The Best Places to Meet Women in Savannah, Georgia


Savannah is a Southern city with lots of charm and history. This city was first settled by Europeans in the 1700s. Prior to that, there were significant populations of Native Americans living in the area. This city played a large role in both the American Revolutionary War and the Civil War. Today, it is a fairly young city, with the median age of residents being thirty-one, which is lower than both the state and national average. The largest religion in the city is Catholicism, making up a whopping eighty-seven percent of residents, but there also moderately-sized groups of Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim residents. This is the city if you’re looking to meet Christian single women looking for dating opportunities!

If you live in this landmark city, and you're hoping to get out in your community and meet other local singles to date, you could start by visiting the Telfair Museum of Art. The building itself is a piece of history. It is an old Southern mansion, built in the early 1800s, and constructed in the Regency style. This makes the Telfair museum a prime destination for art lovers, as well as for those with an interest in design and architecture. You may go to view the beautifully-preserved interior of the home, taking in the furnishings and decor elements, or you might decide to look through all of the paintings and pieces of artwork housed within.

Another museum worth checking out, and one that will surely appeal to those with an interest in history, is The American Prohibition Museum. This is very specialized history museum, dedicated exclusively to the history of the roaring twenties and the prohibition era. Here, you can learn all about the events leading up to prohibition, the social norms of the time, and the rise of speakeasies and the underground sale of banned alcoholic products. You can even learn how to make your own bathtub gin.

If you're more a theatre nerd, you could head down to the Savannah Theatre, as a way to meet potential love matches with similar interests. There are lots of live performances that take place here. The theatre itself is a sight to behold. The historic building was constructed in year 1818, and it has been marvelously preserved. You can see productions of Broadway shows such a 'Mamma Mia', comedians, concerts, plays, and many other types of shows.

In the month of March, be sure to make time to attend one of Savannah's most popular holiday events; The Tara Feis Irish Festival. This a great choice for anyone of Irish heritage, or anyone who enjoys learning about other cultures and likes a fun and festive atmosphere. The event includes lots of traditional Irish music and Irish Step dancing. There is also food available from local vendors.

Another outdoor activity, that's sure to draw out lots of people who live in your community including single women, is The Forsyth Farmers' Market. The market is held in Forsyth Park, Saturday mornings from nine in the morning until one in the afternoon. Here, you can buy fresh produce and ingredients for dinner, all while you chat with neighbors and befriend womenW

You could also take a walk through Savannah's City Market. This isn't a temporary market, but a permanent part of Savannah's downtown area. It is a large courtyard, located between two popular squares. It is one of the most popular areas to congregate in the city. It is filled with small, local shops, and in the evenings there are often live music performances by local artists. This is a great place to spend the day just walking around and enjoying yourself. You could take a stroll, do some window shopping, grab a bite to eat, or just find a place to hang out and enjoy the sunshine. Be friendly and engage with others that you come across.  You could chat up an attractive woman by asking for advice about buying something and this could lead further.

Then again, you could always stick with the tried and true method of meeting other local singles via bar-hopping. One popular place to hang out is The Wormhole Neighborhood Pub and Music Venue. This is a good spot to grab a drink or take in a show. They have lots of local musical talent on their schedule, and often have comedians perform as well.

For something a bit cozier and more intimate, you might head down to Goose Feathers Cafe. You could go in the afternoon to relax with a book and a warm cup of coffee, or you could show up earlier in the day to sample their renowned breakfast menu. If you like to sleep late, they do serve breakfast all day long. They also have a lunch menu of sandwiches, homemade soup, and more.

Then there is the Savannah Music Festival. This annual event is always packed with people. It usually takes place from the end of March through the beginning of April and lasts for about two weeks. There are musical performers from all over the state of Georgia, and some coming from even farther away. To become even more involved with the festival, you might consider signing up to be a volunteer. This will give you even more opportunities to meet new people including single women looking for dates.

Another way to forge new connections is to join a gym or take part in some group fitness activities. One popular venue to do this is World of Fitness, located over on Victory Drive. You could go just to work out, and get to know some of the other patrons using machinery around you, or you could sign up for a class. This gym offers classes for cadio workouts, zumba, and much more. They even have a ballroom dancing class. That could be a great place to meet potential romantic prospects, as of course ballroom dancing requires everyone to pair up. You’ll be able to dance with an attractive woman within a day of meeting her. This greatly increases the probability of getting a date.

There is also Savannah Yoga. Yoga is a great way to improve focus and concentration, all while building endurance and lowering stress levels. Signing up for a group yoga class will give you the opportunity to meet lots of other wellness-minded local single women. Wear a smile and don't be afraid to say 'Namaste!' to a fellow yogi or two.