How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Vienna, Austria


Apart from being the capital city of Austria, Vienna is one of the most important centers of finance and culture in this part of Europe. Little wonder then the city proves to be a favorite haunt of wealthy men whether on business or pleasure. And if you are looking to meet a few of these, Vienna could be the perfect place to begin your search.

Meet single rich men in Vienna, Austria looking for women to date and marry

Meet the bean counters

Vienna is widely considered to be one of the richest cities of Europe. It has a per capita GDP of 34,000 Euros which is not only higher compared to most cities of the continent but is in fact almost evenly distributed among the population which makes it even easier to meet single and successful men. A significant percentage of Vienna’s economy is made up of the financial services sector. Bankers, wealth managers, insurance providers and investment consultants are here not only to offer advice to the super-wealthy of the city to but to make a pretty handsome packet themselves. Among the best ways to come across finance professionals is to hang out at the pubs and cafes of the central business district of the city where bankers and accountants can be found unwinding after work or networking with potential business clients.

Explore wealthy expats

Vienna is home to several high-profile multinational companies and international organizations. Some of the most famous of the latter are the OPEC, the International Atomic Energy Agency and the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe. Besides, Vienna has the largest number of UN offices after New York, Hague and Geneva. All these factors provide Vienna with a large well-to-do expatriate population comprising of diplomats, lobbyists, economists, scientists, interpreters and related professionals. A single from the expat segment can provide a luxurious dating experience with all their resources and years of travelling across the world. One of the best ways to come across them is to frequent convention centers and business hotels where most of the international conferences take place. Corporate conventions and congresses play an important role in Vienna's economy. According to the Vienna Tourist Board, this activity alone accounts for approximately 9 percent of overnight stays in the city. With three congress centers, efficient infrastructure, experienced travel agencies and interpreters, Vienna is one of the world's foremost locations for international, political and economic meetings and conferences, ranking at ranked at fourth place behind London, Madrid and Paris, according to 2000 statistics provided by the International Congress and Convention Association.

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Explore the famous Kaffeehauses

Vienna is renowned the world over for its unique ‘kaffeehaus’ which is much more than a place to order a cup of coffee. Here people come not only to get their daily shot of caffeine, but also to relax, read a newspaper and partake of delicacies like pastries, cakes, snacks and various types of confectionaries. Despite the leisurely pace of kaffeehaus, there is a constant hum of activity going on. Here you can find artists and intellectuals involved in heated discussions as much as successful businessmen closing lucrative deals. Among the kaffeehauses which are famous for their exclusive patrons are the Café Griensteidl in downtown Vienna and Café Braunerhof. Some like the Café Hawelka and Frauenhuber are famous as being the gathering place of famous artist and writers. So get set to explore this unique Viennese institution and who knows you might chance upon a successful single sipping coffee at the table next to yours.

Frequent upscale bars and clubs

Yet another effective way of meeting rich single men in Vienna is to frequent its stylish hangouts like bars and nightclubs. You can either go club-hopping at Tascaria Maredo, a trendy salsa club in the inner city where the spacious interiors set the perfect stage for hip Latin dancing or sip an exotic cocktail at the Sky Bar which is where the poshest Viennese gather for a night out. The Latte Grande is another chic place with a great collection of spirits while the Schlawiner Art and Music Club is a hip combination of a bar and an art gallery. Fine dining destinations abound in Vienna, thanks to its large discerning population. Some of the best known names in the business are Mumokka, At Eight and Aioli which offers a mix of Italian and Continental fare.

Attend some of Vienna’s balls

Vienna is one of the few remaining cities to take pride in its tradition of balls. It is only natural for a city with a rich and extensive tradition of classical music to be a hub of this form of musical and elegant recreation as well. A Viennese ball is actually an all-night attraction with the festivities beginning at around nine in the evening and continuing till early morning. The city’s cultural calendar boasts of around 200 balls and the most opulent among them can feature as many as nine live orchestras. The best known balls in Vienna are usually the haunt of the rich and beautiful of the city even though many from the upper middle class can expect to attend quite a few balls in their lifetime. The typical ball season lasts around three months and can go up to include as many as ten to fifteen appearances. Among the balls where you can run into the most successful singles of the city are the one at the Hofburg Palace at Heldenplat, the Opera Ball which is perhaps the best known internationally of all the Austrian balls as well as others like the Kaffeesiederball or Cafe Owners Ball, the Jägerball or the Hunter’s Ball and the Rudolfina Redoute. If lucky, you can find yourself being swept off your feet by a rich and handsome partner, making you feel like a veritable Cinderella who has finally found her Prince Charming.