How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Memphis, Tennessee


Known as much for its music as for its barbecues, Memphis is the place to be if you are attracted to the easy-going life. However in order to meet guys who are both single and successful, you need to have a plan and frequent the right places. So here is a brief guide on meeting and dating rich men in Memphis.

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Look for guys in the transport business

A mainstay of the Memphis economy is the transport business. This has been helped along by the central location of Memphis with respect to the rest of the mainland country. The city is intersected by several freight railroads and two Interstate highways, I-40 and I-55, while a third is third interstate, I-69, is under construction and a fourth, I-22, has recently been planned. Also the Memphis International Airport serves as the primary hub for FedEx Express shipping and became a secondary hub for Delta Air Lines after the latter merged with Northwest Airlines in 2008, thus making it the busiest cargo airport in the world. However much of the traditional importance of Memphis in the transport sector comes from its location on the Mississippi River where river barges unload cargo onto trucks and trains. Due to all these reasons, entrepreneurs and professionals in the shipping and transport business make up an important segment of the economy of Memphis, who are quite likely to be able to afford a comfortable dating experience and indulge their partners with the good things of life.

Get starry-eyed with guys from the entertainment industry

In recent years, the entertainment and film industry has come up in a big way in Memphis. Major motion pictures like Cast Away, The Queens of Comedy, 21 Grams, Hustle & Flow, Walk the Line, Forty Shades of Blue,  Black Snake Moan, Nothing But the Truth, and the Oscar-winning The Blind Side have been filmed in and around Memphis. So if you are looking for a partner who brings a glamorous lifestyle along with big bucks, keep an eye out for movies and television shows which are being filmed in the city. Apart from the VIP lounge at the Memphis International Airport, you can meet up with the out-station celebrities at hotels like the Madison overlooking the Mississippi River, Peabody Memphis in downtown city as well as the River Inn in Harbor Town.

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Explore upscale hangouts

Yet another way to meet successful singles in Memphis is to frequent the upscale bars and restaurants which are the usual haunts of the rich and beautiful. One of the most noticeable among these is the Automatic Slim Tonga’s Room, a favorite with the celebrities for it’s the tropical theme, Caribbean and Southwestern inspired cuisine and excellent cocktail selection. Sometimes however the rich may be in the mood for some wholesome Southern food for which they usually head to Memphis' oldest and most beloved café, the Arcade Restaurant. Since 1919, this family-run restaurant has been serving its delightfully simple yet delicious fare which is as great a hit with visitors as with the townsfolk. Memphis above all is known as the barbecue capital of the country and addresses like the Charlie Vergos Rendezvous draw its share of wealthy as well as popular clientele. At the Rendezvous, get a plate of its heavenly dry-rub ribs as you wait to make the acquaintance of a rich single and you will find that you have made good use of your leisure hours.  One the other hand those longing for some European sophistication as well as authentic Italian fare can head to the Amerigo’s. As far as the bar scene in Memphis is concerned, there is a host of options to choose from like the wine and cocktail bar Chardonnays,  the sleek tapas and cocktail bar Dish or the ultra-hip sushi lounge Bluefin.

Get rocking with the rich boys

Memphis is famous the world over as the birthplace of rock n roll as well as the home of the blues. The bars and music clubs of the city are frequented as much as by wealthy patrons as by the regular crowds. The Beale Street in particular is known as the entertainment district of Memphis and here you stand a great chance of bonding with a successful single over mutual taste in music. So for a night of sheer musical ecstasy check out the B.B Kings for some live blues, the Kings Palace café for some great jazz and the easy-to-miss Black Diamond which is home of some of the great blues artists and touring acts. On the other hand if you are more in the mood of foot-tapping fun, head for the Club 152 where the three dance floors offer everything from live blues to dance music. Other equally happening nightspots in Memphis frequented by the rich and single are the Senses with its strict dress code and six difference clubs, the Level II Entertainment Complex for its psychedelic experience or the Alfred’s for some vintage rock.

Frequent the affluent neighborhoods

Living amidst the wealthy offers one of the best chances of getting to know the singles among them. While Memphis is not particularly famous for setting the bar on lavish living in the country which is typified by Upper East Side of New York or the Bel Air Los Angeles, quite a few neighborhoods in this city are marked by houses worth over half a million dollars. In fact a survey conducted by the personal finance magazine Worth1 in 2000 found four of the country’s top wealthiest neighborhoods in Memphis. These included Midtown/Central Gardens at No. 25 where homes were worth $680,000,  Belle Meade/Galloway at No. 29, with $585,044 dollar homes, River Oaks at No 30. where homes cost $582,500 and Chickasaw Gardens with $525,000-dollar homes at No. 37. And even if you cannot afford a pad in any of these exclusive neighbourhoods, frequenting its boutiques, cafes or the parks might also throw you in touch with a rich and single resident.