When you Want a Rich Husband But you Only Meet Unemployed Men


Among the innumerable reasons why women are keen to marry, money and love figure as the most common. While some may wish to take a fulfilling romance to the next logical step, others may be looking for a guy who would give them a life of comfort. And yet finding a rich husband is no easy task – it could take months of researching, meeting and dating for you to chance upon a guy who is single, rich and wishes to settle down with you. If in the meantime you find yourself coming across only unemployed men, here are some tips you can take note of.

Look for potential, not success

One of the main reasons why finding a rich man to marry may seem so difficult is that all the wealthy, singles ones are taken. If they are not married or in a relationship, they are surrounded by other women eager to try their luck. A single and successful man is likely to have several female admirers, each of whom will be special in some way. There may be models with hour-glass figures, smart professionals earning six-figure salaries themselves or else rich heiresses with high political and social connections, all vying for the attentions of the guy in question. It makes little sense to step into such a competitive arena – rather you will stand a better chance if you look for guys who have the potential for success. Such a guy may be still working nights at medical school or has just started a business but will have fewer women competing for his company which might present to you a valuable opportunity to work your charms. And then later on, when your man proves his worth, you can take comfort in the fact that you were among the first to recognize and appreciate his potential.

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Moreover a man who is still working his way to success is likely to be far younger than those who have already established their credentials. Unless one is a rich heir, it may take years for someone to reach a level of professional success where he is the toast of the town. And most often the years spent on slogging to the top are the best years of one’s youth – the best time to be in love. So if you take as your partner someone who has the potential for success but hasn’t yet tasted it, you can have the pleasures of marrying a younger man while knowing that when success comes, you will be right beside him to enjoy it.

Talents endure, money does not

A career based merely on juggling money – like that of hedge fund managers, stock brokers and investment consultants – may bring in staggering paychecks, bonuses and commissions, not to mention the lifestyle perks that they are used to but their scope for losing it all is also greater. So if you are trying to catch a finance professional for a husband but find him elusive, take heart in the fact that talents last longer. While today the Wall Street whiz kid may be playing with accounts worth billions, tomorrow a stock exchange crash at some corner of the world may send his assets crashing down like a house of cards. In contrast people who base their career on talents like arts, music, sports or other entrepreneurial skills like cooking or landscaping or professional skills like teaching and healthcare are much more likely to enjoy financial stability. Not only no one can take their skills away from them  but they are only likely to grow more experienced, competent and hence more successful as time passes. Thus if you have been unsuccessful in catching the eye of a wealthy banker, financier or industrialist, expand your search for people who have made successful careers out of their talents or inherent skills.


Professions as opposed to businesses

If you are tired of coming across self-described entrepreneurs and ‘investment consultants’ only to find that they are actually unemployed, it may be a good idea to include more professionals in your search for a husband. While doctors, surgeons, bankers and corporate executives are the most successful of the lot, don’t discount other professionals who also command a comfortable lifestyle. Academicians, researchers, scientists and engineers might not have very glamorous job descriptions  or even be able to afford a flashy lifestyle, but usually they have the stability of a monthly paycheck. Best of all, you can always cross-check from the institution or organization concerned as to whether he is actually on their payroll and how much he takes home at the end of the day.

How to spot the unemployed ones

Now that you know what other guys you can look for - apart from the really rich ones - when seeking a husband, it is also important to be able to spot the genuine candidates from the financially shady ones. Instead of just asking “What is your occupation or what do you do for a living,” ask something a little different like “So what takes up most of your time?”  When they tell you that they work, ask ‘How’?  Another good question is to ask about the guy’s goals for the near future or five years from now.  If he mentions an industry he works in on his profile, ask his how does he like what he is doing?  What is the most challenging project he has worked on?  What kind of people does he work for or work with?  Questions like these at least can establish some answers as to whether he is doing something productive every day.

Most of the times, proceed with caution in case of guys who describe themselves as financial consultants, promoters, partners in a business or professional bloggers. Such job descriptions are easy to fake and even when a guy is actually a real estate agent or a professional blogger, he may have little in the bank account. Yet another dicey job description is ‘I’m a licensed massage therapist” or a ‘licensed yoga trainer’. A guy may have all sorts of licenses and certifications but what matters is how much he is earning at the end of the day – and this is what you need to find out before being impressed enough to agree to marry.

Yet another way to steer clear of the unemployed ones is to watch out for ‘If…then’ statements. These are usually made by individuals looking for someone to bankroll or emotionally support one of their ideas. The ‘If’ is usually some circumstance they believe is out of their control that if satisfied would guarantee a successful outcome. “If only the economy was better, then I could . . . . “  Or “If only I could go to school and get my culinary degree, then I could do . . .” . Any guy worth marrying, no matter how successful he appears - should have a clear plan of action, a timeline for accomplishments and a
drive or willingness to do it on his own.

All that glitters

Even when you land yourself a guy supposedly wealthy enough to keep you in comfort, consider if he is actually rich or just addicted to a high consumption lifestyle. In today’s credit-driven economy, it is not really difficult to wear Armani suits and drive a BMW. You can dine at all the finest restaurants and have your wine ordered from the most distinguished vineyards from France. But unless you have assets which are increasing your net worth all the time, you cannot truly claim to be rich. Conversely, many men who seem to lead a frugal lifestyle, staying away from the glitz of lifestyle events and the glamour of the cocktail circuits are in fact millionaires who are quietly working on multiplying their wealth. So do a bit of background checking to see that your Rolex-flashing fiancé has actually enough funds stashed away in his bank accounts and is not living his ostentatious lifestyle on credit.