How to Meet Rich Men in Seattle


The largest city in the Pacific Northwestern part of United States, Seattle is also the economic, social and cultural hub of the state of Washington. The city has one of the highest per capita incomes among the major American cities and in fact a 2006 study 1 By U.S Bureau of Economic Analysis ranked Seattle at the 17th place from 363 metropolitan areas in the country. If you are looking forward to date successful men, Seattle is one of the best places to try your luck.

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Get wired

One of the major pillars of Seattle’s economy is composed of the internet and information technology industry. While online retail giant is the most recognizable name among the internet companies, among others which are equally successful are RealNetworks, McCaw Cellular which is now part of AT&T Mobility as well as VoiceStream now known as T-Mobile USA. The dotcom boom in fact began with Microsoft’s shift from Albuquerque, New Mexico to nearby Bellevue, Washington and while the frenzy of 1990s and early 200s is over, even now there are newer start ups and online ventures doing great business in Seattle. This indicates a large pool of software experts, computer engineers and other highly skilled professionals in the city who easily take home some of the fattest paychecks in town. In fact Seattle has one of the highest percentage of college-educated people with almost 53.8% of residents aged 25 and older holding a bachelor degree or higher, according to 2008 survey data compiled by United States Census Bureau 2 . Above all, many among the internet entrepreneurs are some of the youngest self-made millionaires around. Most of Seattle’s high-tech companies are located in the South Lake Union and Eastside areas of Kirkland, Bellevue, Redmond and Bothell and while you frequent the bars and pubs in these places, don’t forget to read about the latest technology news. It can be a great ice breaker if you're looking for rich men in the information technology industry.

Fly high

Seattle is also home to major airlines and aircraft manufacturing companies which pay their executives pretty handsomely. Boeing is perhaps the best known of these and even though it has now moved its headquarters to Chicago, the company continues to maintain its largest division in Renton. Other than this, Boeing still has large manufacturing plants in Everett and Renton so it hardly comes as a surprise when you told that Boeing remains the largest private employer in Seattle. So while patronizing the watering holes of Seattle suburbs like Renton and Everett, keep an eye out for engineers, scientists and executives talking airlines lingo and who knows you might get to fly high with a wealthy single from among them. Many rich men are employed with major corporations and hold cushy jobs.

Get out of doors

Seattle’s mild marine climate makes outdoor recreational activities possible almost all round the year. Walking, running, cycling, hiking, snowboarding, team sports and swimming figure in the daily schedule of most men and women which perhaps explains Seattle being named as the fittest city in United States in 2005 by the magazine Men’s Fitness. However if you want to catch the attention of a wealthy sportsman, consider joining expensive outdoor clubs catering to specific sports like skiing, kayaking and sailing. On the other hand, if these club subscriptions seem too steep, go exploring on your own and who knows you may even catch the eye of a rich guy while skiing in the nearby Cascade or Olympic Mountains, kayaking in the waters of Puget Sound or sailing in the Strait of Juan de Fuca and the Strait of Georgia.

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Explore upscale cafes

Like every major city, there is a whole range of pubs, bars and cafes in Seattle but if you are keen to meet only the high rollers among the single men, look for the classy hang outs. Interestingly this city is quite proud of its association with coffee and many of the biggest coffee chains like Starbucks, Seattle’s Best Coffee and Tully’s are either founded or based here. In fact a 2002 report 3 in the New York Times website remarked that “Seattle’s coffee culture has become America’s” indicating the passion that the people of this city have for this beverage and the entire range of social activities that seem to be structured around it. So if you are looking to meet for wealthy singles, pop into Barhaus Book and Coffee where Capitol Hill denizens sip coffee as they play chess or work on the laptop. For a yet more exclusive clientele, consider the Zeitgeist Art and Coffee where black is de rigueur and as the NYT report says, “tables are laden with auction catalogues and Illy espressos”.

Check out the nightlife

Despite its reputation for the grunge scene, Seattle features several nightclubs and discotheques patronized by the well-heeled clientele of the city. So if you want to bump into a single guy loaded with the greenbacks, it would be a good idea to explore the hippest nightclubs in town. Fans of the local indie film culture can check out the Alibi Room for its swanky design and eclectic music ranging from hip-hop to reggae and underground electric. Among other posh nightspots in Seattle are the Club Medusa with its LA-style dance club, the Element with its extensive VIP seating, the Last Supper Club with its ultra lounge, Trinity with its dressed-to-impress crowd and Vogue for those who like to ride on the wild side.

Frequent wealthy neighborhoods

Dating experts believe that one of the surest ways to meet singles from a particular group is to frequent places where they live. And if you have your eyes on wealthy single men, this means being a familiar fixture in affluent neighborhoods which in Seattle can range from traditional gated communities in The Highlands,  Queen Anne Hills and Magnolia to the waterview condos of the city Waterfront, the green avenues of Madison Park and upcoming areas like the Eastside, best known as the home of Bill Gates, one of the foremost billionaires in the world.