How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Perth, Australia


Perth is the fourth largest city of Australia and one of the fastest growing urban centers in the country. To a great extent, this is because Perth is the capital city of the state of Western Australia which is rich in mineral and natural resources. This year, The Economist placed Perth at the eighth place on the List of the World’s Most Livable Cities. Hence if you are looking for some high-class romantic action Down South, Perth is one of the cities you should not miss.

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Mining barons

In global terms, Western Australia is a significant producer of a wide range of mineral resources which range from useful ones like iron-ore, petroleum and bauxite to precious ones of gold and diamond. Perth as the capital of the state of Western Australia is thus the center of profitable mining companies even though the actual mines and refineries may be located elsewhere in the state. Thus a good idea to meet wealthy single men in the city would be to frequent the convention centers, business conferences and workshops related to mining sector. If you are lucky you may catch the attention of owners of mining companies or the high-level executives who work there and get huge salaries. However the mining sector is also sure to employ engineers and other highly-skilled technicians, all of who are sure to take back large salaries and thus may prove to be generous companions.

Industrial heavyweights

Ease of access to mineral resources and the coast has led the city to become the base of several profitable manufacturing companies, especially those related to mining and agriculture and in recent times, niche industries like ship building and maintenance. Industrial estates such as Kwinana, Welshpool and Kewdale were post-war additions contributing to the growth of manufacturing in the city, especially south of the river. So if you are keen to date rich men in Manchester, look for the industrial bigwigs and the big corporate honchos. A good place to frequent would be the fashionable watering holes of the commercial center of the city in which the most significant street is St Georges Terrace. The central business district of Perth is bounded by the Swan River to the south and east, with Kings Park on the western end, while the railway lines form a northern border. Wait for the late evening hour at the expensive pubs when most of the executives and owners of companies might descend for a drink before heading for their luxury homes. Lounge at the bar for a few minutes and when the timing is right, make eye contact with the wealthy single men or perhaps even ask if they would like to buy you a drink.

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Successful professionals

In recent times, a major chunk of economic activities in Perth is driven by the services sector which covers legal, accounting, management consultancy as well as financial services like banking, investment and insurance. With significant population growth in the aftermath of the Second World War employment growth occurred not so much in manufacturing but in retail and wholesale trade, business services, health, education, community and personal services and in public administration. Most of the jobs in these services are concentrated around the Perth metropolitan area so by all means make friends with the guy in a pin-striped suit and who knows you may be setting up yourself for a luxurious personal life. He may be a millionaire or on his way to becoming one. In Perth central business district, Hay Street and Murray Street have most of the retail and entertainment options and here you can look for cafes and pubs to come across the young, upwardly mobile professionals of the city. Many of these are going to be rich single men who live in Perth.

Upscale hangouts

Despite being one of the most isolated state capital cities in the country, Perth has evolved a friendly and robust entertainment scene of its own. Here the hangouts range from fine-dining restaurants to nightclubs where loud music and thumping beats are the main attraction. However if you wish to rub shoulders with the swish set, you could head for the Box Deli which is a stylish lounge, bar and even a restaurant. Here you can have a tasteful meal, drink to your heart's content, laze around in the posh lounge or do all three together. It is not for nothing that the establishment has won several awards in the hospitality sector and is a favorite choice for private parties and exclusive wedding receptions. If you are looking for another address which attracts the smart set, check out the Must Winebar. This is not only Located just seven minutes from Perth's Central Business District but has two floors dedicated to serving the richest foods and finest wines from the vineyards of France, Italy, New Zealand, Australia, Austria and South Africa. However if you are in the mood to groove with a generous partner, the Metro  City might be a good choice with its offerings of exotic dancers, unique themed nights, hot DJs and lots of fun. Universal Bar and Grill is another popular hangout where jazz lovers and the beautiful people of the city come together. You're sure to find and date rich men here.

Wealthy neighborhoods

As the capital city of the state of Western Australia, Perth is the center of the state government. It houses the Parliament of Western Australia and the Governor of Western Australia along with the state’s highest court, the Supreme Court, as well as District and Family Courts. All this means that a large part of the city serves as residence of high-ranking public and official figures. In the central part of Perth, apart from the CBD, the most expensive areas include Peppermint Grove, Cottesloe and Subiaco.  Among the south-west suburbs of the city, the exclusive ones are Applecross and Fremantle. In recent times several luxury residential addresses have come up along the Swan River. Staying among the rich is one of the best ways to meet them. However even if you cannot afford a pad in these tony neighborhoods, try to visit its cafes, boutiques and parks. Once you become a familiar face in the area, it will be far easier for a wealthy single to strike up an acquaintance with you.