How to Meet and Date Rich Men in Chile


Chile, marked by a distinctive coastal strip of land on the western coast of South America, is among the more stable political entities of the continent. Despite a long dictatorship of seventeen years during the 1970s and ‘80s, today Chile enjoys economic freedom, globalization and a relatively high position among other South American countries in the human development index. Thus if you are looking to hang out with wealthy men while traveling through this part of the world, Chile might be a good idea to begin with.

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The bean counters

In the past few years, Chile's financial sector has grown quickly, primarily due to a banking reform law approved in 1997 that broadened the scope of permissible foreign activity for Chilean banks. Over the last ten years, new financial tools such as home equity loans, currency futures and options, factoring, leasing, and debit cards have been introduced in the country. The introduction of these new products has also been accompanied by an increased use of traditional instruments such as loans and credit cards. All this implies a vast army of financiers, bankers, investment consultants and wealth managers who are making good money themselves. So as you take in the famous sights and sounds of Chile, don’t ignore the financial districts of urban centers. Make it a point to visit the cafes and bars of Sanhattan, the colloquial name for the premier financial district of the Chilean capital Santiago. Sanhattan is not only home to many new and very expensive offices, restaurants, hotels and banks but two of the tallest buildings in South America, the Titanium La Portada as well as the  Torre Gran Costanera, are located there. Among other important business areas in Chile are the Avenue Apoquindo and Las Condes in Santiago and the  Diego Barros Arana street in Concepcion where you can come across many wealthy and rich single men.

The mining barons

Even though most of the human and cultural wealth of Chile is concentrated in the central part of the country, the northern and southern parts are endowed with extensive natural resources. To the north of Chile, lies the driest desert in the world, Atacama which is however rich in copper mines – to the extent that Chile owns more than a third of the world’s copper production. In fact in 2006, copper exports reached a historical high of US $33.3 billion. The state-owned firm CODELCO is the world's largest copper-producing company, with recorded copper reserves of 200 years. Thus if you are looking to meet rich men in this country, it might be a good idea to socialize with eligible men involved in the mining sector. Apart from owners of mining companies, there are sure to be engineers, highly-skilled technicians and executives all working for various profit-making mining companies and taking home substantial pay packets. Even though the actual mines are in the barren north and far out of the urban centers, most of them have their companies based in cities like Santiago, Concepcion and Santonio. So explore business conventions, conferences and workshops associated with the mining industry that may be going on in the cities. Attend them if you can and you will have plenty of opportunities to rub shoulders with rich single men of the country.

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Seek out the company of successful guides

In the last few years, tourism has emerged as one of the most important sectors of the Chilean economy. The country is traveler’s delight with a plethora of cultural, historical and natural attractions. Some of the main tourist destinations are San Pedro de Atacama, in the north, ski resorts of Central Andes, the many national parks, archipelagos and islands in the southern part of the country, the world-famous Easter Islands as well as the beaches and resorts of the Valparaiso coastal region. Add to this the cultural heritage of cities like Santiago and Valparaiso and you have the country as a tourist’s delight. A thriving tourism industry implies many successful professionals like guides, chefs, adventure sports instructors not to mention highly-paid executives and owners of the travel companies. So book yourself on a luxury ski resort at Portillo or at a high end beach resort at Vin del Mar and who knows, you just might strike up the acquaintance of a wealthy single man.

The exclusive nightspots

Chile has one of the most colorful entertainment scenes in the continent. Even though most of the action is concentrated in cities like Santiago and Valparaiso, resort towns like Vin del Mar have their own rocking nightlife. In Santiago, don’t forget to visit the Liguria Bar if you are looking to meet wealthy singles since the place is famous for its extensive and expensive wine list as well as elegant twist on Chilean food. If you want to meet guys who are into sports, head towards the Pub Licity which is an upper-crust sports bar with a distinctive American feel. Music lovers can check out the Casa En El Aire which may not be all that swanky but has been known to draw many a wealthy patron because of the live music that plays nightly. However if you are looking for a decent venue with all-round attractions, you could drop by Baires is the largest of all the sit-down-and-eat restaurants and bars in Santiago's hip Barrio Brasil. The crowd is mostly in their 20s and 30s which makes the ambience young, lively and happening. If in Concepcion, you can check out places like the Latitud Sur and El Greco.  In Valparaiso though, there are far greater options for the smart set to hang out and these range from cultural destination of Cerro Alegre and the sports bar of La Vida En Verde to the posh interiors of El Huevo Club and the quirky nocturnal locale of the J Cruz Social club. Chileans are hugely fond of good music, dance and food and whether you are able to find yourself a rich single man, you are sure to enjoy the color and culture of this fantastic land.