How to Meet and Date Rich Men in New Hampshire, USA


Located in northeastern part of the US, New Hampshire is a state of the New England region. Blessed with natural beauty in the forms of mountain and beaches, the state also has a thriving economy – all of which attracts many successful professionals and entrepreneurs. Hence if you are looking for a wealthy date, the Granite State may be the place to kickstart your romantic adventures.

Wealth of the land

Lumbering has been important since the first sawmill was built on the Salmon Falls River in 1631. Since the late 1880s, logging became a major industry in New Hampshire, especially in the hardwood forests of the North Country. Now though Most of the timber cut now is used in paper production. Close to 85% of the state's 5.7 million acres is forested. Over 16,000 New Hampshire citizens work in the forest industry and the forest industry contributes $1.7 billion to the state's economy. so if you are keen to meet the movers and shakers of the timber and paper mill industry, it would be useful to frequent business places in such cities like Concord where many of these companies are located besides being home to Society for the Protection of New Hampshire Forests in Concord. Again attending semi-formal meetings and social dos of the local chapter of the New Hampshire Timberland Owners Association will also give you an opportunity to interacting with established or budding timber barons.

Get to know the guides

Year-round tourism is now the state's leading industry. Many visitors come to enjoy the state's beaches, mountains, and lakes. The largest lake, Winnipesaukee, is dotted with 274 inhabitable islands, while along the Atlantic shore, more than eighteen miles of curving beaches attract vacationers. Originally fishing colonies, they are now used largely as summer residences of the wealthy and fashionable. In the winter skiers flock northward, and the state has responded to the increasing popularity of winter sports by greatly expanding its facilities. When the snows melt, skiers are replaced by hikers, rafters, and climbers. Folk crafts such as wood carving, weaving, and pottery making have been revived to meet the tourist market. All this implies a healthy force of professionals and entrepreneurs in the hospitality and tourism industries. Thus be open to meeting guides, chefs, adventure sports experts, owners of tour companies and other professionals associated with the tourism business who can afford a lavish social life.

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Head for luxury resorts

Bretton Woods in New Hampshire is one of the nation’s top Nordic resorts and is a prime luxury destination getaway in New Hampshire for wealthy visitors who are fond of outdoor recreation and especially winter sports. It features scenic trails for all disciplines of Nordic sports: classic and skate skiing, plus snowshoeing, and even 11 kilometers of dog friendly trails. Skiing enthusiasts here can enjoy wide, well-maintained trails, lift-serviced terrain, and a full-service Nordic Center. The beautiful Mount Washington Resort at Bretton Woods is an exclusive place to stay sought out by the discriminating. And while you go skiing, snowboarding, speed skating or watching ice hockey at these venues, watch out for single and successful men who might be taking a day off from making millions to enjoy the outdoors.

With miles of wide sandy beaches lined with shops, restaurants, arcades and more, Hampton Beach is a bustling seaside community that's ideal for mingling with successful singles. In New Hampshire this is of where all the action is – here well-heeled guests come to take in the seaside air, laze on the sands or go for a leisurely swim . The beach is also home to the Seashell complex, which is equipped with an outdoor amphitheater, visitor center and public restrooms. Hampton Beach is also a prime entertainment destination, especially during the summers. Check out the Hampton Beach Casino Ballroom, a 2,000 seat theater, which hosts concerts and comedy acts almost every night during the season and which is sure to be frequented by many a wealthy single. At the Hampton Beach Seashell, you can enjoy free outdoor concerts by local and cover bands each week. The schedule is filled with theme nights, such as country or '50s doo-wop. Several other beachside restaurants and clubs feature live entertainment and dancing.

Frequent the Upscale Hangouts

One of the biggest cities of New Hampshire is Portsmouth which attracts not only successful professionals and entrepreneurs with its economic opportunities but also with its variety of recreational options. some of the places where you can mingle with an exclusive crowed are the Music Hall- a historic theater that has been hosting some of the world's greatest performers since 1878 and the Strawberry Banke which boasts of more than 40 restored shops and homes, showing how things were carried on back in the1600s as you watch costumed actors reenact scenes from daily life. Even better hang out at upscale bars and pubs which are sure to be frequented by successful singles. in Portsmouth, Green Monkey Martini Bar is known for their exceptional martinis; Voted one of the best "fine dining experiences" on the seacoast, this restaurant has a wide array of delicacies. The food ranges from Italian, to Oriental cuisine to fresh seafood straight from the coast of Maine. Rudis is another wine bar located in the heart of Market Square, which offers a good selection of wines and cocktails. Cava is again an upscale tapas restaurant and wine bar nestled in a cozy alley with outdoor seating while Dunaways on the grounds of the Strawberry Bank museum is the place to head for when guests are in the mood to splurge.

Manchester is another city in New Hampshire that attracts successful singles largely because of the concentration of finance and retail industries. The Black Brimmer is a staple in the city of Manchester where the drinks are always extraordinary and made with the best liquor. The real draw to The Black Brimmer though is the live music nightly; the atmosphere at the bar is always fun and upbeat, making it one of the best places to hang out in the city. Milly's Tavern is the only brewery in Manchester which besides a vast range of beers offers incredible nightlife. The Grand Manchester on the other hand takes the luxury quotient a notch higher – with its spacious, multi-room club lit with bright neon and plush VIP booths, no wonder it is a favorite of the swish set of the city. The upscale Amber Room in Nashua again provides a VIP experience for club-goers - the venue features New Hampshire's longest bar and comfortable, hand-crafted leather booths.

Be part of affluent neighborhoods

Relationship advisors point out that one of the sure-fire ways to meet a wealthy single is to live near where they do. And if it is just a small pad that you can afford, living among the rich would allow you to mingle with them on a regular basis. New Castle, Shaws Hill, Wentworth Acres, City Center, Atlantic Manor and Pannaway Heights are some of the most exclusive neighborhoods in Portsmouth. On the other hand if you find yourself in Manchester, you could frequent areas like Elm Street, River Road, Kelley Street, City Center, Bridge Street, Granite Street, Goff Falls and Hanover Street. However if a place in these areas is beyond your reach, think of frequenting the coffee shops or jogging along the neighboring parks which will make you a familiar face in the neighborhood.