How to Meet and Date Rich Arab Men


The image of wealthy Arabs has become a byword in popular culture for generous spending and lavish lifestyle. Add to this the exotic appeal of their culture and a rich Arab may be just the kind of partner you have been looking for. Here are then a few pointers on how to meet and date wealthy Arab men who can help you live the good life.

Be seen at the right places

The endless upscale recreational options of the West attract hordes of young and rich Arabs looking for ways to live it up away from their homeland. For instance luxury hookah lounges are a great place to come upon rich Arab heirs with enough money to burn up in smoke. Upscale bars, happening nightclubs and luxury spas are other places where you can find wealthy Arabs having a good time. And yet not all Arab billionaires are merely looking for fun in the West. Political fundraisers, especially for conflicted Arab places like Palestine and Lebanon usually draw wealthy Arabs who wish to make a difference. Making a donation is a sure way to impress a potential date but avoid putting on a show. Instead act shy even as you ensure everyone sees that you tried to give discreetly. while you are likely to meet politically aware rich Arabs here, don’t go overboard with your political affinities and start sharing various conspiracy theories - people attending such events are open minded but not stupid. Likewise you can attend a highbrow photography exhibition which showcases life in the Arabian cultures or an Arab Film Festival to meet single Arabs who have both the time and resources to patronize cultural productions.

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Tap into your social network

Use your social connections to get on the inside of the Arab community in your town or city. Try and make friends where they are connected with wealthy Arabs like maybe through business or religious affiliations. Alternately sign up for a course where you can learn more about Middle Eastern food, religion, music, dance, art and so on. getting to know these various aspects of their culture will not only help you prepare better to date a wealthy Arab but may also throw you in the company of a rich Arab who is perhaps a patron of the arts, the Director of the institute where you are studying or just a wealthy visitor exploring the same museum as you are on a Sunday afternoon. Above all, tap into social networking sites, dating sites or matchmaking sites where you can meet singles of Arab origin from across the world. Like different kinds of online dating, here too you need to take precautions against fraudulent contacts and keep your own security in mind. Not all Arab businessmen are fabulously wealthy and if you are primarily looking for a rich man to date make sure that he actually has the bank balance that he claims before you go on to spend your time and resources in getting him to date you.

Adopt the right approach

If you have met and just started dating a rich Arab, be careful to avoid controversial topics of conversation. Usually religion, sexuality and politics are considered taboo on initial dates and with good reason too since they inspire attitudes and passions which can quickly get conflicted and extreme. In fact your country may be at odds with his country of origin and when discussing politics, each of you may feel obliged to defend your country even at the risk of a potential relationship. Rather ask your date about his work or where he went to college if he is still studying. Invite him to tell you about his friends or describe the best vacation that he took. You could also chat about favorite films, actors and writers if you want to stick to something safe and yet interesting. Avoid asking too many questions about his culture or background on the very first date. Actually this could be a sticky point since it could be a source of pride or consternation for your partner. The best thing for you to do would be to take your cue from him. Make a general, positive remark about his culture and then see how they responds – if he seems happy and eager to talk about it, you can ask him a few more questions; on the other hand if he seems to clam up, go on to talking about other things. In any case, think carefully before you say anything since cultural and religious differences could be a sensitive issue here and you don’t want to jeopardize your chances of dating a wealthy Arab by saying the wrong thing.

Food matters

Dietary habits are one of the most important markers of nationality and culture. If you are dating an Arab he will probably avoid foods like pork and if he is a practicing Muslim, he may even keep off alcohol. So when dating someone from another country and culture, always check with your date before ordering the menu or cooking something for them yourself. In general dating someone from a different country will always involve eating foreign food. More than once, your dates may be planned around culinary experience, whether your partner wants to eat his native food or whether he wishes to introduce you to the best and most interesting of what his culinary culture has to offer so expect some changes in your diet. The key here is in being open to all kinds of dishes. Some of these may have smells, textures and flavors that are completely unknown to you and thus you may be reluctant to try them out at first. On such occasions keep in mind that your date too has the same thoughts when exposed to the culinary traditions of your country.

Difference in values

Middle Eastern culture is still extremely traditional, especially with relation to dressing, sexuality and gender roles. So you may find your partner rather conservative in his cultural ways and he may be hesitant to show affection in public or he may object to your wearing revealing clothes when you are out on a date. But even if he seems relaxed as a dating partner, he may still have completely different expectations from a relationship. So be very careful of your intentions since you may be interested in landing yourself a wealthy husband who will take care of you while he may be only looking for a white woman with whom he can have a good time. again even if could get serious about you, his family may not approve of a non-Arab woman and he may not be willing to go against the wishes of this family, for cultural as well as material reasons. And even if you are able to get cultural legitimacy for your relationship, you may find his expectations of a wife entirely different and far more conservative as compared to what he was willing to tolerate in a casual date. As a wife you may not be allowed the same kind of freedoms that you took for granted in your own country.
Men from traditional cultures are adept at keeping apart their public pleasures and private prestige and your Arab date may not be willing to blur the line between the two.
In the end every culture comes with its unique traits. Likewise if you can find a wealthy Arab partner, he may be able to offer you a luxurious life and perhaps a close-knit family environment but you may have to compromise on certain freedoms and privileges. The exact dynamics of your relationship would depend on what your real needs and goals in life are.