How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Mississippi, USA


Owing its name to the great Mississippi River which flows along its western border, the state of Mississippi lies at the heart of American South. Apart from scenic riverscapes and lush plantation country, the Magnolia State is known for its variety of cultures – these ranges from the genteel Antebellum South to the Delta blues clubs. At the same time wealthy people flock here either to make the best of the state’s economic opportunities or to enjoy riverboat gambling. So if you are keen to meet and date wealthy singles, there is plenty you can do in Mississippi.

Seek acquaintance with old money

If you don’t mind stirring out of the city, exploring the countryside might not only be a lovely experience but highly profitable too. This is because here the old plantations exist which have traditionally been the source of money and social prestige in the South. Before the Civil War, Mississippi was the fifth-wealthiest state in the nation, its wealth generated by cotton plantations along the rivers. In those times the planter aristocracy constituted the elite of antebellum Mississippi but even now they continue to exert considerable influence in the social landscape of the state. Many of the farms are owned by rich land-owning families which may have a successful farmer or two among its single men so make it a point to visit country clubs, fashionable resorts and social dos where the elite of the country gather since these may afford useful occasions to rub shoulders with wealthy single men.

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Get to know generous donors

Although the state has one of the lowest per capita income rates in the United States, Mississippians consistently rank as one of the highest per capita in charitable contributions. So watch out for generous singles who are active in supporting a cause in the state. Many among those who have accumulated a good deal of wealth in their careers are interested in doing their bit for the community. This is why wealthy entrepreneurs or inheritors often have a cause or two close to their hearts and towards which they heavily contribute. Thus charity galas and fund-raising dinners are quite common venues where the rich and beautiful can be found to congregate. Try to wrangle an invitation from a well-connected friend to one of these events and if you cannot, consider volunteering or being there as part of the staff, which will also put in the way of wealthy singles.

Look out for the wealthy Church-goers

Mississippi lies in the heart of the Bible Belt of the South. Due to a mix of French and Spanish colonial influence, Black spiritualism and revivalist movements, Mississippi has consistently been identified as the most religious state in the United States of America. In a 2009 Gallup poll, 63% of Mississippians said that they attended church weekly or almost weekly - the highest percentage of all states1. In fact Section 265 of the Constitution of the State of Mississippi declares that "No person who denies the existence of a Supreme Being shall hold any office in this state”. Such strong religious traditions imply that a large number of wealthy singles are bound to be involved in Church and its activities. However single rich men are not always looking for a sugar baby and when you are talking about a guy who is a practicing Christian as well, chances are that he would be discrete about his financial as well as personal status. It would be a far better idea to find out who your pastor speaks to when a particularly large Church contribution is required or who is the sponsor of a Church fete or a scholarship required by an underprivileged child in your parish. Keep your eyes and ears open for such nuggets of information and you may just find out that the non-descript guy in glasses who sits two rows behind you in Sunday service has a business empire worth millions.

Lay your cards right

The riverboat gambling casinos of Mississippi have long been a popular attraction for wealthy singles looking for a lively adults-only vacation and one of the state’s most famous for recreational opportunities of this kind is Biloxi, . The upscale MGM resort Beau Rivage Resort & Casino should be your choice if you are keen to meet the movers and shakers of the game. Other than gambling, Biloxi offers several ideas for a pleasure trip, if you have been lucky enough to meet the man of your gilded dreams. The sandy beaches and calm waters of this resort town are perfect for jet skiing or deep-sea fishing. Having suffered heavy damage during Hurricane Katrina, Biloxi is bouncing back. The casinos and resorts are back in action, offering championship golf and live entertainment – all perfect places to meet rich singles who would be interested in dating attractive women.

Located in the northwest corner of the state near the Mississippi River, Tunica is another perfect vacation spot for wealthy singles interested in gaming. Tunica has nine casinos, making for an action-packed trip. From Harrah's and Bally's to Resorts and Gold Strike, casinos are located all throughout the Tunica resort area, allowing you to change scenery with a short walk to a new location. For those rich men who like a change of scenery and the outdoors, Tunica offers options galore -Fishing, hiking and hunting are popular with rich vacationing men throughout the year and if you make it a point to get involved in these, you may get lucky and come across someone highly eligible.

Go cruising

One of the most favorite experiences of wealthy travelers is going for a luxury cruise which not only offers the loveliest of nature’s views but the best of recreational opportunities. In Mississippi too such cruises are a great hit with rich single men -The Tunica Queen Riverboat for instance offers an upscale evening dinner cruise on the Mississippi River, with prime rib and a stocked bar serving such local favorites as the Mississippi Mud Slide and the Strawberry Southern Belle. The American Queen Steamboat is another cruise which offers the most exclusive of entertainment and dining in their Mississippi itinerary. Musical entertainment and dancing are usually featured during these cruises which ensures that you are able to make your acquaintance with wealthy vacationers in the most affable and romantic of environments.

Get to know wealthy music lovers

One innovative idea for wealthy socializing can be to hit the Blues trail since Mississippi is after all the birthplace of this much-loved music genre and there are a lot of rich guys out there who are major enthusiasts of this genre. In the state, the Blues sites run the gamut from city streets to cotton fields, train depots to cemeteries, and clubs to churches. All these places tell stories through words and images of bluesmen and women and how the places where they lived and the times in which they existed–and continue to exist–influenced their music. Clarksdale and Leland both have blues museums worth visiting. At the end of it all, there is nothing that beats a live performance and among the places where you can catch the best of the blues are Ground Zero Blues Club in Clarksdale as well as Hal & Mal’s Red Room and the 930 Blues CafĂ© in Jackson – all of which can be a great way round off a romantic getaway.


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