How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Buenos Aires, Argentina


The capital and largest city of Argentina, Buenos Aires is also the second-biggest metropolitan area in the entire continent. Formally known as the Autonomous City of Buenos Aires, it is widely regarded as the most cosmopolitan city of South America for its rich cultural heritage as well as a vibrant contemporary feel. With the literal translation of its name as Fair Wind, the city truly exists as one of the best places in the world to live and love, particularly if you are fond of doing it in style. So here are a few tips on meeting and dating rich men in Buenos Aires if you find yourself in Argentina.

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The shipping industry

The economy of Buenos Aires owes a significant extent of its earnings to the city port. The Buenos Aires port is one of the busiest in South America; navigable rivers which flow down the Rio de la Plata connect the port to north-east Argentina as well as to other countries like Brazil, Uruguay and Paraguay. This makes the city port the distribution hub for a vast area of the south-eastern segment of the continent. In fact the Port of Buenos Aires handles over 11 million revenue tons annually while Dock Sud, just south of the city proper, handles another 17 million metric tons. Thus singles engaged in shipping business or the functioning of the port like engineers, navigators, managers, highly-skilled technicians are likely to be among the best-paid professionals in the city. Not to speak of owners of shipping companies, cargo vessels or cruise ships who are likely to make millions in profits. Some of the best ways of meeting wealthy men associated with the shipping or port industry is to attend business conferences, conventions or workshops related to the sector. Even if you cannot manage to get an entry to these formal dos, book a berth on a pleasure cruise; apart from having a grand time, this may just put you in touch with a successful single in the business.

Meet the rising professionals

However it is the service sector which is the biggest segment of the city economy and which accounts for the accounts for 76% of the economy of Buenos Aires as compared to a more sedate 59% for all of Argentina. The service sector is not only well-developed but quite diversified too and ranges from financial services to media-based like advertising and tourism-based like the hospitality sectors. Among these the financial service sector is the largest and contributes to 31% of the city's economy. Finance in Buenos Aires is especially important to Argentina's banking system and accounts for nearly half the nation's bank deposits and lending. Thus keep an eye out for the bankers, insurers, investment consultants and hedge fund managers who are likely to be among the most successful professionals in the city. However if you are attracted to the razzle-dazzle of entertainment, a good place to explore would be the media and advertising sectors while rising professionals of the hospitality sector may prove to be generous guides and companions as well. A good idea would be to visit the cafes and watering holes of the Central Business District where most of the offices, financial institutions and businesses are located. San Nicolas, Montserrat, Retiro and Puerto Madero are some of the most significant areas of downtown Buenos Aires which is also known as the City Center.

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The old-moneyed families

If you don’t mind stirring out of the city, exploring the countryside might not only be a lovely experience but highly profitable too. This is because to the west of Buenos Aires is the Pampa Húmeda, the most productive agricultural region of Argentina. Extensive farmlands here have been the main producing areas for wheat, soybeans and corn as opposed to the relatively drier southern Pampa. Many of the farms are owned by rich land-owning families which may have a successful farmer or two among its single men. Apart from producing crops, this area is also the source of much of the meat, dairy, grain, tobacco, wool and leather products are processed or manufactured in the Buenos Aires metro area. So make it a point to visit country clubs, fashionable resorts and social dos where the elite of the country gather since these may afford useful occasions to rub shoulders with wealthy single men.

Frequent upscale hangouts

Known as the Paris of South America, Buenos Aires has cultural options galore which include a rocking nightlife. There are several upscale establishments ranging from cocktail and wine bars to fine dining restaurants and nightclubs for the well-heeled patrons. Many of the city’s five-star hotels are located in the Avenida Alvear while Palermo is a trendy neighborhood filled with posh restaurants, bars, cafes and clubs. Among the places where the rich and fashionable are likely to gather is the Belushi Martini Bar for its sophisticated cocktails as much as for its uber-cool ambience. Then there is the inordinately elegant Plaza Bar which is known to host royalty as well as the top political class on the strength of its luxurious interiors as well as its collection of finest spirits. The more glamorous set can be found heading for the Sabbia Liquor Bar which is modern, spirited but at the same time classy and exclusive. Yet another favorite hangout of the smart set is the Tequila which attracts primarily dance lovers with its mix of techno and Latin music.

Check out the wealthy neighborhoods

One of the most effective ways of getting to meet wealthy singles is to live where they do. Among the most exclusive neighborhoods in Buenos Aires is Recolata which is as much known for its architectural and cultural attractions as for its exorbitantly-priced homes. The Avenida Alvear in particular houses many embassies and fine houses built from old mansions. The Puerto Madero is where most of the rising new professional class is located in their swanky high-rises and modern condos. The Palermo is another trendy new neighborhood but it has more commercial rather than residential properties. And even if you cannot afford a pad in the above areas, frequenting its cafes, boutiques and parks will also afford you several useful opportunities to make the acquaintance of successful singles.