How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Montana, USA


Nicknamed the ‘Treasure State’, Montana is famous for a thriving economy, diverse landscape and vibrant culture. The state can be a virtual goldmine if you are looking for opportunities which will put you in touch with rich single men and afford a fashionable dating life.

Look up vacationing spots

In recent years, tourism has emerged as a significant sector of Montana’s economy. Home to the Rocky Mountains, several National and State Parks, pristine rivers and lakes, Montana also draws visitors with its man-made wonders and a rich cultural heritage. Tourism is thus an important to the economy with millions of visitors a year to Glacier National Park, Flathead Lake, the Missouri River headwaters, the site of the Battle of Little Bighorn and three of the five entrances to Yellowstone National Park. A thriving tourism industry directly implies a budding class of tour operators, guides, chefs, adventure sports instructors and other members of the hospitality sector who are doing well. So when in Montana by all means check out the prime tourist destinations – lap up the cosmopolitan splendors of Billings or if you have the resources, book yourself into a luxury skiing resort like Big Sky. If lucky, you may find yourself being shown about by a successful guide or making the acquaintance of a wealthy vacationer.

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Chill out with the brewers

Montana is a relative hub of beer micro-brewing, ranking third in the nation in number of craft breweries per capita in 2011. The brewing industry has thus greatly contributed to its economic growth of the state and is responsible for many successful entrepreneurs and professionals. Montana’s brewing history stretches back more than 150 years to the states days as a territory. But the art of brewing in Montana has come a long way since the frontier era. Today, nearly forty craft breweries span the Treasure State, and the quality of their output rivals the best craft beer produced anywhere in the country. With ten microbreweries in the metropolitan area, Billings has more breweries than any community in Montana. The downtown breweries are The Montana Brewing Co, Yellowstone Valley Brewing Co, Himmelberger Brewing Co, Angry Hank's, Angry Hank's Tap Room, Carters Brewery, and Überbrew. Bones Brewing is located in midtown Billings. Two nearby breweries are Fat Jack's Tap Room in Laurel and in Red Lodge, Red Lodge Ales Brewing Co. Downtown Billings also has a distillery that makes a variety of handcrafted spirits. Beer bars, brewpubs and taverns are thus abundant in many cities of Montana the city and the best of them like the Bayern in Missoula or the craft breweries of Flathead Valley are frequented by rich and discriminating guests. So brush up your knowledge of various kinds of Montana beers and if lucky, you can get chatting with a successful single about the finer points of the “ice” variation or the non-alcoholic version.

Lounge at Luxury spas

One popular draw for wealthy vacationers in Montana is its range of hot springs as well as the spas and resorts. Thanks to volcanic activity near the earth’s surface, hot springs can be found all over western Montana. While some hot springs are well-kept secrets, others have been developed and make a great romantic getaway option. Chico Hot Springs Resort, 60 miles from Bozeman and 30 miles north of Yellowstone, is a classy and a popular place while Potosi Hot Springs in Pony is smaller in scale but offers a cozier experience. In the Big Hole Valley, 60 miles southwest of Butte and 100 miles south of Missoula, Jackson Hot Springs offers a good soak and a good time for big parties too with their offer unlimited recreational opportunities. At these resorts you have a good chance of running into rich and single vacationers who are here to soak up a good time.

Get to the outdoors

With a diverse topography that includes mountain ranges, rivers, valleys, lakes and plains, little wonder then the state’s residents are mostly enthusiastic about sports and outdoor activities. While the usual national sports like baseball, basketball, football are played here too, Montana is famous for offering world class facilities for biking, trekking, surfing, fishing golfing and skiing. However if you are in the lookout for rich single men as playmates, it would be a good idea to stick to expensive activities like golfing, sailing and skiing which attract tend to attract the type of men who have disposable income to burn. Both downhill skiing and cross-country skiing are popular in Montana, which has 15 developed downhill ski areas open to the public of which Big Sky, Moonlight Basin, Red Lodge, and Whitefish Mountain are destination resorts. A particularly favorite location in the state is the Flathead Valley which lies in the heart of the Rocky Mountains wild lands between the Salish Mountains to the west, and the Whitefish, Swan and Mission Ranges, rising to the continental divide, to the east. A highlight of the Valley is the Flathead Lake at the Bigfork Bay of the Lake where visitors enjoy access to a wide range of outdoor recreation, including rafting, kayaking, fishing as well as ski resorts and golf courses. With the lake to the south, and mountain ranges protecting the other three sides, the Flathead's climate is surprisingly mild for an area so far north. The result is that here one can wander through numerous orchards and vineyards which could make the perfect setting to get to know rich, potential dates. Stop in at Mission Mountain Winery and have a sip of home grown wines. On the other hand, you can also check in at private recreational clubs which offer wealthy executives and entrepreneurs some quality time while fishing in any of the state’s many rivers. Spending time on a golf course or at a skiing resort can only increase your chances of meeting a successful man and, as a plus, gives you something to talk about when he asks you out on a date.

Frequent upscale hangouts

If you are looking for the hottest nightspots in Montana, you need to stick to major cities like Billings and Missoula. As the largest city in the state Billings offers a wide variety of socializing venues which draw the rich and single. Situated near the King Avenue and Interstate 90 junction, the R Club offers an upscale lounge atmosphere while The Eleven Forty-Five Bar is more low-key but equally sophisticated in ambience. Missoula in the western part of the state offers all the cultural attractions of the city, ranging from the University of Montana, the Charlie Russell Outdoor theatre and a Symphony to a wide range of galleries, shopping centers, coffee houses, book stores, museums, hotels, restaurants and a ballet company. You could come across a rich history lover while touring the Northern Rockies Heritage Center which is geared to the preservation of the heritage and integrity of historic Fort Missoula, including nine structures, the parade grounds, and the water tower. For a more conventional way to meet discriminating singles, drop in on the Lolo Peak Winery and make the acquaintance of fine wine enthusiasts or settle down for a romantic meal at any of the city’s fine dining destinations.