Why Millionaire Men Often Want their Wives to be Homemakers


Division of labor long existed before the rise of industrial economy. It was in fact how patriarchy took root in the earliest times – by dividing the responsibilities of a couple where the man would bring means of sustenance while the woman would look after the home and family. Despite the fact that this arrangement eventually led to widespread economic and cultural inequality between the genders, even now men with ample resources prefer their partners to fulfill the traditional role of women. Here are some more thoughts on why millionaire men often want their wives to be homemakers.

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Practical advantages

As mentioned above, the differences in gender roles emerged from certain practical advantages that the division of labor brought at the dawn of human society. Since the female partner was busy rearing kids, the male partner took on the job of gathering resources essential for survival. While the underlying inequality of the system would unfurl over centuries, over time this system became almost universal since it left each half of the pair free to focus on certain roles without the necessity of earning a livelihood and bringing up kids – a predicament which many single parents in the world are coping with. In fact according to proponents of traditional gender roles, this division of labor is actually more beneficial for financial prosperity since it leaves the man unburdened with family obligations and thus free to work to his full economic potential. This is the same logic underlined by millionaires of today who are looking for home-makers as their wives. They reason that if both partners are professionals, the home and family are sure to be neglected – a condition that is simply not worth the extra money that their wives might bring from their professions. Since with millionaires, resources are not a problem and they do not need an extra earning member, they are interested in having partners who can look after the home and family, so that every aspect of their lives are well taken care of.


To carry out social duties

In most cases, millionaires have a philanthropic side as well – rich entrepreneurs, heirs and politicians are often conscious about giving back to the community which is why they are often associated with non-profits and charities. However their business or professional commitments are unlikely to leave them with enough time or scope to look into these philanthropic activities which then their wives being home-makers, take over. And even though a millionaire wife may be unequipped to deal with the legal and day-to-day issues of running charities, she provides a public face to her husband’s community initiatives which looks so much better on magazines as compared to a secretary or manager maybe inaugurating the new block at the children’s hospital.

To avoid ego clashes

And yet running a well-oiled household does not require the 24/7 presence of a partner – chores can be performed by hired help, occasional domestic emergencies can be managed over phone and older kids are anyway at school for the greater part of the day. This really should leave the female partner free to pursue her own profession – in fact it is easier for the wife of a millionaire to focus more effectively on her job or business since she can fall back upon a battery of staff as compared to a blue-collared couple who cannot afford hired help and thus must share all the responsibilities of running a house, bringing up kids as well as working day jobs. So more than division of labor, the reason why millionaires prefer home-makers as wives is probably because they would like to avoid any chances of ego clashes at home. When both partners are involved in high-pressure jobs, some amount of stress is sure to be brought home as well. Despite the urgings of lifestyle coaches, it is not always easy to separate private and professional lives and the impact of pressing meetings, presentations and deadlines are sure to be felt on the relationship of the couple. And some of the most common traits of this are ego clashes regarding family and social commitments. Since both are high-flying professionals and entrepreneurs in their own right, questions about who is going to give personal attention to the kids or supervise arrangements for the forthcoming dinner party are likely to get hackles raised, with neither partner willing to back down. In order to avoid such a scenario, highly successful men often feel it is better to marry women with whom there is no possibility of clashing egos or professional commitments.

Traditional mind-set

Sometimes though it is just a matter of mind-set. Men who are high net worth individuals are most likely to come from social and cultural backgrounds which uphold certain attitudes to family and marriage. Research carried out by the magazine $25 Million Plus Investor 2012, shows that the current millionaire mindset to marriage and family life was largely traditional. Among millionaires with a net worth of over $25 million studied by New Millionaire Corner research team, spouses were most likely to be homemakers at 20 percent while a far lesser number were likely to be entrepreneurs and business owners at 13 percent1.

Finally millionaires looking for home-makers as wives can simply be a matter of comfort. At the end of it all, what they are looking for is a partner who is sure to be home when they come back after a ruthless day at the stock exchange or legal office, someone other than a hired butler or housekeeper who will take off their coats and ask how their day was. Unconditional love and support is ultimately what everyone is looking for in personal life and for millionaires will lots of money to spare, this is perhaps the easiest way to assure themselves of getting it.


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