How to Meet Rich Men in District Columbia, USA


Informally known as Washington D.C or simply D.C, the District of Columbia is the official name of the capital city of United States. This is because the United States Constitution especially provides for the national capital to be a federally-ruled city and not part of any state. Little wonder then DC is the hub of power brokers, influential politicians as well as rich businessmen. So if you would to date men who are both successful as well as powerful, here is the place to get going.

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Look into the corridors of power

As the national capital, numerous federal government organizations and services are headquartered in DC. In 2008, the federal government accounted for around 27% of all the jobs in the city according to statistics provided by the District of Columbia Department of Employment Services 1. While people working for the government may not have the million dollar bonuses that the Wall Street financiers are used to, the lavish lifestyle and the socio-political influence that many in the corridors of power enjoy make them ideal dating material. Moreover most of these jobs are proof against fluctuating financial conditions since the work of the government goes on all the time. So while top businessmen and money managers may feel the squeeze at times of recession, the powerful government officials continue to lead the life they are used to. The best places to meet the power-brokers of the city would be pubs, bars, coffee-shops and other hang-outs in and around the Capitol Hill.

Real estate moguls

Yet another profession that seems unlikely to fall out of favor in DC anytime soon is the real estate business. The city became the leader in foreign real estate investment in 2009, ahead of both London and New York City, in a survey of the top 200 global development companies, according to figures provided in a Forbes report 2. Washington D.C in fact has the biggest downtown area after New York City and Chicago in terms of commercial space. So watch out for single men working for the major firms in the real estate sector of the city and you know that they are poised for a successful career ahead. If you are unable to meet them in a bar or a pub, try to get a job in a real estate office or company where you will have higher chances of coming across them.

Upscale hang-outs

A good way of meeting single rich men is to frequent exclusive pubs and restaurants where they entertain their guests or treat themselves to something special. Some of the best known fine dining destinations in D.C are Citronelle led by Michel Richard and Sequoia while others are Fogo de Chao, Chima Brazilian, Jaleo, Mon Ami Gabi, Tabard Inn, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, Restaurant Eve, 1789 and Café Atlántico. And even if you cannot afford a full five course meal at these expensive addresses, settle for a dessert or choose a couple of their entrees and look out for a well-dressed guest who would be happy to have your company. However if you are looking for watering holes where the rich and single go to have a good time, you can choose from wine bars, cocktail lounges and even rooftop bars many of which are located along the H Street in Northeast DC or in the Columbia Heights area. Gone are the days when D.C was considered to be a hub of men in ambitious suits. These days, the hip and the successful have ample places to party and have a happening nightlife.

Affluent neighborhoods

One of the surest ways to bump into single and successful men is to live where they do. In D.C this would most definitely be Georgetown located in the northwest quadrant of the city and along the Potomac River. Apart from having some of the most expensive residential areas and embassies of several foreign countries, Georgetown boasts of exclusive pubs, restaurants and shopping arcades. Other wealthy neighborhoods where you could try your luck are Bethesda and Potomac in Maryland and also Great Falls, Chevy Chase or Maclean in Virginia. And if you cannot even afford a pad in these localities, there are still other ways to turn yourself a familiar face in the neighborhood. Look for upscale gyms where you can work out few times a week and get to know the rich locals. Alternatively frequent specialty grocery stores or organic food sections in places like Great Stores or Harry Teeter’s. Wine and cheese sections in gourmet stores are yet another effective way of coming across guys who can afford the good things in life.

Get a job

If you have scoured upscale restaurants and lounges for rich dates but been unable to find any, perhaps it is time to take the search where they spend most of their waking hours – their workplace. Try to get a job or even a trainee position in real estate firms, lawyers’ offices or well-known non-profits. This way you will be thrown with the top guns more frequently than by waiting with a drink at the bar. You could also make use of any skill that you posses for instance working with a rich client as an au pair, personal trainer or giving him tennis/golf lessons. Alternatively you could get a job at an exclusive recreational place like a golf club or a spa where wealthy patrons meet to discuss politics and business while teeing off or a drink at the bar.

Attend social events

Yet another way you could rub shoulders with the rich is to attend social and cultural events where the elite of the city are invited. Look up local newspapers and listings for charity galas, fund raising dinners, national holidays and Thanksgiving or Christmas parties in D.C. Try to wrangle an invitation to any of these dos and if you cannot, tag along as a guest with someone who is invited. You will not only get to meet the movers and shakers of your city but if lucky, you could also go home with a phone number or two.