Single Gay Millionaires in USA - Dating a Single Gay Millionaire in USA


It's no secret that gay men are very aware of their personal style and that they love to shop. If you break the mold and go against the stereotype (I see it as a positive stereotype; gay men take pride in their appearance where many straight men seem to be apathetic towards it)  then great but if not then there's one type of man who's the best to date: the millionaire. The number of gay men who have had enormous financial success in the United States has been steadily growing and these days there is no shortage at all. So if you're a gay guy looking to get in on the money grubbing dating strategies that women have been using for decades, here are a few good ideas.

TIP: Browse profiles of single gay men in your city looking for activity partners and dates.

The city of choice when hunting down the gay millionaire is San Francisco. While other cities, such as Chicago, IL and Wilton Manors, FL may technically have a higher percentage of homosexuals per capita, San Francisco has a high percentage of homosexuals and is in a very liberal state with many high profile individuals who have managed to accumulate a great deal of wealth. The beaches in San Francisco also offer up a great environment to show yourself off and hopefully be seen by the right people (those who own the boats). The networking opportunities are abundant in this city, as you will easily find yourself meeting dozens of other gay men at will. The more you know, the richer the richest of them are. Ultimately, San Francisco is clearly the place to live for a man in search of a rich gay lover. Hollywood and other parts of Los Angeles are also good choices.  

A good place to look when seeking out wealthy homosexuals is the fashion industry. This is one industry that straight men can't get a strangle hold on because often times their grasp on fashion is just leagues below that of women and gay men. Go to fashion shows and festivals, mingle with whoever you can, and make yourself visible (obviously while wearing only the very best of your wardrobe). You may be lucky enough to meet an established fashion designer but even if you can't you're still quite likely to find aspiring fashion designers with talent, and these men have the potential to be very wealthy and very soon. Arrive at these sorts of events early and wait until long after they've finished to leave in order to maximize your chances of meeting the right people.

Live theater (Broadway being the marquee example but there are very classy productions held at nice venues throughout the country) appeals to many sophisticated gay men. The grandiose nature of live theater shows sort of has a way of drawing them in, along with the fact that there's little discrimination against homosexuality in the industry and it's just a pleasant place to be. If you enjoy theater yourself then there's really no reason not to attend some shows anyway. If you don't enjoy theater then just suck it up and endure the boredom; the men you are looking for can often be found here. Your target audience member is one in a suit and tie with a refined sort of feminism to him. There's a wide variety of people who enjoy theater so it can at times be difficult to differentiate between the rich gay men and the rich straight men in this sort of environment, which is why you need to start conversations and allow your natural intuition (your “gaydar”) to go to work. Before shows, after shows, and during intermissions approach those who intrigue you and spark conversations about theater. This may require you to do a bit of research beforehand; you don't want to go into a conversation with a theater enthusiast and immediately be outed as a casual theater visitor or someone who's not fan at all, so make sure to know your stuff. Many performers of live theater are gay as well, so it might be beneficial to hang around after the show and try to meet a few. They won't be tremendously wealthy in all likelihood (save maybe those in Broadway and other very high end productions) but they will have some money and stability.  

Many gay men who have risen to great success (with the exception of those in the fashion industry, which doesn't seem to discriminate) have had to tone down their flamboyancy at points in their careers in order to appeal to more traditional hierarchies of business. Whether or not they've had to actually hide their orientation, (sometimes the case) chances are they've developed an understanding of and appreciation for their more masculine side (maybe paired with some resentment, but money has a way of tipping the scales in favor of the appreciation). As such, when first meeting a wealthy gay man it's probably best to show some of your business persona as opposed to going all out feminine. Most gay men are well in tune with their femininity and obviously gay men are gay so it's not like you'll have to pretend to be Chuck Norris or something, but everyone (gay, straight or purple) likes a partner who they can relate to.  

The sugar daddy has been a staple of the dating world for centuries, and will remain so for centuries to come. And now more than ever (with the increased acceptance of homosexuality in society and in the workplace) gay men have the means to get in on the action. Money as a substitute for love is a concept that works better for some men than others though, so before you dive into the millionaire's world you should evaluate yourself and your desires, and you should always stay true to what you want out of life.