How to Meet and Date Rich men in San Jose, California


The San Francisco Bay Area has always been a girl’s delight due to its high male to female ratio in terms of population as well as the relatively higher standard of living due to good climate, vast professional opportunities and immense recreational possibilities. While San Francisco in particular may have a large gay population, San Jose - the most significant component of the San Francisco Bay Area - is sure to prove much more profitable for women looking to meet and date rich men.

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Favorable numbers

If you are keen to date single rich men in the US, San Jose offers one of the best chances of success. A study by Teasley in 2004 found that out of 266 major metropolitan areas in the country, it has the absolute highest percentage of single, never married men that are between 25 and 34 years old. Based on date from, the Teasley report concluded that the Bay Area ranks at the top of all the metropolitan areas in case of unmarried percentage population and it stands at second place as far as adjusted median income is concerned. So while the mortgage crisis in 2008 and the subsequent economic slowdown may have taken some of the sheen off the Bay Area, overall San Jose still holds great promise if you are looking to meet and date rich men.

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Go for the geeks

The San Francisco Bay Area is chiefly famous as the home of some of the largest technological companies of the world like Apple, Intel and Hewlett Packard. The concentration of high-technology engineering, computer, and microprocessor companies around San Jose has led the area to be known as Silicon Valley and as the largest city in the valley, San Jose has billed itself "the capital of Silicon Valley." Among the biggest companies headquartered in the city are Adobe Systems, Brocade Communications Systems, Cisco Systems, SunPower and eBay while Flextronics, IBM, Hitachi and Lockheed Martin have major facilities around here. So if you are keen to meet some of the richest men in the place, go for the geeks. For all their social awkwardness and wacky dress sense, these computer scientists, software professionals and internet entrepreneurs are all making six figure salaries every year. And even though you may have to tune in to their crazy hours, geeks on the whole make low-maintenance and supportive partners and what’s more they are also more likely to be able to fix your broken down microwave or computer.

Academic Comfort

One of the reasons why San Jose continues to be the hub of software and high tech industry in this part of the country is the presence of numerous universities in and around the city. These pump in engineers, computer experts,  high-tech professionals and management executives every year creating for a healthy cycle of demand and supply of high-skilled labor force. Some of the best known universities which are either headquartered or maintain a major campus in San Jose are University of California, Berkeley, University of California, Santa Cruz, San Jose State University, San Francisco State University, California State University, East Bay, Santa Clara University and Stanford University. In fact San Jose State University is the biggest university in the area and it’s the fifth largest employer, according to the San Jose City’s 2009 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. So academics, researchers and professors in San Jose may make for suitable partners if you are looking for a life of comfort. While the paychecks of academics cannot compare with those of software moguls and financiers, still a cushy job and lots of leisure time might just well be the perks that count when you are looking for a fulfilling romantic relationship.

Upscale bars

Bars and watering holes continue to be among the best places you can land a date. And upscale bars are where the moneymaking guys come down to chill out with a martini or a some good ol’ Scotch. So when in San Jose, make it a point to explore lounge bars like Fahrenheit Ultra Lounge on San Fernando Street, Taste Ultra Lounge on San Pedro Street Elixir of South First Street as well as Vault on Santa Clara Street. All these places owe their luxury quotient to VIP lounge areas, fine spirits, a hip music scene and in some like Fahrenheit a gourmet menu created to satisfy the most demanding taste buds.  However for a more British pub-like place, you cannot miss Britannia Alms Almaden while Capers continues to be the favorite sports bar for a number of years now of the jet setting San Jose crowd.

Nightlife hotspots

Still another way to come across rich and eligible men is to frequent the hippest nightclubs in town. Even the rich and especially the young need to groove to music some time and among the San Jose nightspots where you can spot them are the loft-style VIP room at Voodoo Lounge which is fully equipped with bar, dance floor and a great view of the entire club, the Sabor which remains the place to see and be seen in downtown San Jose as well as the AzĂșcar Mojito Bar & Lounge whose mojitos and offering of Latin music are to die for. One of the latest newest entries in the San Jose entertainment scene is Tanq, is a sleek destination dolled up in the style of an exotic fish tank and located in the ground floor of the Marriott hotel which makes it a convenient place to hang out for all those executives emerging from the adjacent Convention Center or the patron of arts after a day of browsing the galleries and theaters.

Affluent neighborhoods

Once of the most effective ways to be thrown in with rich single men is to live where they do. In San Jose some of the wealthiest neighborhoods are San Felipe, Hampton Dr, English Town, Wallbrook Dr, Harry Road, Camden Avenue, Evergreen, Coyote, MacAbee Road and Minnesota Avenue. And even though the mortgage crisis of 2008 crashed home prices, still these places continue to be the places where the richest guys are most likely to be found.