How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Leeds, UK


Lying in the heart of the beautiful Yorkshire County, Leeds is the most important financial and cultural city of West Yorkshire in UK. Apart from that it is also the largest center for finance and commerce in the country after London. this significance of Leeds in national life not only makes the city a great place to live and work but also an ideal setting if you are looking to meet and date rich single men.

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The textile barons

The mainstay of Leeds’ economy has been its traditional textile industry, especially manufacturing of woolen and flax materials. Beginning as the coordination center for the making of woolen cloth at the Leeds White Cloth Hall, Leeds emerged as an important export center for textiles after the Industrial Revolution brought in a range of mechanized looms and transport. During the World War I, the textile industry gained a fillip manufacturing uniforms and clothing supplies for the armies. And even though the textile industry no longer constitutes the foundation of Leeds economy, the city is still home to several families who had made their money in the heyday of the textile industry. Thus when in Leeds, try to get acquainted with wealthy industrialists or movers and shakers of the corporate world. A good place to come across them would be places of business like banks, convention centers and trade fairs which bring together the biggest and budding successes of the commercial landscape of the city. You could also check out districts like Holbeck lying to south of the railway station which was once the industrial heart of Leeds but now has been regenerated into a creative industries quarter with trendy bars spilling into cozy public spaces.

The finance professionals

The thriving economy of Leeds since the eighteenth century has ever since attracted a large range of financial services to the city, making it one of the most important centers of finance and business in the country outside London. After the decline of the textile industry post Second World War, the focus of the economy shifted to the finance service sector like banking, insurance and legal services. Today Leeds is a major center for telephone banking in the country and houses several regional offices of multinational banks and companies. The city thus has an entire army of finance professionals including bankers, brokers, hedge fund managers and investment consultants who not only advise the millionaire industrialists on their assets but themselves take home some pretty fancy paychecks. The main financial district of the Leeds lies in the heart of the city and is graced by the attractive Georgian Park Square at the center. So the next time you are looking to be treated to an expensive dinner, frequent the upscale bars and hangouts of the finance district particularly along the Park Row and Greek Street.

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High-end Retail addresses

In recent years, retail has emerged as one of the significant components of Leeds’ economy. The city is home to several swanky shopping districts many of which include high-end brands and as such attract the rich shoppers from and around the city. In fact, the retail base of the city has grown so much in the last decade or so, that it has earned Leeds the nick-name ‘Knightsbridge of the North’. Among the best known retail addresses in the town are The Victoria Quarter on Queen Victoria Street near Birggate as well as other shopping hubs in the district as well like Leeds Shopping Plaza, Headrow Shopping Centre, Corn Exchange and The Merrion Centre Leeds. However it is Birstall Retail Park, the White Rose Centre, Granary Wharf and Leeds Kirkgate Market where you should go when you want to bump into the really rich shoppers including guys. These places have many notable shops including designer labels and big names like Louis Vuitton, French Connection and Vivienne Westwood where you are most likely to find wealthy customers picking out a couture suit or an expensive accessory. Other than these places you can also check out Riverside lying to south of the railway station where the erstwhile granaries are now giving way to swanky new retail centers with the aim of bringing upmarket shopping to Leeds.

Check out the swanky nightspots

The presence of young successful professionals as well as two major universities means that Leeds has a vibrant and colorful nightlife. Options range from fine drinking establishments and traditional pubs to ultra chic concept bars. It is estimated that there are over 180 city centre bars and pubs, and around 29 nightclubs with late licenses. So when in Leeds you have a good chance to bump into the kind of partners you are looking for. If you indeed want to meet the richest of the lot, head for destinations like the Greek Street and Alexandra Street where there are several high-end watering holes encouraging only a select clientele. On the other hand if you find entry there too restricted, check out the Civic Quarter which has everything from flashy bars in the Electric Press to traditional pubs and loud, trendy bars and clubs above Millennium Square. Located in the heart of Leeds' upscale 'West End', is the Toast Bar & Bistro which attracts an exclusive guest list with its gleaming black marble bar, choicest spirits and a classy continental feel. Then again there is The Oracle, a swanky new waterfront bar with a glittering reputation founded on its outstanding cocktail and champagne menu, exclusive members bar, ultra-cool interior design, gourmet burgers and chauffeur service. Other places for the uber chic crowd are the Baby Jupiter, Boutique, Epernay and Norman.

Frequent the wealthy neighborhoods

Apart from places of work and leisure, residential areas offer equally great if not better chances to meet successful potential partners. In Leeds, if you can afford to, buy a pad in neighborhoods like Queenswood Drive, Spen Lane and Headingley or drop in the exclusive cafes and boutiques in these posh areas.  Frequenting the places where the wealthy in your city live this will make you a familiar face in the area and thus offer more chances of interaction