Ten Talents that will Help you Date a Super Rich Man


Are you tired of dating someone who insists on splitting the dinner bill and takes penny pinching to a new level? Very likely you dream of being romanced by a guy who wouldn’t think twice of lavishing you with Louise Vuitton bags every other day and taking you to vacations in private islands. But what do you need to possess to attract such a catch? Here are ten talents that will help you meet and date a super rich man.

Stunning Looks

Let’s face it – the rich boys can afford the best of everything and that includes pretty young women too. So even if you believe that beauty is merely skin-deep and a person’s inner worth is what really matters, it is very unlikely that a successful man will want to be seen with a woman who looks like something the cat dragged in on a wet day. So lose the extra pounds, go for a makeover and practice an 800-watt smile that will stun any man – rich or poor – into submission.

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Social graces

Important as they are, looks will only make a man give you a second glance or ask you out for a drink. However once he gets to know you, make sure that you come off as a charming and refined woman who is well versed with etiquette and social graces. Remember that rich people are used to moving around in elite circles and unless you give evidence of your own social bearing, it is unlikely that he will make you part of his world.

A well-read personality

This again is a huge plus if you want a rich guy to date you consistently instead of just having a one-night stand. Men who make millions as a banker, doctor or corporate honcho will expect their companions to be smart and intellectually challenging as well. After all, a relationship can last only so long merely on the basis on sexual chemistry. Moreover if you want to be introduced to his family and friends, it would certainly help to come off as woman who is not only good looking but has a well-rounded personality too.



Financial acumen

Professions related to the world of finance are some of the best-paid in the economy. Bankers, hedge-fund managers, investment consultants, CFOs of multinationals and insurers of the top echelons are believed to take away pay packets rivaling even the political rulers of the country. A good way to be noticed by a wealthy single from this profession would be to display some financial acumen yourself. Take a course in any of the finance subjects or brush up your knowledge of accounts and statistics. Best of all get a job in one of the firms where you are certain to meet the top financial brains and if that is taking time, be on the lookout at business conferences and seminars where the finance fat cats come together.

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Golfing skills

Focus on a hobby which is popular among the rich guys and practice it till you are a reasonable expert. Golf for instance offers not only a great way of working off all that stress but also a fertile platform to strike lucrative business deals. So brush up your putt or perhaps your tennis backhand and wait till your shot elicits a ‘wow’ from a millionaire practicing nearby.

Knowledge of foreign languages

In these times of globalization, business deals and financial transactions with people from all over the world have become regular features. In such a situation, millionaire businessmen and corporate honchos are always on the lookout for language experts who can serve as verbal interpreters in particular and cultural mediators in general. So if you have a way with languages, try getting a job in multinational companies or well-endowed cultural institutions and you will definitely get to meet the top guys in the field.

Expertise on food or wine

It is common for rich men to patronize favorite restaurants and bars even if not for indulging their own taste buds but to entertain business or professional contacts. So if you have a zen for cooking or a nose for fine wines, try to develop those skills. However Here it is as important to get employed with the most exclusive wining and dining addresses in town or it will be difficult to get your skills noticed by a wealthy patron.

Personal fitness

A lot of rich singles are in the nature of retirees who have made enough millions to live lavishly in the mellow years of their lives. Try to think of skills that will bring you in touch with such wealthy old men like being a personal trainer, an in-house nutritionist or their very own masseuse. And while you do a great job of improving their health, be sure to lend a sympathetic ear to their money and family complaints as well. Before you know it, you may have turned into a companion from a hired professional.

Charm the little ones

If you have a way with kids, look for opportunities that can get you inside a wealthy home as a nanny, au pair or home tutor. With rising divorce rates, there are bound to be rich and single dads desperate to look for someone to take care of their children. And even though you need to have a professional mindset in the beginning, with a little bit of luck you can work your charms on the Super rich dad together with the kids.

Homemaking skills

If you believe that you have nothing to show for your skills other than your perfectly managed home, you need not despair. As more and more women head to work and build careers, being a talented homemaker is a major plus in itself. In fact the ability to manage a household, bring up the kids and entertain family and friends – all at the same time – is being highly sought by men who are otherwise too busy making their millions.