How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Auckland, New Zealand


The largest and most populous metropolitan area of New Zealand, Auckland is brimming with opportunities, both economic and social. In 2010, Mercer Quality of Living Survey ranked Auckland at the fourth place on its list among all the cities of the world; this was two years after Auckland was classified as an Alpha World City in the World Cities Study Group’s inventory by Loughborough University in 2008. Thus if you find yourself in New Zealand and wish to be dated in style, here are a few ways you can meet rich men in Auckland.

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Get to know the rich bean-counters

Financial and business services make up a significant percentage of Auckland’s economy. In March 2009, Auckland City had 353,000 jobs, of which 26.3% was held by property and business services, according to "Auckland business and economy report 2009”, published in the official website of the Auckland city council. This implies that the city has a large number of successful professionals engaged in finance sectors banking, investment and insurance as well as in communication, real estate, information technology and allied services. Auckland is believed to be the commercial capital of the country and in the city, most of the commercial activities are centered in the CBD or Central Business District. Also known as the City Center, the CBD extends from the Auckland waterfront on the Waitemata Harbour southwards along Queen Street and a number of other parallel-running streets. This area has most of the city’s skyscrapers like the Vero Centre, ANZ Centre or the Metropolis and especially the Sky Tower rising above them. So if you are looking for rich date, try to frequent the high-profile banks and offices located in the Downtown area or if that if you are looking for a more comfortable setting, hit the coffee shops and bars after office hours where the highly paid professionals are most likely to relax with a drink or two. Pay a visit to the Queen Street if you can, since most national stores, banks, businesses and restaurants have a branch on the street.

Look for the entrepreneurs

Apart from being a financial hot-spot, Auckland also attracts rich entrepreneurs and businesses. It is a very investor and entrepreneur friendly country.

Not surprisngly, the city has 65,655 businesses, making up 13.1% of New Zealand's businesses and 16.2% of New Zealand's jobs according to a report titled ‘Optimistic outlook for city economy’ and published in the New Zealand Herald in August 2008. As of 2003 three of the ten largest companies in New Zealand including Air New Zealand, Fletcher Building, and Foodstuffs were headquartered in Auckland City. Apart from the CBD, another important business destination is the suburb of Rosebank. According to the New Zealand Herald report, this suburb is home to at least 832 businesses which have thrived from the city council’s efforts to turn the suburb into a premier business destination. Then again Air New Zealand has its worldwide headquarters, called "The Hub," off of Beaumont and Fanshawe Streets in Western Reclamation,  where the airline moved from the Auckland CBD in 2006. All these areas are important as far as meeting rich businessmen are concerned. Try to manage an invitation to business conventions, finance workshops or even company dos held in these areas since these events will put you in direct touch with both established businessmen as well as budding entrepreneurs.

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Frequent the hot nightspots

Auckland has one of the most happening entertainment scenes in the continent. The city has several nightclubs, discotheques and bars of all kinds to appeal to patrons with deep pockets and these are the places where you are most likely to make the acquaintance of a rich guy. Many of these are located in the Waterfront areas which offer a combination of amazing views and great location. Spy Bar, on Viaduct Quay, is Auckland's most exclusive nightclub showcasing many of New Zealand's top DJs and entertainers. Another is Bungalow 8, the latest edition to the Viaducts' exclusive hangouts; it’s New York' style interior works perfectly with their extensive cocktail menu and slick service.  You can either chat up prospective dates with friends on the huge balcony overlooking the water, or relax in the lounge area.  The place has an extensive wine and beverage selection as well as a lovely bar where food available and is known to host millionaires like Richard Branson when they are in town. Globe Bar is New Zealand's premium traveler’s bar with entertainment shows, wild themes and pool competitions every night, supported by some of Auckland's finest DJs. No matter what day of the week, Globe Bar - located on Darby Street in Central Auckland - will be holding one of its wild parties that has established its reputation as an internationally renowned bar. However if you are looking for wide open spaces and elegant private rooms, you can check out the Longroom, an exclusive bistro located on Ponsonby Road.

Exclusive Neighborhoods

While bars and cafes host rich guys only for certain hours of the day, the neighborhoods of the rich offer higher chances of bumping into suitable guys since this is where they live. In Auckland you may want to explore Mount Eden and Epsom where the green leafy suburbs are redolent with the aura of old money and there are stunning mansions and lavish villas. Even if you cannot afford a place here, don’t forget to visit the trendy little villages, where old shops and restaurants and who knows who you might bump into. However the city’s most expensive neighborhood is perhaps Remuera, known locally as "Remmers," and possessing some amazing mansions, new high-rise apartments as well as great upmarket B&Bs. Then again Mission Bay and St. Heliers make up the city’s wealthy seaside suburbs which have a number of waterfront properties as well as exclusive shops and restaurants. On the other hand if you are looking for a date who lives in an area that is trendy, and sophisticated with an undercurrent of hedonism and excess, Parnell and Newmarket are the places for you.