beer and variety of delicious cocktails. They also have a menu full of classic pub food, homemade soups, and much more. You could go to hang out and try your luck befriending women. You might also attend one of their trivia nights, as a way to meet new women. They often have live music playing, so the setting is full of fun and excitement.

Try joining a gym class. That’s one way of meeting women who like to look after themselves. Pinnacle Health and Fitness is one place you could try. You could go and work out on your own, using their selection of equipment, and starting conversations with women working out nearby. You could also sign up for group training. This is a lot like having a personal trainer, except that the trainer will be working with a small group, instead of working with you individually. This will give you the opportunity to meet other gym rats in a more intimate setting. You could also sign up for power yoga or cycling class.

If you find that you really enjoy yoga, you could meet other yogis by attending a class at Dragonfly Hot Yoga. They have all kinds of classes, catering to all levels and styles of yoga practice. These include Chakra Yoga, Slow Flow Yoga, Power Up Yoga, and Yin and Meditation.

Some of the other popular studios in the area include Inner Fire Yoga and The Studio. Be friendly and don't forget to say 'namaste' to some of the other locals around you.