Making Conversation on a Date with a Millionaire


Now that you have met the mate of your gilded dreams, you are practically over the moon on the prospect of a date with him/her. However it is not enough to just look attractive because if you end up saying the wrong things on a date, you can kiss your chances of having a relationship with a wealthy partner goodbye. So if you are going on a date with a millionaire, here are a few tips on making conversation.

Be positive and natural

When out with a millionaire date, let the tone of your voice radiate energy and sociability. Let him/her know you are happy be to with them and are looking forward to have a good time. At the same time keep the tone of your voice natural and casual as though you are used to a well-heeled social set and not in awe of anybody. If you sound nervous, anxious or overeager, your date will quickly lose interest or at best see you as an object of pity. Let your voice sparkle with a light cheerfulness but speak to him/her as you would with any other interesting partner. Don't talk all the time, but listen actively when he/she does the talking. Ask questions from time to time. Look into your partner’s eyes as he or she talks and respond in a natural way.

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Make it interesting

One of the biggest mistakes people make when dating the rich is to seem too eager to please. The wealthy are already used to having a battery of employees to cater to their slightest whims – add to these their fans and followers and they have no dearth of people who are ready to do their bidding. So if all you can think of saying to a rich partner is how much you are impressed by his entrepreurial skills or how much you admire her philanthropic initiatives, you will not be doing much. Rather you need to make conversation in a manner so that you stand out from the crowd. One of the best ways of doing this is to come up with an interesting observation or an original comment. For instance if your date is a celebrity writer, don’t simply say that you admire his/her books. Rather mention a particular character or narrative episode from one of their early works and tell them why you found that striking. On one hand this shows that you are not ignorant of your date’s achievements but at the same time it marks you out as a person with a mind and opinion of your own. Follow your comment by asking a question that your partner cannot answer with a simple yes or no and that has nothing to do with their celebrity status. Keep in mind that the rich seek the unique—not the run-of-the-mill, ordinary person and this is especially true when they are looking for a partner.

Find a common ground

After you have broken the ice with your date, it is important to find a common ground so that you can build a rapport. It could be an interest in opera or a partiality for environmental causes. However ensure that you have done your homework on the subject so that you don’t come off as a fake who is feigning interest merely to agree with a rich potential partner. In this project, it will help you vastly if you are genuinely interested in the particular artistic or charitable activity so that you can not only give true examples of your involvement in the particular activity but come off as sincerely enthusiastic and committed.

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Present a hint of challenge

When making conversation with a wealthy date, it is important not to agree to everything he or she says. During your conversation, raise a mild objection to his/her point of view but make sure you can back up your stand with reasonable arguments. This will pique your partner’s interest and make you appear a delicious challenge. However don’t take a conflicting stance more than once or you will come off as a disagreeable person who simply enjoys being difficult. In fact you can even have fun by placing a small wager with your partner on something being discussed that will have an outcome within a few days. This gives you a perfect excuse to meet up again. If you lose the bet, You can call and insist on paying your dues while if your date loses, you can call and insist he or she pay it over cocktails or coffee.

Keep to interesting but safe topics

On a date with a wealthy partner, talk about interesting things but which are not controversial or personal. For instance human interest topics make good quality conversation, whether they relate to your own country or in an international context. But instead of coming up with hackneyed or trite statements, highlight the interesting, novel side of people issues. Then again weather, food, children, and events that are going on are all good fillers. However don’t pry too much into your partner’s family, children and former spouses. Enquire politely about them and accept as much information your date is willing to volunteer. If he/she is unwilling to talk about them, move on to another topic. At the same time don’t go on and on about your own exes and especially avoid badmouthing them or lamenting how badly you have been treated. This approach is quite unlikely to evoke pity in your date and may only make you come off as weak and needy to have put with up with a bad relationship or a series of them.

One of the most delicate topics while dating a wealthy person is whether or not to talk about money. You may be dating this guy or woman with the intention of sharing his/her comfortable lifestyle but talking money on a date is usually seen as a mark of ill-breeding. Salary is generally lumped with politics and religion as taboo topics for general dating, but this is especially true when your date is wealthy. Even though your date may be visibly having a good time with you but don't discuss bank accounts. If your date volunteers financial information, you can respond, but don't pump him/her for more. Allow your partner to suggest any big-ticket date activities on their own, since angling for a lavish experience will not only clash with dating etiquette but make you out as a gold-digger.

Finally ensure that your conversation portrays you as having a full and active life. Be essentially honest, but there is no need to whine about how your life is empty or depict yourself as bored or lonely. Always seem to have a life you enjoy, filled to the brim with events and projects you are excited about. This will make you come off as an active and social person and thus an attractive romantic proposition for your rich date.