Billionaire Dating - 10 Single Billionaires Women Want to Date


If you are looking for love and some hard cash, perhaps you are in luck. This year there are more than seventy single moneybags on Forbes list of World Billionaires and over sixty percent of them are in the United States. While a few among the available billionaires are women like media queen Oprah Winfrey, a comfortable majority among them are men who are either perennial bachelors or divorced and looking for another chance at love. So here is a list of Ten Top Single Billionaires that Women Would Love to Date.$MM-DATING3-OPTIN$

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  1. The richest single man on the planet today is New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. Starting off as a trader with Salomon Brothers, Bloomberg made his pile with his financial news and data service Bloomberg LP. Now at 67 years, he is worth at least $16 billion. Divorced since 1993, Bloomberg is a philanthropist at heart and has donated nearly $800 million to various causes in the past five years.
  2. One of the richest eligible bachelors among Royalty is Albert von Thurn und Taxis of the German royal family - worth $2.6 billion and is a regular on the most elite of European social scenes. And when not socializing, this 25 year-old royal can be found speeding on the European auto-racing circuit. But best of all, he lives in a real Bavarian castle, the Schloss Emmeram, and is at present the youngest billionaire in the world.

  3. The wealthiest single man in South America is Brazilian Eike Batista. This 52-year old mining tycoon is worth $7.5 billion and is one of those rare tycoons who has actually made more money in these times of recession. A former offshore power-boat racing champion, Batista will endear himself to women who like bad boys. He has been married to a Playboy cover model and was recently questioned by the Brazilian police in connection with smuggling. However Batista denied all charges and emerged unharmed.
  4. New York billionaire Nicholas Berggruen is a 47 year old globe-trotting tycoon who grew up all over the European continent, in France and Switzerland, till he arrived in the US to study business in New York University. Berggruen made his money by investing in hedge funds, private equity, real estate and art and today his fortune stands at $1.8 billion. A confirmed bachelor, Berggruen lives exclusively in hotels.
  5. In close running are the tech gurus of the West Coast. While Sergey Brin and Larry Page dropped out of the singles list two years back, Andreas von Bechtolsheim continues to remain unmarried. The 54-year old was one of the earliest investors in Google and co-founded Sun Microsystems and today his worth is $1.6 billion. He lives in Palo Alto, California but is eccentric enough to maintain a small apartment.
  6. Technology’s newest golden boy Mark Zuckerberg is one of the youngest billionaires on earth. The founder of popular social networking site Facebook and its current CEO is just 25 years of age, but is already worth $2 billion according to Forbes 2009 list. The good news is that he is still a bachelor but according to media reports he has been dating Asian beauty Priscilla Chan for some time now. In fact according to author Sarah Lacy, Zuckerberg and Chan have already thrashed out a contract that covers several aspects of their relationship, including how much time Zuckerberg will be able to spare his girlfriend.
  7. The owner of NBA team Houston Rockets Leslie Alexander is yet another tycoon who net worth is around $1 billion. He made his money as a stock broker and then founded his own investment company the Alexander Group. 65 year-old Alexander is divorced and is an ardent PETA activist and is thus an ideal choice for women who are committed to animal rights.
  8. Yet another single American business tycoon is Ronald Wayne Burkle. The 56 year-old Burkle made his pile from supermarkets and investment and last year his net worth was $3.5 billon. Despite being involved in a few scandals, he is an avid political fun-raiser and has been tagged as Billionaire Party Boy. Burkle is divorced and lives in Los Angeles.
  9. An attractive combination of Asian exoticism and global wealth is what Joseph Lau represents. This 57 year old Hong Kong billionaire is reputed for his fascination for the finer things in life and with a net worth of $4 billion he sure can afford it. Two years back, Lau bought Paul Gauguin’s painting “Te Poi poi” for an astounding sum of $39 million. To top it all, he owns three private jets and is thought to have 10,000 bottles of the world’s best red wine in his private cellar. Divorced and a father of three children, Lau is proud of his self-made fortune which he built up from real estate.
  10. As far as family businesses go, David Thomson heads his family holdings which were pegged at $22 billion in 2007 by Forbes. 51 year-old David is a Canadian citizen in lives in Toronto. He has been married twice and according to media reports was last dating television actress and producer Kelly Rowan. He is an avid art collector, a passion which runs in his family. Thomson is, in fact, reported to own the largest collection of John Constable’s paintings and will make the perfect date for women interested in fine arts.

Women dream of dating billionaires because of the good life they can enjoy in the company of the rich men. Single male billionaires hail from diverse backgrounds - some having inherited their wealth while others making it all on their own. They also differ in the way they handle the publicity, some reveling in the limelight while others preferring to keep their personal lives private. However where they meet is in their ambition, hard work and the ability to turn challenges into triumphs and these will always be attractive to women along with the greenbacks that they own.